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Ultimate Human Resources Training Bundle, 14 Courses

Learn Vital Skills To Hire & Manage New Employees

Learn Important Skills To Hire and Manage New Employees

Human resource management is an essential function of both private and public sector organizations.

Activities relating to employees normally include recruiting and hiring new employees, orientation, and training of current employees, employee benefits, and retention.

This comprehensive online bundle includes 14 courses covering topics like  Employee Onboarding, Employee Recruitment, Hiring Strategies, Managing Human Resources, Measuring Results from Training, Millennial Onboarding, Talent Management, Workplace Diversity, Workplace Harassment, Workplace Violence  and more.

If you're looking to succeed in an HR role then the Human Resources Course Bundle the perfect way to get started.  The Hiring Strategies, Employee Onboarding, and Millennial Onboarding courses will help you sort the best candidates out of the pack, making you the key gateway for exceptional talent into your business. Managing Human Resources, Generation Gaps, and Train the Trainer will equip you with the skills to meet your day to day challenges head on, resolve the situations that arise when employees of different ages work together and help managers and employees perform when they are training new employees in your workplace.

Workplace Diversity, Workplace Harassment and Workplace Violence are also included in this package and will prepare you to meet the more difficult challenges that you will face working in HR, by understanding these advanced concepts you will be able to succeed in a Human Resources department of any size and stand out in interviews with your advanced understanding that can take other employees years to pick up on through experience alone.

For a comprehensive list of all courses available simply click the units of study tab.

This is an incredible opportunity to invest in yourself and your future, take your Hiring & Managing skills to a new level with Courses For Success today!

Course Fast Facts:

  1. All courses are easy to follow and understand
  2. Only 6 to 8 hours of study is required per course
  3. Unlimited Lifetime Access
  4. Study as many courses as you want
  5. Delivered 100% on-line and accessible 24/7 from any computer or smartphone
  6. You can study from home or at work, at your own pace, in your own time
  7. Download printer friendly course content
  8. Certificates (IAOTS Accredited)

How to study online course?

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Recognition & Accreditation

These courses are internationally recognized and accredited by the International Association of Online Training Standards (IAOTS). The courses offered by Courses For Success are unique as they are taught in a step by step process enabling students to complete them quickly and easily so that you can obtain your qualification sooner. All students who complete the course receive a certificate of completion. Courses For Success is committed to high completion rates and therefore 100% student satisfaction.

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The Human Resources Course Bundle consists of 14 courses, below is a summary of each course:

Course 1 - Certificate In Managing Human Resources Online Course

  • Manage Human Resources In Your Workplace
  • What is HR?
  • Human Resource Influencers
  • Recruiting and Interviewing
  • Interview for what exactly?
  • Setting the scene to Interview
  • Five Steps to a Successful Interview
  • Behaviorally Based Questions
  • Induction and Retention
  • Keeping Track
  • The Follow Up
  • Follow Up Schedules
  • Scary Statistics
  • Health & Safety in the Workplace
  • Why all the urgency?
  • Understanding the Industry Specific Rules of your Country
  • Training for HR Managers
  • Workplace Discrimination & Harassment
  • Bullying in the Workplace
  • A Manager has Responsibilities
  • An Employer has Greater Responsibility
  • Wellness in the Workplace
  • Characteristics of Good Feedback
  • Constructive Criticism
  • Encouraging Growth and Development
  • Employee Discipline
  • The General Discipline Process
  • Progressive Discipline
  • How to Prepare & Conduct Disciplinary Meetings
  • Following Up
  • What to Say When Terminating an Employee

Course 2 - Certificate In Business Succession Planning Online Course

  • Develop a Smooth and Professional Succession Plan
  • Succession Planning Vs Replacement Planning
  • Preparing for the Planning Process
  • Develop a Vision Statement
  • Choosing to be a Mentor
  • The SWOT Analysis
  • Prioritise what the succession plan will address
  • Develop a strategy for achieving goals
  • Draft the plan
  • Assign responsibility and authority
  • Establish a monitoring system
  • Identifying paths
  • Choosing your final approach
  • Evaluating and adapting
  • Developing a change management plan
  • Developing a communication plan
  • Implementing the plans
  • Providing constructive criticism
  • Encouraging growth and development
  • Overcoming Roadblocks
  • How to know when you've achieved success
  • Transitioning

