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What is vlogging?

What is vlogging?

Do you want to be a YouTube star? Once upon a time, YouTube may have been a platform for watching funny viral videos. Today, though, the platform is home to billions of entrepreneurs. 

Whether you want to make money or have some specialist knowledge you wish to share, we'll help you get a million subscribers. This guide will take you through how to design videos, the equipment you'll need, and tips for marketing your business. Soon, you'll be able to make money off of your hobby.

What is a vlog?

What does vlogging mean? The term vlog is a combination of video blogging. Like written bogs, content creators post an online video to YouTube. 

Videos can share details of a person's life, live broadcasting daily activities. Or, you might create educational videos — like John and Hank Green.

Successful vloggers can make money off their blogs posted on YouTube. Some even manage to quit their day job. So, to begin a profitable side hustle, start by watching videos by others. Have you found a niche in the market you can fill?

Why has vlogging become so popular?

You might think vlogging is a relatively recent phenomenon. However, forms of vlogging date back to Nelson Sullivan in 1980s New York. Sullivan used to record life in Downtown Manhattan with the idea of turning it into a TV show. When the internet took off, it wasn't long before people started posting videos of themselves.

With the launch of YouTube in 2005, vlogging became one of the dominant types of content creation.

Today, videoblogs posted to YouTube remain incredibly popular. They are engaging. Like other digital media, they can grab your attention. However, they require far less time commitment than a TV show, for example. Moreover, they're incredibly accessible. Anyone can become a vlogger. Anyone can watch vlogs.

YouTube stars, such as Jenna MarblesShay Carl, or Casey Neistats, have loyal audiences. 

How to start a vlog 

All you need is a video camera and a few video ideas to begin YouTube Vlogging. However, posting videos can be more than a hobby. Brush up on our vlogging tips to make money. Daily vloggers treat their channels as business ideas. 

There's a level of planning, video editing, and marketing involved to ensure your vlogging channel does well. Follow our step-by-step guide to start your vlog.

Step one: find your audience

Firstly, establish your target audience. Ensuring you understand your audience will reveal the type of vlogging you should create. Begin by writing a list of what you're good at. For example, tech vloggers know their way around a computer. Or, if you're more of a performer, can you create a comedy video podcast?

The next step is to establish whether the world needs your content. If you create a personal video about your life without creating a connection with your audience first, will it achieve anything? Unlikely, because no one will be able to relate. You need to build an audience with helpful content. 

Step two: create a brand

As much as being a YouTube vlogger may seem fun, it's still a business at the end of the day. Accordingly, you need to build a brand around your video content. First, think of your brand name - this is what everyone will recognize you by, so make sure it's memorable. You could use your name or come up with a catchy alias.

Another brand asset you will need is YouTube channel art, including:

  • Logo

  • Profile picture

  • Banner image

  • Video intros and outros graphics

  • Videos cover

  • YouTube thumbnails

If you're not good at graphic design yourself, consider hiring an expert. There is so much competition on YouTube; as such, you want to ensure that your channel art will stand out. 

Try to model your brand around your types of video content. For instance, beauty vloggers might have something to do with style in their graphics or name. 

Step three: create your YouTube channel 

Before you start vlogging and uploading videos, you need to create an account. Fortunately, it's straightforward:

  1. You need a Google Account.

  2. Head to YouTube and sign in with your Google Account.

  3. Through settings, create a YouTube channel.

Enter your channel name and upload your branding. Make sure you play around with your account to understand how to navigate it properly. It's a good idea to get to grips with your analytics to optimize your video blogs. 

Step four: what do you need? 

So, everything is in place, except for your video equipment. Vlog cameras can be costly, so make sure you research video production value. Buying the right vlogging equipment depends on how you plan to use it. If you plan to film out and about, make sure you get an easily portable camera. You will also need editing software.

Remember, you can always use your phone as most smartphones have pretty high video quality and inbuilt editing tools.

Other things to consider buying: 

  • Microphone for better sound quality

  • Ring lights (often produces better continuity than natural lighting)

  • Tripod

  • Gimbal

Step five: your first video 

You're ready to begin filming your video. It's a good idea to research what you're going to talk about before you film yourself. A loose script will help keep your audience engaged. Then, when you edit your vlog, you can smooth out any errors and add intros and outros.

Upload your vlog with video descriptions. 

Step six: publish and promote 

Once you have published your finished videos on a vlog platform, you need to promote your vlogs on your social channels. Don't feel demotivated if your first few daily vlogs don't attract many viewers. You might have to maintain consecutive daily personal video blogs for a while before you get a significant following. 

Include social media graphics and links in your videos to grow your business beyond YouTube.

How much do vloggers make?

Ads on your YouTube vlogging videos are not the only way to make a profit. Many business owners will offer successful vlogs brand deals, and affiliate marketing is an excellent way to further your brand. For example, a brand may ask you to do content marketing on your Instagram Stories. 

What vlogging courses can I take?

Courses for Success offer a Vlogging Online Certificate Course. There's no better way to learn how to make creative content and engage with your audience. The course teaches you how to use your recording equipment and video editing software to create a successful brand. Plus, you'll learn about promoting your video and video marketing. 

Why Courses for Success? 

Courses for Success offers more than 10,000 online courses to enhance your personal development and career progression. You can also study them anywhere, at any time, and complete them at your own pace.

You don't need a diploma or experience to get started. Every course will boost your prospects, from coding and trading courses to design and developer courses.

Once complete, you will be issued a certificate online for any courses you do. Our vlogging courses are no exception, and industry leaders recognize these online vlogging certificates. Make a name for yourself by signing up for a Courses for Success short course today.

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