Personal and Executive Assistant Certificate Program

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Personal and Executive Assistant Certificate Program

Enroll in a Personal or Executive Assistant Certificate Program

Here at Courses for Success, we offer students the opportunity to undertake an accredited personal and executive assistant certificate program that will equip you with all the skills needed to succeed as a valuable corporate employee. Individuals with executive and personal assistant qualifications are highly sought after in the corporate world. Completing one of our Admin courses online will give you a tremendous advantage when applying for your next job as an administrative professional, or in trying to move up the corporate ladder.   

Set yourself apart with a personal assistant certification

In today’s corporate environment, the value of the PA is ever expanding and continues to grow in importance. It is a unique position that requires a diverse skill set. As you will learn during personal assistant training, they are more than just executive secretaries and are essential in a busy administrative environment! The main role that a PA must perform is to free up an executive’s schedule from administrative and organizational jobs so that they can better use their time on strategic tasks. Yet, there is so much more to the job than this.

A student will walk away with professionally developed, and highly sought after skills, following completion of a personal assistant course, including:

  • Improved time management skills

  • The ability to manage meetings effectively

  • Adjust to the differing needs and styles of management

  • Confidently acting as a gatekeeper

  • Improved communication skills through verbal, non-verbal and written methods

Personal assistant courses are a perfect way to build your skillset while appealing to recruiters through the greater understanding you’ll develop of what the role entails and the skills you’ll possess upon completion of the program.     

Build your skillset with executive assistant training online

Similar to PA’s, executive assistant course completers offer great value in the corporate structure of any business. The major difference between PA and executive assistant programs relate to the focus on how the latter can influence the profitability and success of the company they work for. This is achieved through undertaking tasks such as market research, training staff and scheduling crucial meetings.

Students will learn during high-quality executive assistant courses online, tasks relating to delegation, planning, prioritizing daily tasks, and much more that will equip them with the necessary skills required to fill this role effectively. Undertaking PA or  Executive assistant certification programs online are the perfect way to enhance your skills and build your knowledge, and can all be done in the comfort of your own home and at your own speed. And with personal or executive assistant training courses under your belt, you’ll instantly be seen as a more desirable candidate for a job in the business world.

Courses for Success offers the opportunity to learn the skills of both job positions in a joint executive pa training course. This will significantly enhance your knowledge base and skill set. And there are no prior education requirements or eligibility requirements necessary! Online courses for administrative assistants are a highly desired addition to the education and career sections of your professional CV and can make all the difference at your next interview.

So why wait? Browse our list of courses and get started on the personal or executive administrative assistant certification online course that most appeals to you, only on!  

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