Course 3 - Certificate In Developing a Lunch and Learn Online Course

  • How To Run Effective Casual Meetings and Engage Staff
  • Finding the best location
  • Setting up the location
  • Focus group
  • Picking the right topic
  • Hands on works great
  • Stay focused
  • Keep it informal
  • Make it interactive
  • Review it thoroughly
  • Creating a customised presentation
  • Back it up
  • Ground rules
  • Eat during or after?
  • Clean up or teardown
  • Handouts and take away material
  • Senior management buy-in
  • People not participating
  • What a Lunch and Learn is Not
  • Best Practices
  • Obtain feedback and tweak
  • Utilise star employees
  • Provide an agenda ahead of time
  • Keep the session casual and loose
  • Networking opportunity
  • Upper management Q&A session
  • Put it on a regular schedule

Course 4 - Certificate In Employee Onboarding Online Course

  • How to Bring on New Employees and Reduce Staff Turnover
  • Purpose of Onboarding
  • Start-up Cost
  • Anxiety
  • Employee Turnover
  • What is Onboarding
  • The Importance of Onboarding
  • Making employees feel welcome
  • First-day checklist
  • onboarding Preparation
  • Onboarding Checklist
  • Getting off on the right track
  • Role of Human Resources
  • Role of managers
  • Characteristics
  • Initial check in
  • Following up
  • Setting schedules
  • Mentor's Responsibility
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement and growth
  • Setting verbal expectations
  • Defining requirements
  • Resiliency and Flexibility
  • Assigning Work
  • Characteristics of good feedback
  • Feedback delivery tools
  • Informal feedback
  • Formal feedback

Course 5 - Certificate In Employee Recruitment Online Course

  • Reduce your costs with a great employee recruitment program
  • What is recruitment?
  • Challenges and trends
  • Sourcing candidates
  • Requirements
  • Job analysis and descriptions
  • The approach
  • The recruitment interview
  • Testing
  • Identifying goal areas
  • Setting SMART goals
  • Using a productivity journal
  • Phone interviews
  • Traditional interviews
  • Situational interviews
  • Stress interviews
  • Types of Interview Questions
  • Avoiding Bias in your Selection
  • The Background Check
  • Illegal questions
  • Being thorough without being pushy
  • Making your Offer
  • Outlining the offer
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Dealing with difficult issues
  • Sealing the deal
  • Orientation and Retention
  • Measuring the Results

Course 6 - Certificate In Generation Gaps Online Course

  • Successfully Integrate Employees Of All Ages Into Your Workplace
  • What generations exist in the workplace
  • What defines a generation
  • What this means in our workplace
  • Traditionalist
  • Baby Boomers
  • Generation X
  • Generation Y
  • Differentiations Between
  • Background
  • Attitude
  • Working style
  • Life experience
  • adopting a communication style
  • Creating an affinity group
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Younger bosses managing older workers
  • Avoid turnovers with a retention plan
  • Breaking down the stereotypes
  • Conflict Management
  • Embrace the hot zone
  • Treat each other as a peer
  • Create a succession plan
  • Benefits of generation gaps
  • How to learn from each other
  • Embracing the unfamiliar

Course 7 - Certificate In Hiring Strategies Online Course

  • Learn To Attract & Hire The Best Talent
  • Defining and Knowing the Position
  • Needs analysis
  • Job analysis
  • Task analysis
  • Hiring Strategy
  • Company information
  • Salary range
  • Top performers
  • Be prepared
  • Lure in Great Candidates
  • Treat your candidates well
  • Look at the competition
  • Filtering Applicants to Interview
  • Put lots of weight on cover letters
  • Grading resumes
  • Internet search
  • Initial phone interview
  • The Interview
  • Introduce everyone
  • Use a panel
  • Match the interview to the job
  • Types of questions
  • Tell me about my company
  • Distractions
  • Interview more than once
  • Selection Process
  • Testing
  • Look for passion and enthusiasm
  • Background checks
  • Trust your instincts
  • Education Level vs Experience
  • Have a consensus
  • Keep non-hires on file
  • Checking references
  • Making an Offer
  • Onboarding
  • Training and orientation
  • Mentoring
  • 30-60-90 day reviews
  • Make them feel welcome

