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Certificate In Internet Marketing Fundamentals Online Course

Gain the Skills required to Market Your Business Online

Gain the Skills required to Market Your Business Online

Marketing has changed dramatically over the last decade. Marketing is all about communicating, and the Internet has completely changed the way people communicate. The Internet is a marketer's dream come true, especially with Social Media, as you have a low cost marketing tool that can reach a large audience.

Internet Marketing Fundamentals will provide you with a great set of skills to market your business online. Content is the king of Internet marketing, and your will need to know how to utilize your great content. If you want your business to grow then you need to understand Internet Marketing Fundamentals.

By the end of this Internet Marketing Fundamentals course, you will be able to:

  • Know how to conduct market research
  • Develop a workable internet marketing campaign
  • Recognise your target market
  • Understand your brand
  • Grasp SEO and website characteristics
  • Find and capture leads

Course Fast Facts:

  1. Easy to follow and understand
  2. Only 6 to 8 hours of study is required
  3. Unlimited, lifetime access to online course
  4. Delivered 100% on-line and accessible 24/7 from any computer or smartphone
  5. You can study from home or at work, at your own pace, in your own time
  6. Download printer friendly course content
  7. Certificate (IAOTS Accredited)

Course Delivery

Courses are accessed online via our learning management system by any device including PC, MAC, tablet or Smart Phone.

Recognition & Accreditation

This course is internationally recognized and accredited by the International Association of Online Training Standards (IAOTS). The courses offered by Courses For Success are unique as they are taught in a step by step process enabling students to complete them quickly and easily, so that you can obtain your qualification sooner. All students who complete the course receive a certificate of completion. Courses For Success is committed to high completion rates and therefore 100% student satisfaction.

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Module One - Getting Started

Module Two - SWOT Analysis in Marketing

  • Strength
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

Module Three - Marketing Research

  • Consume all media
  • Find the right price
  • Product development and improvement
  • Identify your target audience

Module Four - Real Time Marketing

  • Dynamic Content
  • Engagement builds followers
  • Constant readiness
  • The time, the place, the media

Module Five - Brand Management

  • Every interaction counts
  • Consistent through all media
  • Unique qualities
  • Needs to be actively managed

Module Six - Social Media (Part 1)

  • You are building a community
  • A personal touch
  • Brand champions
  • Make it easy to share

Module Seven - Social Media (Part 2)

  • Content is King
  • Blog and interact
  • Webinars
  • Constant monitoring

Module Eight - SEO Basics

  • Relevant and original content
  • Keywords
  • Value proposition
  • Linking

Module Nine - Website Characteristics

  • SEO Optimisation
  • Landing page
  • Analytics
  • Mobile and tablet friendly

Module Ten - Capturing Leads

  • Lead management and generation
  • Give something away
  • Quality vs Quantity
  • Capture repeat customers

Module Eleven - Campaign Characteristics

  • Tailored for your audience
  • Use powerful words
  • The 4 W's of a campaign
  • Monitor and tweak

Module Twelve - Wrapping Up

Entry requirements

Students must have basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Minimum education

Open entry. Previous schooling and academic achievements are not required for entry into this course.

Computer requirements

Students will need access to a computer and the internet.

Minimum specifications for the computer are:


  • Microsoft Windows XP, or later
  • Modern and up to date Browser (Internet Explorer 8 or later, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)


  • OSX/iOS 6 or later
  • Modern and up to date Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

All systems

  • Internet bandwidth of 1Mb or faster
  • Flash player or a browser with HTML5 video capabilities(Currently Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

Students will also need access the following applications:

Adobe Acrobat Reader

11 September 2017 05:52:35 PM

This course has been very helpful in giving me a basic understanding of marketing in social media.

11 September 2017 01:39:22 AM

Course was a great source to focus on key areas for internet marketing

9 September 2017 03:59:22 PM

I think that the course is not long enough

23 August 2017 08:44:13 PM

Very interesting content. Updated some information and learned some new.

22 August 2017 09:41:53 PM

Interesting to learn sales and marketing techniques

10 July 2017 03:08:28 AM


29 June 2017 10:54:19 PM

Great course and fantastic knowledge obtained.

21 June 2017 04:38:14 PM

Excellent module

21 June 2017 03:10:44 AM

Enjoyed this class

20 June 2017 05:11:36 AM

It is a helpful course.

17 June 2017 01:09:57 AM

love course

16 June 2017 03:16:42 AM

good course to remind basic steps to move forward

15 June 2017 10:47:59 PM

Good structured content.

