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As a full member of The Career Builder Library you have access to 150+ career skills courses that will help you build your skills, Courses For Success would like to thank you for taking the first steps on your career devleopment journey, in the coming months you will learn new skills, improve your existing skills and change your professional life for the better.

The Career Builder Library can teach you everything from soft skills which alllow you to not only recognise career advancement opportunities but take advantage of them with the strong foundation you have built through study and the confidence that comes with having a broad skill set.

This page details the five core pillars of The Career Builder Library by exploring them you will prepare yourself to set goals, overcome challenges and budget your time for the career development journey ahead.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us through live chat or email at email/info)(coursesforsuccess.com!

The Five Pillars of The Career Builder Library

1: The Career Workbook

We've included a comprehensive career workbook in your account that will help you plan your career advancement, set goals and track your achievments as you go on your journey to a bigger better future.

2: The Personal Success Course

The first thing we recommend to all new students starting off on their career development journey is Create Personal Success, usually $199 on our website this course has been created to inspire you, help you set learning and career goals, build your confidence and reflect on what skills you need to focus on to achieve personal success.

You can view information on this course on its page on our site located here, to locate and get started with this course simply search for Personal Success in your training library.

3: Powerful Soft Skills and Microsoft Courses

At the core of The Career Builder Library is the courses, there is currently over 150+ courses to choose from that you can now freely access once you have logged in.  Our powerful yet easy to use course management system allows you to keep track of courses you have completed, search for courses of interest, open multiple courses and more.

It's also important to note that our system will automatically save your course progress, this allows you to squeeze short study sessions into your busy work life or study an entire course over a weekend.

4: Career Templates - Resumes and cover letters

Once you've got a few courses under your belt, it's time to revist your resume, our selection of resumes templates, resignation letters, cover letter samples and more will give you a great resource to call upon when you're looking for work, ready for a change of career or face unexpected unemployment.

5: Career tips

Finally for further reading we have prepared a great collection of career advice, guides tips and information including top picks from our blog and exclusive content for library members such as career guides and more written by industry experts.

These five pillars are your guideposts to achieving success with The Career Builder Library, this information will be invaluable on your career development journey, and with new courses resources and more being added every month there's always going to be a new skill to master.

The Courses

The Career Builder Course Library is packed full of over 150 career-skills training courses covering everything you need to build a successful career including administrative skills, supervision and management, human resources, personal development, sales and marketing, workplace essentials, Microsoft and much more. You will also receive access to new courses as they are added to the library each month.

Select an area of interest below to find out more about that area and see the courses included, please note prices quoted are what you would pay if you purchased each course individually however as a member you get instant access to all these courses included in your subscription cost as long as you are a member.

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