Course 8 - Certificate In Measuring Results from Training Online Course

  • Master The Learning Cycle & Get More Out Of Training
  • Types of evaluation tools
  • Tests
  • Reactionary sheets
  • Interviews
  • Observations
  • Hip-pocket assessments
  • Skill assessments
  • Learning journals
  • Learning Styles
  • Levels of Evaluation
  • Types of Measurement Tools
  • Self-evaluations
  • Supervisor evaluations
  • Peer evaluations
  • High-Level evaluations
  • Performing a Needs Assessment
  • Creating Learning Objectives
  • Creating an Evaluation Plan
  • When Will the Evaluation be Completed?
  • Who will perform the evaluation?
  • Assessing Learning before Training
  • Assessing Learning during Training
  • Assessing Learning after Training
  • Creating a long-term evaluation plan
  • Calculating the Return on Investment
  • A basic ROI formula
  • Identifying and measuring tangible benefits
  • Identifying and measuring intangible benefits
  • Calculating total costs
  • Making a business case

Course 9 - Certificate In Millennial Onboarding Online Course

  • Master The Advantages & Challenges Of Hiring Millennials
  • Define onboarding
  • Purpose of Onboarding
  • Start Up Costs
  • Employee Anxiety
  • Employee Turnover
  • Why Onboarding?
  • Importance of Onboarding
  • Making Employees Feel Welcome
  • Who Are Millennials?
  • How Do Millennials Differ from Other Workers?
  • Informal Rather than Formal Onboarding Processes
  • Onboarding Checklist
  • Engaging the Millennial Employee
  • Following Up With the Millennial Employee
  • Setting Schedules - Millennials and Work Life
  • Mentoring and the Millennial
  • Setting Expectations with the Millennial Employee
  • Identify Opportunities for Improvement and Growth
  • Mentoring the Millennial
  • Be a Mentor, Not an Authority Figure
  • Assigning Work to the Millennial Employee
  • Provide Clear Structure and Guidelines
  • Millennials Thrive on Feedback!
  • Informal Feedback

Course 10 - Certificate In Talent Management Online Course

  • Talented Employees are the Key to Success.
  • What is talent management?
  • Types of talent
  • Skills and knowledge defined
  • Understanding Talent Management
  • Importance and benefits
  • Challenges
  • Key elements to developing a winning strategy
  • Performance management defined
  • How to keep your employees motivated
  • Talent Reviews
  • Maintaining an effective workforce
  • Looking to the future
  • Succession and Career Planning
  • What is succession planning?
  • Developing a plan
  • Executing the plan
  • Overcoming roadblocks
  • Employee engagement
  • Generating engagement
  • Influences
  • Competency assessment defined
  • Coaching, Training, and Development
  • Tips for talent management
  • Employee Retention

Course 11 - Certificate In Train The Trainer Online Course

  • Deliver Engaging and Compelling Workshops
  • What makes a good training course?
  • The ‘perfect’ training course
  • So just what is training?
  • Mini Quiz:
  • A trainer’s various hats
  • The Learner
  • The Active Learner, the Reluctant Learner, and the Passive Learner
  • What contributes to a poor learning experience?
  • How do people learn?
  • What makes a good learner?
  • Learning theories & learning styles
  • Handling groups
  • Basics of Training Delivery
  • Activities in the training room
  • Activities in the training room: Designing a Short Session
  • Exploring Training Methods and Techniques
  • Demonstrations
  • Giving instructions
  • Energisers and refreshers
  • Anecdotes, or stories
  • The Trainer
  • Presentation & feedback skills for trainers
  • Negative feedback, or constructive criticism
  • Presentation skills in the training room
  • Picking up on signs from the learner (body language)
  • Finally, evaluating your training
  • Training Resources
  • Personal action plans and course evaluation

