Microsoft OneNote Online Courses

Microsoft OneNote is one of the most underrated apps of the Microsoft Office suite of products. This great little app can help you organise your life and your office in a variety of ways. Make your life simpler and impress your office workers by applying the uses of OneNote efficiently.

The OneNote 2013 Essentials online course will give you a great grounding in using OneNote – it will even show you how to draw. This will help you understand how to use the note system and how to properly organise it in to sections, subsections, pages and subpages.

If you are looking for an in depth understanding of OneNote then our OneNote 2013 Advanced online short course will show you how to track appointments, take meeting notes, record research and keep to-do items all in one place. Importantly this course will show you how to protect and share documents, work with tables and to share audio and video in your notes. The Advanced course will make you a true master of the OneNote application.

Understanding and using Microsoft OneNote will help you organise and store all your notes and ideas in one place.

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