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About This Course

Enjoy these Benefits and Jumpstart Your Career as a Nail Art and Design Technician!

  • Learn how to start and grow your personal salon business
  • Be part of a fast-growing multi-billion industry
  • Standout from your competitors – learn the latest nail art and design techniques
  • Understand nail conditions and contraindications and how to prevent them
  • Prepare individualized care for each client
  • Keep your workplace safe for your clients, sanitization protocols
  • Customer care tips and aftercare recommendations

Study Nail Art and Design Online Course and Learn an in-depth step by step course to Professional Gel Art and Design

Are you considering taking a nail art course? If you're in the beauty industry or just looking for a fun new hobby, Courses for Success has an excellent accredited course to help you become a master of nail art.

This comprehensive nail art course covers all aspects of being nail artists, from acrylic nails to foot massage and from gel manicures to French manicure. With expert advice and professional guidance, the course will teach students advanced designs, health safety, brush sets, types of nail polish and more so that they can create beautiful and unique designs right at home.

Our Nail Art and Gel Design Online Course will teach you the latest and most popular nail art and enhancement techniques. Every design can be pulled with a gel art striper brush into much more detailed patterns after it is placed on an uncured gel color coating.

Any nail surface will look bright and shiny with gel paints and designs. The client can depart right after the service, and gel polishes require less drying time. For any practicing or aspiring nail technician, gel art and design are must-have abilities.

This comprehensive Nail Art and Gel Design Online Course training gives you a step-by-step program that teaches students what to do to perform gel art and design techniques. Even if you are a seasoned veteran or a complete beginner, our course will teach you all you need to know about professional gel nail art and design.

Why complete this course

You can start with the basics and work your way up. From complete beginner to advanced designs, today's courses explore all aspects of artistry and preparation - from acrylic nails to French manicures and beyond. Depending on the course, you may also study brush sets, gel polish removal techniques, foot massage protocols and health & safety requirements for clients. It's not just about learning how to create beautiful designs; there’s also business training available so you can make money from your skills.

CFS courses are designed for complete beginners and those who want to improve their skills, as well as advanced nail technicians who need continuing education. Depending on the course chosen, there may be entry requirements and/or required nails that must be met in order to successfully complete the course.

Online classes can be accessed on any mobile device and can even include lifetime access upon completion. Payment plans are also offered through PayPal Credit so that everyone can enjoy this learning opportunity!

Online classes offer far greater flexibility than attending a physical academy or class; while course completion certificates provide continuing education credits for ongoing professional development. But best of all is that completing an online nail art course could significantly improve your skills as a nail technician and open exciting doors within the beauty industry!

Whether you want to learn nail art techniques for your own enjoyment, prepare yourself for a career in the beauty industry, or take your business to the next level with advanced skills; Courses for Success' nail art course is sure to provide an accessible training program perfect for you. 

To successfully complete this course, a student must:

      Have access to the internet and the necessary technical skills to navigate the online learning resources

      Have access to any mobile device with internet connectivity (laptop, desktop, tablet)

      Be a self-directed learner

      Possess sound language and literacy skills

Quick Course Facts
  1. Course content is structured for easy comprehension

  2. Approximately 20 hours of study is needed to complete the course

  3. Registered students gain unrestricted access to the Nail Art and Design Online Course.

Nail Art and Gel Design Online Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Gel Art

Nail Enhancements

Any material used to lengthen and strengthen a person's natural nails is a nail augmentation. These nail enhancements are known to help people who have a propensity to bite their nails or have weak nails with frequent breakage and splits. They notice a faster rate of growth with these nail enhancements, depending on their nail type.

Gel Nails/Art

Gel nails are created using a three-step procedure. After that, a hard gel is put to the nail from the tip to the cuticle and dried under UV lamps. It has a strong acetone resistance. Then, to make gel designs, the same fundamental processes as for gel nails are performed.

Nail Preparation

To begin, examine the state of your client's nails in detail. Gel nails will not harm them if they are in good health. Gel extensions could also be used to extend the length of the client's nails. The molecular resistance of a soft gel, such as gel polish, is low. As a result, acetone may be used to remove it readily.


Particular nail, hand, or skin problems (allergies) can obstruct the application of gel art by nail professionals. Some nail/hand disorders hinder people from having gel art services, such as nail ringworm, cuts on the hands, skin/nail psoriasis (pits, yellow/brown discoloration), bruised nails, ridges in the nail plate, bitten nails, and so on. When exposed to UV light, these diseases may deteriorate even further.