Course 12 - Certificate In Workplace Diversity Online Course

  • Learn The Importance And Practicalities Of Workplace Diversity
  • Diversity, what is it?
  • Group & Discriminatory Terms
  • Stereotypes
  • Tearing Down the Baggage Barriers
  • Workplace Changes
  • Social Changes
  • Verbal Communication Skills
  • Ten Ways to Listen Better Today
  • The Power of Tone
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Communicating With Power
  • Taking a Proactive Approach
  • Conducting a Diversity Audit
  • Stop Discrimination
  • Coping with Discrimination
  • The Warning Signs
  • From a Managers Perspective
  • Create Detailed Records
  • Investigate the Complaint
  • From an Organisational Perspective
  • Receiving a Complaint
  • The Follow-Up
  • Employee Discipline
  • How to Prepare & Conduct Disciplinary Meetings
  • What to Say When Terminating an Employee

Course 13 - Certificate In Workplace Harassment Online Course
View Course

  • Learn To Recognize and Manage Workplace Harassment
  • The Background
  • The law
  • Identifying harassment
  • An anti-harassment policy: What should be covered?
  • Steps to a healthy workplace
  • Educating employees
  • Anti-harassment policies
  • Employee's rights and responsibilities
  • Developing an Anti-Harassment Policy
  • Policies in the Workplace
  • Proper Procedures in the Workplace
  • If you are being harassed
  • If you are accused of harassing
  • False Allegations
  • Other Options
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Defining sexual harassment
  • Common scenarios
  • Mediation
  • What is mediation?
  • Deciding if it's right
  • How to implement
  • Conflict Resolution
  • How to resolve the situation
  • Seeing both sides
  • Deciding the consequence
  • The Aftermath
  • How to move on
  • Monitoring the situation

Course 14 - Certificate In Workplace Violence Online Course

  • Identify & Manage Violence In Your Workplace
  • Costs to your business
  • Identifying the Bully
  • Abusive workplace behaviors
  • Bullying and personality disorders
  • Narcissism
  • How to Handle Workplace Violence
  • Types of behavior
  • Target the behavior, not the person
  • implement an action plan
  • Risk Assessment
  • Understanding anger and aggression
  • Defusing and de-escalating strategies
  • Communication skills
  • Identifying the hazard
  • Assessing the risk
  • Controlling the risk
  • Evaluating and review
  • Being the Victim
  • What is not considered bullying
  • Steps to take
  • Checklist for Employers
  • Addressing all employees
  • Code of Ethics
  • Policy and procedures
  • Interview Process
  • Identify a bully in the interview process
  • Warning signs
  • Investigation Process
  • Lodging the complaint
  • The investigation
  • The findings
  • Review and closure
  • Developing a Workplace Harassment Policy
  • Scope and philosophy
  • Informal complaint process
  • Formal investigation process

Entry requirements

Students must have basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Minimum education

Open entry. Previous schooling and academic achievements are not required for entry into this course.

Computer requirements

Students will need access to a computer and the internet.

Minimum specifications for the computer are:


  • Microsoft Windows XP, or later
  • Modern and up to date Browser (Internet Explorer 8 or later, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)


  • OSX/iOS 6 or later
  • Modern and up to date Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

All systems

  • Internet bandwidth of 1Mb or faster
  • Flash player or a browser with HTML5 video capabilities(Currently Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

Students will also need access the following applications:

Adobe Acrobat Reader

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14 February 2017 05:05:20 AM

I enjoyed the course I found the course easy to complete online.

4 February 2017 08:59:20 AM

I had an experience in HR , but after doing this course I feel more confident and feel that i have latest information about the procedure.

1 February 2017 07:16:16 PM

Very enjoyable, informative online course.

1 February 2017 10:43:48 AM

it was very informative.

31 January 2017 05:02:32 AM

I thought this was very informative about the different generation and how to motivate and how they can get along better.

18 January 2017 03:28:48 AM

Great Course!

17 January 2017 01:57:13 PM

This is a good source of getting basics about Human resources.

29 December 2016 12:06:16 AM

Excellent course, provides clear explanation about the hiring process. It's better if the summary slides can be downloaded.

