Online PC Networking & Security Courses

Computer security and privacy are two buzzwords in today’s society as people become increasingly aware of cybercrime and security theft. The demand for skilled PC security consultants and workers has never been higher. If you love working with computers PC Networking and security is a career that mat well interest you.

Obtaining a certificate in PC Security is an important step in pursuing a career in PC security. Our Certificate in Introduction to PC Security online course will help you understand the vulnerabilities of PC operating systems, software and networks. It will also help you understand how hackers use trojans, worms and viruses to exploit these vulnerabilities and how to guard against them.

Our advanced certificate in PC Security takes you further and gives you a thorough understanding of computer security, including such topics as white hat hacking and the ethics of hacking. You will also learn how to conduct a full security audit of your computer.

Closely related to PC Security is PC networking – our certificate in Intermediate Networking online course will help you understand such important concepts as virtual private networks, internet connectivity and cloud computing in addition to security

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