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Certificate in Car Detailing Online Course

Certificate in Car Detailing Online Course

Learn the Techniques of Car Detailing and How to Start Your Own Business

Learn the Techniques of Car Detailing and How to Start Your Own Business

The Certificate in Car Detailing Online Course is a comprehensive course, covering the methods and tools required to fully detail cars, caravans and boats. The course includes modules on starting your own business and business development, providing a unique opportunity for you to gain a qualification and learn the skills to set up your very own business.

The course is broken up into three modules, providing all the information you’ll need to become a car detailer and successfully launch your own business. Course information is presented via online videos, so you can follow step by step and rewind and stop whenever you like.

The Certificate in Car Detailing course presents an incredible opportunity to invest in yourself and in your future, by learning car detailing techniques and understanding how to launch and run your very own car detailing business.

Course Features

The Certificate in Car Detailing Online Course is a flexible, online course featuring 3 modules, containing 10 units of study. These units of study cover all aspects of car detailing, starting your own business, and business development:

Module 1: Learn Car Detailing Techniques

  • Unit 1: Detailing the interior
  • Unit 2: Engine bay & wheels
  • Unit 3: Body wash
  • Unit 4: Polish & wax professionally
  • Unit 5: Specialty products & problem solving
  • Unit 6: Business management & marketing

Module 2: 10 Steps to Start A New Business Online Short Course

Module 3: Business Development

  • Course 1 - Entrepreneurship online short course
  • Course 2 - Personal Branding online short course
  • Course 3 - Interpersonal Skills online short course
  • Course 4 - Organizational Skills online short course

You can find more detailed information on the Certificate in Car Detailing Online Course by clicking over to the Units of Study tab.

Course Outcomes:

At the end of the Certificate in Car Detailing Online Course, you will be able to fully detail a car, boat or caravan. You’ll be able to identify the serious differences between different makes of cars and know how to detail for them. You’ll know how to polish and wax professionally and what specialty products to use to decrease your overhead and increase your profit. You’ll also have the knowledge and confidence to start your own business and make it a success.

Career Prospects:
At the completion of the Certificate in Car Detailing Online Course, you’ll be able to:

  • Work as a vehicle detailer
  • Work as caravan or boat detailer
  • Start your own detailing business

Course Fast Facts:

  1. Easy to follow and understand
  2. Only 6 to 8 hours of study is required
  3. Unlimited, lifetime access to online course
  4. Delivered 100% on-line and accessible 24/7 from any computer or smartphone
  5. You can study from home or at work, at your own pace, in your own time
  6. Certificate of Completion

Course Delivery

Courses are accessed online via our learning management system by any device including PC, MAC, tablet or Smart Phone.

Recognition & Accreditation

This course is internationally recognized and accredited by the International Association of Online Training Standards (IAOTS). The courses offered by Courses For Success are unique as they are taught in a step by step process enabling students to complete them quickly and easily, so that you can obtain your qualification sooner. All students who complete the course receive a certificate of completion. Courses For Success is committed to high completion rates and therefore 100% student satisfaction.

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Module 1: Learn Car Detailing Techniques

Unit 1: Detailing the interior

You are shown how to make light work of an interior clean.

  • How to vacuum the interior
  • What vacuum tools to use
  • How to get into hard to reach crevices
  • How to do extraction cleaning of upholstery
  • How to apply upholstery protection
  • What products to use for cleaning interior windows
  • How to professionally dress the interior

Unit 2: Engine bay & wheels

This unit covers how to effectively clean and dress the engine bay and wheels to a professional standard.

You are given a thorough demonstration of how to do each job from start to finish.


  • What mistakes to avoid
  • What products will work best
  • How to make your job easier
  • How to dress the engine bay to make the motor look brand new
  • How to use tools correctly

Unit 3: Body Wash

This unit covers how to wash the body of the car. The body wash is the most important part of the detailing process as this is the first thing the customer notices when they pick up their car.

You are shown the best practice technique to wash the car, including preparation and finishing.