15 December 2016 04:42:49 AM

Very Interesting topic

9 December 2016 02:12:13 AM

Great course!

27 November 2016 11:22:07 AM

I think the modules were very helpful. The filtering applicants for an interview, interview process and the selection process where most interesting to me.

5 November 2016 10:24:23 AM

Very informative and easily to follow.

26 October 2016 05:22:32 AM

Well laid out material, good variety of questions

20 October 2016 10:49:42 PM

Set out well, easy to follow

14 October 2016 06:04:10 AM

Great course! Specifically focuses on Onboarding - with ideas that I will implement!

10 October 2016 07:27:15 AM

Great class!

29 September 2016 10:22:04 AM

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16 September 2016 06:44:24 AM

Great course, very informative.

15 September 2016 05:38:05 AM

Very informative.

15 September 2016 03:50:54 AM


15 September 2016 12:47:10 AM

Gave a great overview of the ins and out of the typical recruiting process.

14 September 2016 04:16:33 AM

I am enjoying learning the material and being able to do it at my own pace

13 September 2016 03:48:47 AM

Great course very informative.

9 September 2016 11:29:30 AM


8 September 2016 11:05:02 PM

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8 September 2016 02:17:09 PM

Good amount of detail and simply set out

7 September 2016 11:25:14 PM

Very helpful! Good information.

7 September 2016 11:26:29 AM

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6 September 2016 01:13:35 PM

A lot of useful information.

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Course was informative

25 August 2016 07:14:16 AM

It was interesting to see how the hiring process works.

24 August 2016 01:33:41 PM

Good course

24 August 2016 06:25:16 AM

I have a recruiting background and this is very helpful. I have learned new things with this course.

23 August 2016 03:55:25 AM

Courses for Success HR package has helped me utilize my knowledge into short modules within this package. This specific section of Employee Recruitment has given me insight of how hiring managers and recruiting agents work.

23 August 2016 01:18:30 AM


22 August 2016 03:33:22 PM

Great insight into managing situations and providing everyone with tools to get positive outcomes

20 August 2016 05:13:07 PM

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19 August 2016 11:22:48 PM

wonderfully helpful information

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I'm glad this course was very detailed.

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17 August 2016 01:50:56 PM

A great refresher!

16 August 2016 01:23:32 PM

Great one thank you.

16 August 2016 11:52:53 AM


14 August 2016 12:54:29 AM

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11 August 2016 04:53:34 PM

Great Course!

11 August 2016 06:28:25 AM

This course was a great course for me to start my training. It was very helpful and I will use a lot of this information going forward.

11 August 2016 02:51:55 AM

Course was detailed!

9 August 2016 12:15:09 PM

I think that this course gave me insight into the thought process of different generations in the work place. This will definitely assist me in my role in Human Resources.

9 August 2016 10:16:42 AM

Good course with valuable information.

9 August 2016 07:34:49 AM

I really enjoyed, understood, and learned more from this session (Respect)

9 August 2016 06:29:32 AM

Good course

6 August 2016 04:24:47 AM

Great tips for recruitment!

4 August 2016 04:00:25 PM

This helps me a lot since I am an In Store Recruiter. This gave me some ideas on how to interview potential candidates outside the standard company questions.

4 August 2016 02:34:54 AM

Love the quotes that start the lessons!

3 August 2016 04:49:36 PM

Very informative

2 August 2016 11:46:46 PM

Once again I learned so much from this course! Thank you!

2 August 2016 02:40:54 PM

This was really informative and full of great ideas!

31 July 2016 02:15:35 PM

great course

30 July 2016 10:00:48 AM

Helpful and insightful. I would recommend to anyone in the position of hiring employees and with the intent of retaining them over a long haul.

30 July 2016 03:23:22 AM

Great Class!

29 July 2016 05:18:35 AM

Very interesting to learn a couple of techniques in the interviewing process. Very happy with what I learned

27 July 2016 06:26:06 AM

Very helpful.

27 July 2016 01:56:05 AM

This was a great review for the recruitment process!

23 July 2016 03:05:27 AM

More great info!

