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Why Do An Esthetician Course Online?

Why Do An Esthetician Course Online?

Skin care is all the rage these days, with people becoming increasingly aware of how important it is to keep skin looking healthy and bright. If you’re someone with a passion for skin care, then why not consider taking an online esthetician course and establishing yourself in the industry?

Whether it’s part of your continuing education or you’ve decided you want to go in a new direction to pursue the cosmetology arts, keep on reading to find out more about the best esthetician courses online.

What Is an Esthetician?

Basically, an esthetician is a person who carries out skin analysis and performs treatments intended to improve its appearance or overall health. There will often be one or more estheticians on staff in beauty institutes and in your local salon and spa, although there are those who specialize in medical esthetic procedures.

Some examples of tasks an esthetician might expect to do in their day-to-day include chemical peels, hair removal, and facial treatment, although they may also be responsible for other services such as an eyelash extension and light therapy.

Those who want to learn more about these and other procedures might consider applying for a school of beauty, such as the Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics. However, if you’re looking to gain a solid understanding of the role and wider industry, it is also possible to do so in your spare time with esthetics training online courses.

Why do an online esthetician course?

Esthetician courses are available through online esthetician schools and other online education platforms. These beauty courses will give you a head start in skin care training, with the option to opt for training programs and other courses online that range from a basic esthetician certification online to a cosmetology program in advanced esthetics.

Depending on your availability, it might be necessary to look at start dates and see which online courses offer you the most flexible class schedule. To reap all of the many benefits of an online esthetician program, it’s important that you take it at a pace and time that suits you. 

What are the best online esthetician courses?

There are so many esthetician training programs offered by online educational institutes, including Courses for Success. To get your certification online, why not consider trying out one of our popular esthetics programs, which have been put together with skincare specialist input and insights from experts in clinical esthetics.

1. Beauty Therapist Online Certificate Course

Ideal for anyone looking to learn the nuts and bolts of essential skin and body care, the Beauty Therapist Online Certificate Course offers learners a wealth of theory and practical information, all in an accessible online learning environment.

With modules ranging from the functions of skin cells and skin consultation to anti-ageing therapy and basic waxing procedures, it includes everything an esthetician needs to know, and in a short course that requires only 10 hours of study.

Similar to that is the more in-depth Certificate in Beauty Therapist Online Course, which will take learners around 150 hours to complete. With further information on skin health, this course also teaches things like makeup application and the art of hair design. As such, it is perfect for budding makeup artists and hair stylists, too.

Both courses are taught entirely online and offer lifetime access to all online resources. Once successfully completed, you will be issued with a certificate with a passing score, which you can then put on your resume.

2. Advanced Beauty Therapy Online Certificate Course

For those who want to dive deeper with their classes online, they can take the Advanced Beauty Therapy Online Certificate Course. Beyond just teaching you about treatments and procedures, this program includes an in-depth look at important legal, ethical, and health factors that all estheticians need to know about, as well as an introduction to the business management side of being a beauty therapist.

This 11-module online course is also self-directed, so you can study it at your own pace. As long as you complete your 150 hours of study and pass each end-of-module assessment, you will receive a certificate of completion via email that will help you get a foot in the door of the industry.

3. Waxing Online Certificate Course

You might decide that you want to take online classes to specialize in a specific area of esthetics. Perhaps you want to work at salons and spas as a dedicated waxer. If so, the Waxing Online Certificate program is the perfect short course. Requiring just 20 hours of study, you will quickly learn all there is to know about types of hair and how to remove it.

Starting with modules on anatomy and physiology, the course goes on to cover a lot of ground. From the correct methods of safely and comfortably removing hair on different parts of the body to professional ethics and safety legislation, nothing is left out of this essential, foundational esthetician online course.

As with our other online esthetician programs, it is taught entirely online. And, given that it can be completed relatively quickly at a pace that suits the learner, it is perfect for school students and those in full time employment who are looking to expand their knowledge.

Why Courses For Success?

Courses for Success offers over 10,000 online courses, all of which aim to help you in your personal development and career progression. Not only that, but you can also study them anywhere and at any time, and take them at your own pace, too.

You don’t need career diplomas or specific experience to get started. With every course we offer created to be as accessible as possible, you can be sure that all of them, from our coding courses and trading courses to design courses and developer courses, will help to boost your prospects, no matter who you are.

Beyond just the education itself, students will be issued with a certificate online after successful completion of each of the learning courses they do. Our esthetician skills courses are no exception. Our Certificate in Beauty Therapist Online skills certificates are recognized by industry leaders. You could really make a name for yourself in the business world by signing up for a Courses for Success short course.

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