Preparing Nails for Gel Design

It is vital to devote sufficient time to the following measures in order to avoid any undesirable outcomes.

      Use a nail file or a trimmer to shape your client's nails (oval, square, almond, etc.)

      Leave a cuticle softener (as required) to clean the edges. This will also remove any oil (if present).

      Use a cuticle pusher or wooden stick to push back your client's cuticle. Cuticle oil can be used to make the pushing more delicate.

Module 2: Anatomy

In Module 2, we will go through the human hand's anatomy to assist you in delivering the best possible service to your customers.




      Finger Joints

      Wrist Joints

      Elbow Joints

      Shoulder Joints

      Muscle Groups

Blood Supply

The blood veins in the hand transport blood to and from the hand. The ulnar and radial arteries help to deliver blood to the fingers, forearm, and palm.


      The epidermis

      The dermis

      Subcutaneous fat, also known as the hypodermis.


      Nail plate

      Nail bed


      Onychodermal band

      The matrix

Module 3: Gel Art Beginner Designs

Required Tools

      Top Coat and Base Coat

      Dotting toolset to make dots of various sizes and colors.

      Gel polish (any color)

      Wooden cuticle sticks to remove any unwanted residue.

      Nail art brush set to make unique designs.

Chevron Gel Art Design

This timeless chevron pattern is ideal for your client's professional attire. Let us have a look at how to make this gorgeous gel art creation.

Basic Spring Gel Art Design

This basic spring gel art design is easy to make and goes great with brunches and picnics. This is an excellent design for a client that desires a cottage or revitalizing look.

Gel Art Ink Sticker Design

If done right, this is a straightforward design. We do not define the sticker design because it is up to you or the client to pick the best one for them. No matter what kind of sticker you have, the procedure is the same. The sleek, trendy look of ink sticker gel art creations is well-known.

Module 4: Gel Art Advanced Designs

We will show you how to make advanced gel art creations correctly in this unit. We will go over the steps for a few advanced methods.

Tools Required for Advanced Designs

      Top Coat and Base Coat

      Dotting toolset

      Gel polish (any color)

      Wooden cuticle sticks to remove any unwanted residue.

      Nail art brush set to make unique designs.

Drop Like Confetti Gel Art Design

This gel art design would be ideal for your client's prom gowns, night gatherings, and other glitzy attire.

Disco Gel Art Design

Another gel art design that's perfect for night parties, dance parties, and other events. It might also be quite valuable during wedding receptions.

Silver Dip Powder Gel Art Design

This gel art creation is perfect for a client who appreciates glitz and glam. It will have a friendly and pleasant impact on the client's personality.

Module 5: Gel Art Maintenance

This section will go over what you should tell your clients about gel nail care and upkeep. In addition, we will go through aftercare items, what to avoid with gel nail art, and when to seek assistance.

Aftercare Recommendations

Keep in mind that even the best things require upkeep to stay that way. Gel art does not make nails indestructible. The gel art creations must be maintained for at least two weeks, therefore follow the aftercare instructions carefully.


These simple solutions can help your clients keep their gel nails looking great for up to two weeks. To achieve the best outcomes, you must concentrate on high-quality products. Low-quality goods never yield positive results.

      Top Coat

      Cuticle Oil

      Lotions and Creams

      Overnight Nail Mask

Things to Avoid with Gel Nail Art

Gel nail art, as previously said, does not make one's nails alluring. Certain items should be avoided if you want to keep your nails looking perfect. It is the small things that count.

      Swimming and Tanning Beds

      Harmful Chemicals



Returning for Help

In the following situations, the clients must contact you for assistance.

      Chipping and Uplifting

      After Two Weeks

Golden Recommendation

It may not seem like much, but this advice will come in handy in the long run: eat a nutritious diet. Encourage your clients to drink plenty of water. Zinc and iron are both recognized to be advantageous to nail health and growth. Advise them to eat a diet that is high in these nutrients.

Module 6: Health, Safety and Hygiene

Sanitization and Cleaning Protocols

Physical dangers are avoided by following proper sanitization and cleaning procedures (hazards from blood and bodily fluids which could cause infection). Cleaning is another term for sanitizing, which entails eliminating all visible filth and debris. Disinfecting an item that has already been cleansed involves eradicating potentially hazardous microorganisms.