22 July 2016 11:07:45 AM

Good Information

20 July 2016 02:55:17 PM

This is a very important course and applies in various types of work environments. It applies to employees and employers at various levels as well. I never filed a compliant before because I felt afraid and aired on the side of caution. But looking back, I should have. I felt that I wasn't aware about my rights. However, after this course and taking Social Work courses I am more aware on how to handle issues and complaints from the all side, as well as wanting to inform others and make them more aware.

This is a course to continually reflect and look back on.

19 July 2016 05:36:30 AM

Easy informative

16 July 2016 06:59:27 AM

very informational

15 July 2016 09:24:27 AM


15 July 2016 05:14:25 AM

Very helpful course.

14 July 2016 06:11:39 AM

Course was informative

13 July 2016 12:27:46 PM

This course provided a good overview of the hiring process of new employees.

13 July 2016 04:59:20 AM

great information

13 July 2016 03:07:16 AM

This helped me in learning with to deal with the different generations and their gap.

13 July 2016 02:12:07 AM

I found the course to be straight forward and plan to use the information in future presentations.

12 July 2016 05:04:54 AM

I found this course to be very valuable and informative.

8 July 2016 10:12:08 AM

Very informative

8 July 2016 09:00:55 AM

good informative course but the timeout logs you out and don't allow you to log back in from where you left off

6 July 2016 04:59:31 AM

Lots of good info

5 July 2016 12:27:18 PM


3 July 2016 03:25:04 AM

Excellent overview of Recruitment, Onboarding and Retention in this module. I learned some things I can tweek in my current position onboarding new hires. That is what I do in my position at a non profit educational organization.

1 July 2016 03:59:28 AM

Nicely summarized topic points.

29 June 2016 11:25:47 AM

This was a great section, it really made me understand a few things better and also how we all differ.

29 June 2016 11:05:41 AM

The overview was very informative. There were things I knew and many I didn't know.

20 June 2016 02:21:34 PM

Good module - very useful in the workplace.

20 June 2016 05:06:46 AM

Good course, helpful and good tips and advice to help with training.

13 June 2016 01:50:33 PM

All Good

10 June 2016 02:47:36 AM

Good course.

4 June 2016 04:16:56 PM

Well written and easily understood.

2 June 2016 01:26:52 AM

A lot of great info in this course!

28 May 2016 01:54:06 PM


28 May 2016 09:46:25 AM

This was a very enjoyable module

27 May 2016 08:54:17 PM


26 May 2016 11:51:05 AM

Great info

25 May 2016 03:36:41 PM


19 May 2016 08:38:09 PM

I loved this topic because i am really interested in employee recruitment

19 May 2016 01:21:38 PM

good module

18 May 2016 09:39:01 PM

this course is very interesting and informative

17 May 2016 10:10:17 AM


11 May 2016 12:28:30 PM

Awesome course!

8 May 2016 02:11:30 AM

I was impressed by the course. I learned a great deal on background, the law, definitions and procedures to follow as an employee and manager.

24 April 2016 04:35:46 AM

Great course! A LOT of information!

23 April 2016 05:42:38 AM

Interesting information.

13 April 2016 03:42:21 PM

Does not take a long time. And you actually learn a lot, not just something.

6 April 2016 02:43:12 AM

Course was descriptive and clear with knowledge

6 April 2016 01:51:26 AM

To attract qualified workers, progressive employers are rejecting the usual means of reactive recruitment methods, such as agencies and ads, as well as sources that could result in charges of systemic discrimination. Instead, they are implementing proactive, creative recruitment techniques such as job banks and mobile recruiting. The focus extends beyond hiring to creating a retention environment that will keep employees satisfied and less inclind to resign. This could include encouraging employees to develop individual approach to achieving a business plan and redefining, as well as enhancing jobs to make them more rewarding.

Applicants are demanding more, competition for good workers is fierce and employees are seeking greater incentives to stay. It is difficult to know just how to attract and recruit the best workers. In addition to what factors are required for a successful retention environment.

25 March 2016 01:16:06 AM

The course was very efficient and gave a nice overview into Human Resource Management.

24 March 2016 04:17:50 PM


23 March 2016 04:18:49 PM

Wow, I got a lot of insights into working with Millenials that will be very valuable. Ways to to really engage them and their strengths as well as improve on their weaknesses. This was great!

