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Sign Language Online Courses

Boost your CV by taking Sign Language Certification Online Courses

You can tap into all the benefits of learning a second language and improve your social worth by obtaining a sign language certification online. When you choose to learn sign language you are opening up a wealth of opportunities and potential benefits. Naturally, if someone close to you is unable to hear, learning sign language will enable you to communicate in a rich meaningful way. However, the advantages don’t stop there. Some key benefits of learning sign language include:

  • Improved brain health. Researchers have found that learning a second language will help increase the size of your brain. Learning a second language also boosts your memory capacity and delays the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Volunteer opportunities for working with the deaf community. Volunteering has many benefits including improved mental health.

  • Improved value in your current workplace. There is an increasing demand for sign language interpreters in everyday workplace situations. Having the ability to sign can improve your overall worth to your current business.

  • Increased employability. Hospitals, education facilities, medical clinics, government agencies and the judicial system are all seeking certified sign language interpreters.

In fact, taking online sign language classes may significantly enhance your career prospects.  The demand for certified sign language interpreters is predicted to rise by approximately 50% over the ten year period ending in 2022. Employers are struggling to fill positions. This trend is expected to continue as an aging population contends with hearing loss.  Entry level positions are earning between $20 and $25 per hour.

What You Will Learn From Our Sign Language Online Classes

Courses For Success offer a wide range of sign language certification online courses.  The key component of each course is British Sign Language - one of the world’s most recognised sign languages.

Whichever online sign language course that you choose, you will be introduced to such sign language concepts including:

  • Sign language around the world - British Sign Language (BSL) and its dialects, American Sign Language (ASL), and French Sign Language to name a few

  • Deaf awareness - understanding deaf culture

  • The career opportunities that online sign language classes open up

  • Kids and sign language - there has never a better time to learn a second language than when you are young.  A sign language online course can help you introduce your children to this amazing world

  • The fundamentals of British sign language including grammar and spelling

  • The importance of facial expression

  • Signing common words and numbers

  • Signing phrases, the letters of the alphabet, descriptions, colors, animals, sports and money

Taking a Courses For Success sign language course online is suitable for interpreters, social workers, teachers, counsellors and anyone who has a loved one who needs to communicate using sign language. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be awarded with a certificate.

Further Benefits of Taking a Sign Language Course Online

Obtaining your sign language certification online will give you a solid basis to communicate using sign language. The courses have been designed by leading sign language experts and are structured so you can follow easy video instructions.

As well as helping prepare students to work with the deaf community, Courses For Success sign language classes online also provide some key benefits that are unique to an online learning environment. These include:

  • Help is at hand 24 hours a day through the Courses For Success Help Desk

  • All courses can be accessed at the time most convenient to you

  • Highly affordable courses that are priced competitively with no hidden costs that commuting to and from class locations usually bring

  • Allow you to plan your study time around your work and social routine

Unlock the fascinating world of sign language and expand your horizons. Choose one of the Sign Language Certification Online course packages and enroll with Courses For Success today!

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