Occupational Safety and Health Administration is an acronym for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is critical to comprehend OSHA regulations and how they apply to you as a nail technician.

      Fire Protection

      Chemical Hazards and Control Methods

      Ergonomic Hazards and Control Methods

Module 7: Client Consultation and Business Expansion

Customer Consultation

When a client decides whether or not to return to your salon, providing exceptional customer service makes all the difference. To improve the customer experience, create a lovely setting — their visit should be soothing. Body language is the next important part of customer service. It should go without saying that you should greet customers with a smile and a warm, open, and welcoming demeanor.

Where to Conduct Your Business

If you are opening your nail salon, you will encounter various challenges, one of which is deciding where to locate your business. If you are starting from the ground up, you might not afford to acquire or rent a facility. Instead, you might find yourself working as a mobile nail technician or even from the comfort of your own home.

      Home business

      Mobile nail technician

      Renting a salon room

      Setting up your salon

Business Licenses

You should pay particular attention to state and local licensing regulations while beginning your salon. To apply for a business license, you will typically need to register a permanent business address. If you choose to run a business from your home, the requirements may be different. Make sure to check your area's zoning restrictions.


Facebook and Instagram are two of the most effective venues for promoting and growing small businesses.

Finding the Right Business Location

Finding the correct location is a vital first step if you are thinking about starting your own business. To determine which location is ideal for you and your clients, you should conduct thorough research.

      Ensure your salon is easy to find

      Understand the local area

      Research your competition

      Stay close to other relevant businesses

      Consider the cost

      What sort of size?

Business Licenses and Insurance and Liability Requirements

You should pay particular attention to state and local licensing regulations while beginning your salon. To apply for a business license, you will generally need to register a permanent business address. If you choose to run a business from your home, the requirements may be different. Make sure to check your area's zoning restrictions.

Recognition & Accreditation

Upon successful completion of this course and achieving a passing score for the assessment, you will be issued with an international continuing education credit (CEU) certificate.

This Certificate is applicable worldwide, which demonstrates your commitment to learning new skills. You can share the certificate with your friends, relatives, co-workers, and potential employers. Also, include it in your resume/CV, professional social media profiles and job applications.

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Units of Study

Module 1: Introduction to Gel Art

  • Nail Enhancements
  • Gel Nails/Art
  • Nail Preparation
  • Contraindications
  • Preparing Nails for Gel Design

Module 2: Anatomy

  • Hand
  • Blood Supply
  • Skin
  • Nails

Module 3: Gel Art Beginner Designs

  • Required Tools
  • Chevron Gel Art Design
  • Basic Spring Gel Art Design
  • Gel Art Ink Sticker Design

Module 4: Gel Art Advanced Designs

  • Tools Required for Advanced Designs
  • Drop Like Confetti Gel Art Design
  • Disco Gel Art Design
  • Silver Dip Powder Gel Art Design

Module 5: Gel Art Maintenance

  • Aftercare Recommendations
  • Products
  • Things to Avoid with Gel Nail Art
  • Returning for Help
  • Golden Recommendation

Module 6: Health, Safety and Hygiene

  • Sanitization and Cleaning Protocols
  • OSHA

Module 7: Client Consultation and Business Expansion

  • Customer Consultation
  • Where to Conduct Your Business
  • Business Licenses
  • Marketing
  • Finding the Right Business Location
  • Business Licenses and Insurance and Liability Requirements

Entry requirements

Students must have basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Minimum education

Open entry. Previous schooling and academic achievements are not required for entry into this course.

Computer requirements

Students will need access to a computer and the internet.

Minimum specifications for the computer are:


Microsoft Windows XP, or laterModern and up to date Browser (Internet Explorer 8 or later, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)


OSX/iOS 6 or laterModern and up to date Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

All systems

Internet bandwidth of 1Mb or fasterFlash player or a browser with HTML5 video capabilities(Currently Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

Students will also need access the following applications:

Adobe Acrobat Reader


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6.  What if English is not my first language?

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and completing this course will show employers that you have the
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Learn the current trends in nail art and gel design with our online certificate course. Perfect your skills in creating detailed patterns, adding a unique touch to your work. Master the newest techniques with our helpful tutorials and start showcasing your art right away.

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