8 June 2017 08:04:01 PM

Great online course

8 June 2017 11:44:11 AM

Great Course I learned a lot

7 June 2017 10:36:14 AM

This has been a really great program, and I would recommend it to everyone!

6 June 2017 09:04:40 AM

Excellent course!

1 June 2017 03:55:48 AM


29 May 2017 12:36:58 PM

I really enjoyed this course. Its easy to follow, not long and keeps me interested

1 May 2017 08:13:57 AM

this course was very helpful

29 April 2017 10:29:55 AM

Loved It

24 April 2017 12:51:43 PM

This course was very interesting and knowledable.

18 April 2017 11:03:12 AM

well done

18 April 2017 09:23:55 AM

I enjoyed the session and found it useful

17 April 2017 01:30:42 PM

Another great short course. Thank you

16 March 2017 05:42:08 AM

I didn't realize marketing was such a crutial aspect in todays leading industries, until taking this course.

2 March 2017 11:37:23 AM

Great content and to the point.

28 February 2017 10:56:00 PM

Great course very informative.

20 February 2017 08:24:41 PM

The course is presented in a simple yet informative way.

16 February 2017 06:50:10 AM

great course!

12 February 2017 11:36:50 AM

I really liked the second and third modules with very practical information and how to apply it. It is very helpful in helping increase productivity.

1 February 2017 10:00:08 AM

This was a very good course I believe that the material was very easy to understand .

31 January 2017 10:31:22 PM

A very good course for breaking down how to create attainable goals.

26 January 2017 04:56:49 AM

great concise information

24 January 2017 08:31:51 AM

Very well organized ans structured course.

20 January 2017 09:29:04 PM

very good course

19 January 2017 01:41:33 PM

Learned some good points.

11 January 2017 02:07:04 PM


18 December 2016 05:52:33 PM

This online was so imformative. It broke down every aspect to online marketing and even given great points that I can use starting immediatly for my business. I am super excited about the added knowledge that was received during this course. Thank You

20 November 2016 01:54:00 AM

Good refresher on things learned before.

18 November 2016 10:53:56 PM

Very informative. Some grammar mistakes on the review questions lets it down a little, as well as a review question that has been coded incorrectly and insists that it's been answered wrong.

22 September 2016 06:39:35 PM

Good introduction.

3 September 2016 04:51:17 PM

This course was very helpful and easy to learn from. I enjoyed taking this course. I would recommend it to anyone looking to learn in an effective manner. it was broken down into small chunks that was very effective and wanted me to keep going. Thank you for putting this course together.

31 August 2016 06:23:43 AM

Fantastic course. well written

25 August 2016 09:16:20 AM

good infornmation

25 August 2016 08:51:26 AM


24 August 2016 08:55:59 AM

The course has been very helpful.

24 August 2016 08:22:27 AM

My technical question was quickly answered.

24 August 2016 07:53:27 AM

This is an excellent course for any small business person, executive or anyone who has to get a mental refresher. All of us get into bad habits.

23 August 2016 07:07:18 PM

Lots of useful stuff

19 August 2016 02:40:30 AM

This course was informative and user friendly, I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

12 August 2016 09:43:07 AM

Easy to understand and very helpful

9 August 2016 01:22:43 AM

Very informative

2 August 2016 07:48:43 PM

Nicely laid out

2 August 2016 11:06:11 AM

Good course, easy to understand creating effective learning.

26 July 2016 09:14:35 AM

Course was intuitive and gave great insight on where to start for beginners. Will recommend this course, keep up the great work!

25 July 2016 11:05:12 AM

Great Course

24 July 2016 02:53:37 AM

I found this course to be quite informative and easy to follow

23 July 2016 04:39:00 AM

easy to navigate

12 July 2016 11:50:40 AM

Awesome course!

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24 May 2016 01:17:13 PM

Such great information on how to keep up with your company's website. In detailed steps on what you should an shouldn't do. Learned a lot from this course!

15 May 2016 08:11:30 PM

It was such a great course to easily follow and to the point. I enjoyed it a lot.

28 March 2016 04:00:08 AM

I learned a lot, very informative

23 March 2016 05:53:45 PM

Great Course!

3 March 2016 11:28:20 AM

Helped to define some of the small mistakes often made.

27 February 2016 07:17:43 AM


27 February 2016 07:15:01 AM


16 February 2016 10:48:31 AM

Thorough, and straight to the point (as I like things to be.) Thank you.

13 February 2016 02:48:02 PM

Informative course

10 February 2016 10:07:22 AM

Lots of informative tips that one can adopt to achieve results

9 February 2016 06:50:26 AM

Great Course. I walked away from it with some great tips.

