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Online Tourism Courses

Working in tourism offers you many opportunities to enjoy and experience travel from a variety of perspectives. Tourism is a happy industry, with people wanting to discuss and plan travel arrangements and generally enjoy their leisure time. A place in tourism offers you opportunities to meet people and visit places that you may not otherwise have done. There may even be opportunities to travel at greatly reduced expense in some sectors of the travel industry.

A great way to enter the tourism industry is to take our Certificate II in tourism. This is an industry entry-level course designed to make you familiar with basic tourism skills. When you have completed this course, you will be able to work in a tourism office type environment and have the necessary skills and knowledge to process simple tourist documentation and to work within a tourism office environment.

There are real opportunities to meet a diverse range of people and learn about (and perhaps visit) interesting places while working in the tourism industry. You can start your career in tourism by enrolling in our Certificate II in tourism today.

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