18 March 2016 03:04:22 AM

Great resource.

18 March 2016 01:42:08 AM

Interesting refresher

14 March 2016 11:32:46 PM

Really interesting and very helpful.

11 March 2016 12:07:23 PM

Very Good

11 March 2016 03:11:29 AM

I found the course very informative and helpful.

2 March 2016 08:34:34 AM


28 February 2016 04:40:31 AM

I'm very happy with this course. I have learned so many things.

26 February 2016 03:45:40 AM


21 February 2016 07:38:26 AM

The course gave me many new tools to aid in not only in the hiring process but in retention aspects

19 February 2016 02:32:32 PM

I found this relatively thorough and learnt some new things.

19 February 2016 06:19:01 AM

I love this course!

17 February 2016 09:48:59 PM

The course was easy to use and understand.

16 February 2016 05:12:04 AM


16 February 2016 04:44:44 AM

This had good tips on how as a trainer things to look for and tips to use.

12 February 2016 06:52:23 PM

Good points raised

10 February 2016 07:44:54 AM


9 February 2016 06:44:10 AM

Very helpful.

6 February 2016 06:00:31 AM

Great Course!

29 January 2016 07:28:35 AM

Thank you so much for this opportunity to enhance my skills

29 January 2016 04:21:36 AM

Good basic hiring info for a beginner...

28 January 2016 01:29:48 AM

I had delivered a few presentations as a professional before taking this course, and I must admit it has had a tremendous effect on my training skills. I was a bit concerned about taking an online course but I did not feel the difference at all with attending a live course. This comes highly recommended, very impactful.

26 January 2016 12:14:51 AM

love this course

24 January 2016 04:21:13 PM


24 January 2016 02:17:23 PM

This segment made understanding the differences in generations not only easy but enlightening.

17 January 2016 02:04:13 PM

Simple but effective guide to understand people across generations

16 January 2016 08:05:56 PM

For me the course was like a fun journey and i feel that i finally know how i can share the knowledge i have with the world

11 January 2016 09:43:33 PM


30 December 2015 04:47:11 PM

this was extremely useful information. exactly what I needed.

25 December 2015 06:13:35 AM

The course was clear and concise

16 December 2015 02:10:31 AM

Great course. Easy to follow.

2 December 2015 01:52:15 PM


2 December 2015 08:30:12 AM

I liked taking a review after each module. I learned quite a bit.

30 November 2015 02:53:59 AM

excellent course

17 November 2015 02:40:32 PM

This course is useful for me. I will apply to my team to train them and create an environment of discussion and sharing people's point of views.

11 November 2015 02:08:36 PM

This course provided necessary information to assist HR professionals in understanding the importance of the on boarding process and the immediate value it brings to an organization.

22 October 2015 09:46:04 AM

great course

22 October 2015 05:49:15 AM

Found this to be very informative as well!

Thank you!

22 October 2015 02:16:38 AM

Fantastic Course Material! A great addition to being a Master Certified Coach Trainer!

20 October 2015 05:52:24 PM


6 October 2015 09:47:48 PM

great topic

12 September 2015 05:29:44 AM

good, thanks

10 September 2015 02:38:29 AM

Interesting read. It was eye opening learning about this topic.

8 September 2015 03:22:27 AM

Great information regarding recruitment.

3 September 2015 07:51:17 AM

Employee Recruitment was very informative. This section gave great examples of different types of interview questions and how achieve the best for your company.

2 September 2015 09:49:59 AM

Very helpful in understanding the process of recruitment.

31 August 2015 10:32:33 AM

I like the way the course follows. This reinforces and grows on the previous courses

31 August 2015 04:30:04 AM

This course on Employee recruitment is very well laid out and very informative. There are several pieces of this presentation that I will be implementing in my current role as HR Recruiter.

30 August 2015 11:51:33 AM

This course was definitely a tool that I can use in my job as a Human Resources Recruiter in recruiting more long term employees

29 August 2015 11:56:33 AM

Great module. I never knew there was so much that went into hiring the right person for the job and how important it is to do research in order to be able to hire.