  • What products to use
  • Tips on the best equipment to use
  • The areas that people forget
  • How to make your job easier

Unit 4: Polish & Wax Professionally

This unit covers polishing and waxing the exterior paintwork.

You are shown how to buff up oxidised paint and how to apply a cutting polish and wax by hand to bring up a rich deep shine in the paintwork.

You will see how effortlessly a professional look can be achieved when you use the right products with the correct technique, making it easy for you to keep your customers satisfied and coming back again and again.


  • How to put the finishing touches on
  • What products and equipment to use
  • How to use a power buffer
  • The correct pads to use on the buffer

Unit 5: Specialty products & problem solving

In this unit we look at some useful accessories to add to your kit.

You are given tips on when to use these accessories and what applications to use them on.

You are also given tips on getting started and running your business.


  • What quantity of products to buy
  • What vehicle will suit your business
  • How to get available jobs
  • How to avoid mistakes
  • How to diversify your business
  • How to build repeat business
  • How to work with water restrictions
  • About your work environment
  • How to up sell to your customers
  • How to know your customers
  • How to look for additional business
  • How to stay at the cutting edge of your trade

Unit 6: Business management & marketing

In this unit you will learn the 10 most important steps to get your business up and running and earning you money as soon as possible.


  • How to name your business
  • What bank accounts you should open
  • What stationery you need
  • How to prepare invoices
  • How to get testimonials
  • How to research your competitors
  • About effective communication systems
  • What insurance you will need

Other topics covered indetail include:

  • The use of Marquees
  • The equipment you will need
  • Educating yourself
  • Uniforms
  • OH&S
  • Staff
  • Pricing
  • Customer needs
  • Specialisation
  • Marketing
  • Keeping your books

Resource materials

Included in the course are many useful tools to help get your business started:

  • Downloadable course manual
  • Sample business plan
  • Example flyers
  • Sample invoices

Module 2: 10 Steps To Start A New Business Online Short Course


  • How to choose a business name
  • What to consider when choosing a business name
  • What type of business structure you need
  • The importance of bookeeping
  • The importance of doing a business plan
  • How to open a business bank account and factors to consider
  • Choosing a business location and business leases
  • Tax, Companies and licenses
  • How to organise your business stationary and what you need
  • Marketing and branding ideas
  • How to choose employees
  • What types of insurances do you need?
  • Starting a business, buying a franchise or buying an established business

Module 3: Business Development

Course 1 - Entrepreneurship Online Short Course

  • Make Your Business Venture an Astounding Success!
  • Understand how to start a business
  • Develop a business plan
  • Get financing for your business
  • Hire and train employees
  • Run your business
  • Grow your business
  • Is It Feasible?
  • What Are Your Interests?
  • Do You Have the Experience?
  • Are You an Expert?
  • What is the market/competition like
  • Is the Venture Lucrative?
  • Is There Competition?
  • How Can You Set Yourself Apart from the Competition?
  • Basics of starting a business
  • Legal Structure of the Business
  • Create a business plan
  • What Should Be Included in the Business Plan
  • Gather Documentation
  • Get financing
  • Hire employees
  • Training employees
  • Market the business
  • Create a Website
  • Networking Groups
  • Social Media
  • Run the business
  • Grow the business

Course 2 - Personal Branding Online Short Course

  • Managing Your Personal Brand To Help You Achieve Success
  • Define your image
  • Control your image
  • Understand how to sharpen your brand
  • Use social media appropriately
  • Manage your brand in a crisis
  • Develop a professional appearance
  • Controlling and developing your image
  • Personal and professional influences
  • Sharpening your brand
  • Have an Objective
  • Appearance matters
  • Never Burn a Bridge
  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • Networking
  • Brand management during a crisis
  • Branding personality traits
  • Identify Your Unique Values

