Make Your New Years Resolution A Success With Our Course Bundles

Make Your New Year's Resolution A Success!

2018 is here and at Courses For Success our New Years Resolution is to help YOU to succeed and there's no better way than with our new Course Bundles.

Over the past 4 months we've been developing a huge range of hand-selected online training bundles, these bundles take our best courses and combine them based on how their skills complement the initial course!

In addition to the great quality of training by getting complementary courses in a single bundle, we have also further discounted these courses above and beyond the prices of purchasing them individually.

To kick off 2018 we're going to be delivering 4 emails over the next 4 Mondays of January that dive deep into the fantastic educational value you can get out of the top 12 bundles on our website, and to celebrate at the end we'll be sending you a free "Better You!" info-graphic to help you improve your cognitive health and stay productive over the new year.

Interested in Graphic Design? Discover Our Adobe CS6 Value Bundle!

Our Adobe Value Online Bundle contains 3 online courses that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to guarantee success in any professional career, personal business or project that is oriented in graphic design.

Beginning with the Introduction to Adobe InDesign CS6, you will be taught the essentials of desktop publishing while learning to create a number of professional-quality documents including brochures, business cards, a variety of different letterhead styles and form layouts.

Next up is the Introduction to Adobe Illustrator CS6 wherein you'll learn the basics of drawing images on a digital platform. Although we've packed this course full of challenging assignments to boost your creativity and ultimately grow your skills, we also allow you to work at your own pace whether you're just beginning or looking to refresh your existing Illustrator knowledge.

Finally we have the Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CS6. Photoshop is the world's most popular image editing program and, when mastered, can be extremely sought-after by employers across many fields. Getting your head around Photoshop is necessary for anybody looking to break into the world of graphic design and with this course you will get a fun, hands-on guide to the most exciting graphics program ever developed!

Click on the link to view further details and all units of study.

Adobe Value Online Bundle

Learn Powerful Techniques To Handle Your Emotions In A Positive Way!

Controlling and limiting anger is important in every aspect of one's life, without control you are putting limits on what you can accomplish. Our Anger Management Bundle consists of 3 key courses to help you cope with your emotions and ultimately use them to your advantage at home and in the workplace.

We begin by focusing specifically on Anger Management. This course will be your guide to identifying your own personal triggers and give you the appropriate techniques to channel your anger from a destructive force into a much more positive tool.

We then move on to the Emotional Intelligence Course which will grant you the ability to truly understand your own feelings through self-management and self-awareness. By learning to control your actions and emotions, you are guaranteed to experience a positive change in your professional and personal lives.

Last but not least we'll be covering the subject of Interpersonal Skills which is all about making a positive impact, improving verbal and non-verbal communication and enhancing relationships. This course will ultimately assist you in enhancing your charisma whilst simultaneously learning to perceive situations from the perspective of others.

These 3 infinitely useful courses are included in the comprehensive Anger Management Bundle.

Click on the link to view further details and all units of study.

Anger Management Bundle

Learn To Treat Medical And Emotional Conditions As A Herbalist!

By studying our Advanced Master Herbalist Bundle you will learn all the necessary steps to find success as a Herbalist. You may use the knowledge you gain from this bundle to begin a new career pathway or simply for self-healing in your own personal life, the choice is yours!

You'll start out by studying the Master Herbalist Course which is dedicated to helping you understand how to properly utilise herbs in different aspects of your life and how to take full advantage of their individual healing abilities. We also include detailed lessons on Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Homeotherapy and Essential Oils, we've made sure to cover all your bases!

Once you're comfortable, we'll then move on to the Advanced Master Herbalist Course. Here you'll be taught how to get yourself business-ready and make a name for yourself in the increasingly popular Herbalism industry. We'll also go into greater depth with topics such as Herbal Health for Men & Women, Botany, Herbal Preparations and Herbal Therapies & Treatments for Illnesses.

The 2 courses included in the Advanced Master Herbalist Bundle have been hand-selected to help put you on the right path and guide you to achieving your goals and finding success in the world of Herbalism.

Click on the link to view further details and all units of study.

Advanced Master Herbalist Bundle

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