Stay motivated in the New Year

It can be a difficult feat to get back into the swing of things after the Christmas / New Year break. Distraction is usually high and often, motivation is low, knowing the fun and frivolity is over and normality is seeping in. Because of this, we have compiled a list of tips to help you regain your motivation heading into the New Year.

Create a routine and schedule out in

We know we mention routines a lot in our blog but that’s because routines are very valuable tactics for those undertaking online learning. Set a study start date following the holidays and stick to it. Buy a diary or day planner and start designating study sessions, ensuring you leave enough time for personal endeavours and add frequent breaks in between study periods. Because online study is so flexible, many students like to study every second day, which is a great idea for those hoping for a good study / life balance.

If there’s a particular subject you’re struggling with, schedule it in first each day or week and add extra time to allow for any problems. Also increase the time spent studying before tests or exams to ensure you’re well prepared. If you can stick to your schedule and get ahead, your course will be so much less stressful. Make sure you also add any important dates – such as exam dates – to your schedule.

Have realistic goals

Setting goals ensures you remain motivated as you achieve each milestone, but unrealistic goals can be a huge demotivator, when you inevitably end up not reaching them. There’s no better time to set goals than at the beginning of a new year, but be realistic and account for the hiccups you’ll undoubtedly experience along the way. Baby steps are fine when it comes to setting goals.

The best way to set realistic goals is to be really specific, stating exactly what you’d like to achieve. Don’t just state that you’d like to finish your course by a specific date; instead, aim to get a certain amount of work completed per day, week or month. If your goal is to improve your results in a particular subject, be proactive and seek assistance from your tutor or a study partner / group.

It’s always a good idea to write down your goals and display them in a prominent position where you’ll see them every day. As you achieve each goal, Mark it off your lusty and treat yourself to a little reward.

Create a study sanctuary

Whether it’s the kitchen table, a, dedicated office space or a bench on the foreshore overlooking a beach, you will work so much better if you have a study space that you enjoy. Just ensure your space is clean and tidy and devoid of distractions. Make sure you have everything you need before you start each study session, such as snacks, water, pens, paper, highlighters etc. This ensures you won’t need to interrupt your study time to go and find something.

While studying on your computer or tablet, closer all other non-relevant tabs or windows so you’re not tempted to browse your social media or similar. Also tell the people around you that you are studying so that you won’t be interrupted.

With these tips, you’ll have no problem keeping your New Year’s study resolutions and achieving your goals. Happy New Year!

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