Course 3 - Interpersonal Skills Online Short Course

  • Learn Powerful Communication Skills!
  • Verbal communication skills
  • Listening and hearing: they aren't the same thing
  • Asking questions
  • Communicating with power
  • Non-verbal communication skills
  • Body language
  • The signals you sent to others
  • It's not what you say, it's how you say it
  • Making small talk and moving beyond
  • Moving the conversation along
  • Asking for examples
  • Using repetition
  • Usng summary questions
  • Asking for clarity and completeness
  • Remembering names
  • Influencing skills
  • Creating a powerful introduction
  • Using Mnemonics
  • Uh-oh... I've forgotten your name
  • Bringing people to your side
  • Sharing your opinion
  • Negotiation basics
  • Making an impact

Course 4 - Organizational Skills Online Course

  • Remove the clutter
  • Just do it
  • You dont have to keep everything
  • Three boxes: Keep, donate and trash
  • A place for everything and everything in it's place
  • Prioritize
  • Write it down
  • Urgent / Important Matrix
  • Divide tasks
  • 80/20 rule
  • Scheduling your time
  • Have a master calendar
  • Setting deadlines
  • Remove or limit the time wasters
  • Coping with things outside of your control
  • To do lists
  • Use a day planner
  • Finish what you start
  • Focus on the important
  • Do quick tasks immediately
  • Paper and paperless storage
  • Find a system that works for you
  • Make it consistent
  • Make it time sensitive
  • Setting up archives
  • Organization in your work area
  • Tools to fight procrastination
  • Remove distractions
  • Give yourself a reward
  • Break up large tasks
  • Organising your inbox
  • Setting delivery rules
  • Folder and message hierachy
  • Deal with email right away
  • Flag and highlight important item
  • Avoid the causes of disorganization
  • Discipline is the key to staying organized
  • Stay within your systems
  • Learn to say No
  • Have organisiation be part of your life
  • Plan for tomorrow, today

Entry requirements

Students must have basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Minimum education

Open entry. Previous schooling and academic achievements are not required for entry into this course.

Computer requirements

Students will need access to a computer and the internet.

Minimum specifications for the computer are:

  • Microsoft Windows 98, or
  • PC
  • Apple Mac
  • iPad, iPad mini, all smart devices etc

Students will also need access to the following applications:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader and
  • Microsoft word
  • We recommend using Firefox browser

Customer Reviews

5 star
4 star
3 star
2 star
1 star
Average rating 4 out of 5 stars

15 July 2018 06:36:46 PM

Thanks for the amazing course. Really a eye opener. I just struggle to complete my answers because I can't do it on my phone or tablet need to print and complete the question. But really edid enjoy this courses

15 July 2018 03:33:38 AM

Awesome course. I was not planning to participate and did because it came with another course. Very informative and definitely helpful

13 July 2018 01:26:46 PM

Excellent information on decreasing clutter at work and at home.

13 July 2018 01:04:17 PM

Excellent course for time management in our life and how to get the work done in short period. Nothing is impossible.

10 July 2018 02:49:51 AM

I really appreciated the quizz form, making sure I understood everything step by step.

10 July 2018 01:45:39 AM

I really appreciated the quizz form, making sure I understood everything step by step.

9 July 2018 05:05:27 PM

Great insight into the steps I need to take to become more successful!

5 July 2018 04:46:54 AM

this was a very good course

4 July 2018 01:59:37 PM

I enjoyed this course very much and feel that it has provided with tools that I can utilize in my career and personal life!

4 July 2018 02:48:11 AM

Enjoyed the course and information

4 July 2018 01:55:15 AM

This course helped me to evaluate certain areas of my life.

2 July 2018 02:47:10 PM

Amazing course that helped me in so many ways.

2 July 2018 12:58:40 AM


29 June 2018 12:53:54 PM

A clear and concise course to challenge you out of a state of inertia. Good plan for the future included.

29 June 2018 11:34:36 AM


25 June 2018 10:35:19 PM

Really good skills to have

25 June 2018 06:37:27 PM

Very helpful to relate into the workplace

24 June 2018 02:20:54 PM

Informative information for future use.Enjoyed the Illustrations.Thank you

Would like to add, Could not download the workbook.

23 June 2018 09:53:12 PM


23 June 2018 08:52:31 PM

This course was user friendly and the course process was smooth.

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