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How to Become an Aromatherapist

Aromatherapy utilizes plant oils and materials to improve psychological and physical well-being. Learn how to become an aromatherapist today by reading on.

Find out how to become an aromatherapist

Ever wondered how to become an aromatherapist? This article will help guide you through the process.

Aromatherapy is a natural therapy treatment growing in popularity. Aromatherapists use natural oils to help people with their physical and psychological well being. Many people seeking alternative therapies to complement or replace pharmaceutical therapies seek out Aromatherapists for help. If natural therapy is of interest to you and you would like to become an Aromatherapist, this article will assist you in identifying the essential benefits of aromatherapy and the critical steps that you need to take to become an Aromatherapist.

Some of the beneficial properties of using various essential oils through aromatherapy include

  • Calmness: oils include chamomile, lavender, and geranium oil
  • An elevation in the mood: oils that can be used are clary sage, neroli, and rose oil
  • An increase in energy: rosemary oil is said to be very effective
  • Decongestant: some common oils used here are pine, eucalyptus and tea tree oil

The popularity of aromatherapy is certainly on the rise. Business Insider predicts the global market for products and services to double by 2024. The market is divided into homecare, spa and wellness clinics and other smaller sectors. The home care sector currently dominates the industry. This trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

There are many aromatherapy jobs or niches that you can work in. An aromatherapy massage is just one way to earn a living in this area. Other Aromatherapists jobs include work as a consultant, writer, spa consultant/practitioner, business owner, healthcare practitioner, and palliative care workers.

While the potential to build a career as an aromatherapist is attractive, many people just want to use it for their own purposes. Whether it is to care for the family in times of illness or to use aromatherapy for energy to maintain health and prevent illness.

Regardless of what your purpose is in learning this fascinating subject, you can be assured that it will continue to grow in popularity as a 21st-century alternative therapy.

Don’t delay enroll in an aromatherapy course today.

What does an Aromatherapist do?

To understand what an Aromatherapist does, you need to start with an aromatherapy definition – which is “the use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils for healing and cosmetic purposes.”
So, an Aromatherapist uses essential oils and plant extracts to help treat people with a range of illnesses, and psychological ailments.

Typically Aromatherapists will perform the following functions:
- Undertake patient/client consultations
- Identify suitable essential oils for clients
- Plan and clearly explain treatment needs
- Create oil blends
- Apply oils, often using therapeutic massage techniques
- Coordinate with local doctors
- Make referrals to specialists
- Maintain complete, accurate client records
- Manage stock levels in related products such as aromatherapy candles

The exciting thing about this practice is knowing what essential oils or blends of oils will help in any given situation.

Who employs Aromatherapists?

The real opportunity for Aromatherapists is in the self-employed area – as it is relatively easy to set up and run your own business from home or in a mobile capacity.

There is, however, demand in private practice health care clinics for clinical aromatherapy. There is also some potential to pick up contract work with GP clinics.
Aromatherapists often combine the practice with other alternative remedies such as massage and reflexology to increase their services and employability.

How Much Does An Aromatherapist Make?

The potential to earn income as an Aromatherapist relies almost entirely upon your own ability to successfully run your own business. As a broad rule of thumb, Aromatherapists can expect to charge around $13.50 per hour.

Aromatherapy represents a great add-on to an existing therapy business. It makes a perfect complementary service that alternative therapy professionals believe consistently adds between ten and fifteen thousand dollars per annum to an existing therapy business.

Linking aromatherapy services to related products can also add to potential income sources.

What is Aromatherapy Massage

One of the key add-on therapies in this field is aromatherapy massage. In practice, this is very similar to the highly popular Swedish massage therapy except that the massage incorporates the use of essential oils in the massage.

While receiving an aromatherapy massage, clients/patients either inhale or absorb essential oil molecules through the skin.

Combining massage with the therapeutic properties of essential oils used can help to soothe or stimulate the patient’s/client’s senses.

