Workplace Conflict Resolution Training

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Workplace Conflict Resolution Training

Enhance your skills with workplace conflict resolution training

At Courses for Success you can dramatically improve your value to the office and your employers by completion of workplace conflict resolution training. Disruptive confrontations that aren’t effectively resolved come at a tremendous cost to organisations. These issues are very common in the modern world where most workplaces contain individuals from many different backgrounds, values and beliefs that can, inevitably result in conflict between rival parties. Dealing with difficult people is a major problem for managers and staff in the corporate world. Where conflicts can be resolved, the cost saving to the employer is tremendous. Not only that, those who possess the skills obtained through conflict resolution in the workplace training can elevate their management standing in the eyes of their employers.    

What workplace conflict resolution training will provide you

At Courses for Success, enrollment in conflict resolution classes can provide you with knowledge and skills that are extremely desirable in any corporate workplace. Workplace conflict resolution training will outline what conflict is, and describe its impact within the work environment. Students will be taught to identify workplace conflict triggers and how it invades the work environment. Students are then shown a number of handy ways of managing these undesirable situations.

Enrollment in workplace conflict settlement classes will provide students with:

  • An understanding into the causes of work conflict and how to identify the symptoms

  • A complete understanding of the ‘Resolving Conflict 7’ model

  • Knowledge of the five modes of conflict

  • The ability to effectively use the five modes

  • Knowledge and skills that will enable them to be more assertive when dealing with workplace confrontations

  • The ability to deal with undesirable situations, difficult conversations, and resolve the situation

Students who successfully complete conflict settlement programs will see immediate results and be much better placed to deal with dispute resolution in the office.

Learn conflict settlement at your own speed

At Courses for Success you’ll be provided with the capability to complete conflict resolution training at your own speed and in the comfort of your own home. The relaxed learning environment means that you can complete the course without the stress and anxiety normally associated with learning. The major benefits of online conflict settlement training include:

  • Participating in a course designed by leading resolution experts

  • The ability to study from home at your own speed

  • Access to person to person help and support

  • Access to the course materials for life, even following successful course completion

  • Easy access to the material 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer or smart device

Upon completion of any conflict resolution courses, students will receive a certificate as evidence of the skills and knowledge obtained by participation in the course. So don’t delay, improve your skills and enhance your value in the eyes of your employer by completing workplace conflict resolution training at Courses for Success.

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