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Online Well Being Courses

Health and wellness is one of the largest in demand industries in today’s economy. Everyone wants to look and feel good. Whether you are looking to improve your own sense of wellbeing or would love to work with others to help them improve their lifestyle, we have courses that can assist you to understand and work within this sector.

Being there to assist people to get back on track or to find a way forward can be a rewarding occupation. Being a counsellor puts you in a place to listen to and help people find ways to manage their personal problems.

Our psychology and counselling online course is a great course for people already working in or wanting to work in jobs like welfare, youth work psychology and counselling. It will teach you important concepts like how to deal with stress how to settle anxieties, panic attacks and other irrational fears, abnormal behaviours, individual behaviours and group behaviours.

This course focuses on the most common therapies and will equip you to listen attentively and with empathy to others.

If you are a people oriented person who is a good listener then you counselling may be a good career choice for you. 

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