Aromatherapy massage is used to ease stress, sore backs, necks, and/or shoulder muscles. The massage technique is often used to assist with conditions such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Symptoms of dementia
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Menstrual pain

Aromatherapy for Labor

In today’s world, many women have become familiar with and use complementary therapies in some form or another. The use of aromatherapy during labor is known to be a very affordable practice. It can be used to help manage pain and anxiety during labor. It can also be used to assist someone to relax.

Pain anxiety, fear, and tension are all closely related. The amount of pain felt is often linked to the amount of anxiety. Aromatherapy is very helpful during labor as it can assist in reducing pain and managing anxiety. Reducing these emotions and feelings will help in creating a more satisfying childbirth experience.

Aromatherapy for Sleep

Sleep is vital for mental health and well being. While Aromatherapy can help people get to sleep easier, it is important to realize that it is not a cure for insomnia, however, the use of relaxing essential oils before retiring to bed can potentially assist in falling into a peaceful and deep sleep.

Aromatherapy for Dogs

As dogs rely on their noses much more than humans, it would seem that the use of aromatherapy is a natural fit for dog owners.
Just like humans, dogs can reap the benefits of this treatment. Proper techniques can help your dog in the following ways

  • Reduce inflammation,
  • Combat infections
  • Soothe muscle pain.
  • Lower stress levels,
  • Induce calmness
  • Stimulate memory

....Just like humans!

How to Get Certified in Aromatherapy

Obtaining a certification is as simple as enrolling on one of the online Aromatherapy courses provided by Courses For Success?.
These comprehensive courses will provide you with all the necessary information required to obtain your certificate.

Successful completion of a course will enable you to obtain the insurance needed to confidently set up your own natural therapy business.

Learn Aromatherapy

You can learn the secrets of aromatherapy by enrolling in some online courses designed to equip you with all the skills needed to deliver aromatherapy either professionally or simply for friends and family.

Courses for success offer a variety of aromatherapy online courses including.

  • Online Aromatherapy Course
  • Diploma In Aromatherapy Online Course
  • Diploma In Advanced Aromatherapy Online Course
  • Ultimate Aromatherapy Online Bundle

This selection of courses provides you with the flexibility to choose the most suitable way to learn this exciting natural therapy.

What are the steps to become a self-employed Aromatherapist?

Once you’ve decided that you would like to become an Aromatherapist, you need to have a workable plan that will allow you to achieve your goal. The key requirement in running an aromatherapy business is to learn and understand the practice itself. The best way to do this is to take an aromatherapy course that will give you an appropriate accreditation.
An obvious consideration here is the aromatherapy certification cost.

Typically, a face to face course may require in excess of 200 hours of face to face study and the course costs will reflect this time commitment. The alternative is to take an online course that covers all facets of aromatherapy while allowing you to work at your own pace. This option is more affordable in most cases.

Of course, a certificate in aromatherapy does not necessarily mean that your business will be a success.

A bundled course that offers certification in other natural therapies will give you the flexibility and diversity to have more confidence in starting your own natural therapy business.

Aromatherapy Courses Online

Online courses are an excellent way to learn aromatherapy.

Consider the real benefits of choosing online courses to learn aromatherapy

  1. Cost: To participate in a face to face aromatherapy courses may cost thousands of dollars. You can obtain your aromatherapy certification with Courses For Success for as little $199. Similar and related course modules are available for equally low prices.
  2. Remove added costs: There are many hidden costs that face to face classes are liable to surprise you with. Commuting to class can be quite expensive in dollar terms. The costs of travel, meals and maybe child care all have to be factored in. Taking the course online will immediately reduce stress and do away with these costs.
  3. Save Time: With an online aromatherapy course, you can comfortably work out a study regime that best fits your lifestyle.
  4. Online courses give you the power and control to arrange your course participation to meet the demands of your working and private life.
  5. The simplicity of Learning: You are in control and can watch a lesson module as often as you need to.
  6. With aromatherapy set to increase in popularity, now is the time to become an Aromatherapist. Take the first step today and enroll with Courses For Success now!
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