31 January 2016 01:18:42 PM

Loved the case study videos! Very clarifying and helpful and fun!

19 January 2016 03:13:47 PM

I highly recommend course for success online to the community because it's given me a purpose and the right tools needed to help me learn and grow and develop my skills and knowledge because I believe that the keys to success is to value the qualities of life.

16 January 2016 06:12:25 AM

Enjoying the information provided.

3 January 2016 05:57:25 AM

I would recommend this program to everyone

1 January 2016 03:20:12 AM


18 December 2015 10:21:01 AM

This course is good!

15 December 2015 01:10:57 AM

Class was informative and straight forward.

14 December 2015 09:58:12 PM

Easy to follow

10 December 2015 01:35:35 AM

I enjoyed the course, lots of interesting information, I learnt a lot.

3 December 2015 02:28:41 AM


2 December 2015 01:05:38 PM

I think the course material is really good. Internet plays a massive role in the world of marketing

24 November 2015 10:58:17 AM

Very quick course.

22 November 2015 05:07:42 PM

easy to follow

22 November 2015 02:15:39 AM

Good information

12 November 2015 09:31:49 PM

Very informational and useable lessons. I will be able to use a great deal of these skills.

10 November 2015 02:29:05 AM

Taking the Internet Marketing Fundamentals has been extremely refreshing for me as I have been in Marketing most of my career.
key points such as social medida marketing was vital to improve my approach to new markets as well as surveys and customer care information. brands and communication was also important for customer sales approach. I recommend the course as a necessity for any one who wants to reinvent their product or sale in the market place.

9 November 2015 12:19:29 PM

Good detailed information

8 November 2015 03:54:32 PM

I found it to be helpful

7 November 2015 01:51:13 PM

Extremely positive influence that effectively changes a mindset within few words or statements.

7 November 2015 11:21:12 AM


6 November 2015 12:31:08 AM

I liked how everything was explained easily.

4 November 2015 10:55:24 AM

quick and easy

2 November 2015 01:21:56 PM

Excellent thank you

24 October 2015 03:50:38 PM

great lesson learned

21 October 2015 07:17:33 PM

love it

17 October 2015 09:20:33 AM

Easy read.

9 October 2015 12:46:27 AM

There are many elements of this course which I found to be of benefit.

6 October 2015 12:08:41 AM

Great course.

29 September 2015 01:27:36 AM

Easy, straightforward explainations

22 September 2015 01:45:13 AM

What can I say? I'm extremely excited with this course, I love the way that you guys set up all the content and information in order to make it easy for us. highly recommended.

9 September 2015 03:09:09 AM

Very informative!

3 September 2015 04:33:45 AM

I enjoyed this course, a lot of terminology I didn't know even with my experience in sales and marketing that I learned.

2 September 2015 02:00:11 AM

great course

1 September 2015 01:29:49 AM

Great course. I deeply appreciated the insights. The SWOT analysis was helpful.

19 August 2015 09:23:55 AM

Easy to follow and leads to a deeper understanding of what all you need to do to get your product out there and successful.

15 August 2015 11:21:37 PM

A very informative Course. Certainly increased my learning ceiling.

1 August 2015 01:30:09 AM

Ive been in business for over ten years without proper guidance on how to market online. This course really helped confirm most of my thoughts on how I should be actively involved in my online marketing campaign. This course has also helped me better understand the planing I need to do when i launch my website out. To always be on my toes for real time marketing and be on the look out for trends.

20 July 2015 07:07:54 PM

The course gave useful insight and good advices.

8 June 2015 05:58:30 PM

Easy to read and understand. Thank you

6 June 2015 06:32:01 PM

I really enjoyed reading all the information! we are just opening up a Business so is a lot of this was really helpful

5 April 2015 01:37:08 PM

good interesting basic course

4 February 2015 07:51:42 AM

This course was very informative and provided me with a greater understanding of internet marketing and I have gained knowledge that I will be able to develop and carry into my daily work.

9 October 2014 09:39:05 AM

The course was very well informative. I learned a lot from each subject that I didn't know previously. The course will definitely help me in the future in relation to internet marketing in the workplace and such. If anything can be improved upon, I would suggest that more examples in relation to the various subjects and terms on each module instead of having just one case study in each module. The case study did make sense and is effective for learning purposes, but I would like to see more examples of certain terms and definitions can best be done in the workplace.

25 September 2014 10:38:32 PM

interesting and helpful introduction to Internet Marketing. I look forward to using the information to help me start up my business.

4 June 2014 10:11:23 AM

Course was very interesting.

9 May 2014 03:07:50 PM


30 March 2014 12:11:29 PM

a good basic overview of the subject

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