29 August 2015 01:04:21 AM

I like this course and it gives me great ideas to organize and track the recruiting process.

26 August 2015 07:02:47 AM

Good recruitment overview, I wish I had this as a resource when I was doing some recruiting.

21 August 2015 01:25:33 PM

I really enjoyed this module. It is also helpful in obtaining work.

21 August 2015 10:07:25 AM

Positive module overview of HR

20 August 2015 08:25:29 AM

This course was informative.

20 August 2015 01:45:37 AM

I really enjoyed this course.

19 August 2015 04:30:24 AM

information given is very easy to understand and apply.

18 August 2015 04:11:03 PM

this was very useful

14 August 2015 12:59:54 AM

Great course on Employee recruitment!

9 August 2015 08:34:27 AM

This course was very informative, helpful and practical.

6 August 2015 01:55:45 AM

This was an excellent introduction to learning more about HR practices. It reiterated many key points that, while may seem like common sense to some, are still important to remember at all times.

5 August 2015 12:56:12 PM

Good content.

4 August 2015 01:51:34 AM

Provides great general insight on what the role of Human Resources entails. Needs to be more engaging, detailed, and provide more examples/cases/scenarios.

3 August 2015 01:51:20 AM


2 August 2015 04:23:29 AM

This course was a great overview of some of the practices dealt with in HR.

31 July 2015 09:06:36 AM


29 July 2015 08:23:47 AM


26 July 2015 04:35:29 AM

Enjoyed going through this course, gave that overall start to finish of the HR responsibilities.

24 July 2015 11:18:43 AM


23 July 2015 02:09:06 PM

It compresses a legal and history overview that helps understand the ideas

22 July 2015 02:55:00 AM

-great general overview of the human resources functions
-sometimes the information is geared more towards the managers as opposed to HR professional

17 July 2015 08:35:39 AM

GREAT Course!. A Refresher for certain topics for me. However I also learned tons of new things.

7 July 2015 08:51:51 PM

Interesting and good start to the course

6 July 2015 08:51:52 PM


2 July 2015 01:56:38 PM

The course was very easy to follow and understand.

21 June 2015 04:57:43 PM

Great Class

21 June 2015 04:56:12 PM

Great Class

19 June 2015 08:04:52 AM

Great Review Class

13 June 2015 10:28:39 AM

I found this course simple to follow

12 June 2015 03:22:59 PM

very informative

5 June 2015 03:12:55 PM

this course of material and training is very helpful in performing HR role

4 June 2015 06:11:35 PM

Short and to the point - though questions do not reflect modules very well

25 May 2015 10:24:11 PM

This course has been really helpful in overhauling our onboarding processes.

5 May 2015 03:15:39 PM

Course was great.

27 March 2015 08:56:03 PM

I learned a lot from this online and hoping this will help me in my future.

27 March 2015 08:37:07 AM

This course was informative and helped fill in some gaps that I was missing. I've noticed with many companies, exercise programs and group activities is on the rise. I am glad this was outlined in the course as it is extremely important for helping with loss of hours,production and time management. The points also of not allowing a terminated employee drive home on there own, is something I failed to think about, now I see it's importance for safety as well as respect.

12 March 2015 07:14:53 AM

I have found the course informative and it has been a good way to remind myself of processes that I need to keep on top of in my work place. I am interested in furthering my learning and knowledge. I have learnt some skills that I am going to put in place.

11 March 2015 11:29:41 AM

I found the information helpful

27 February 2015 07:53:49 AM

Easy to go along with.

24 February 2015 03:25:37 PM

a great help to learning about a subject that I had no previous knowledge

24 February 2015 09:32:15 AM

I have experience of generation conflict and poor communication - this course gave me an understanding of who the generations are and why they behave like they do.

12 February 2015 09:20:13 AM

I found it interesting

3 February 2015 07:43:24 PM

This course has been incredibly informative.

3 February 2015 05:52:13 PM

Human resource management is surely an important factor in the development and progress of any type of business, the course provided as well as asserted tools heavily needed when building a team or managing one.
knowing how to act upon problems and what to do in terms of timing emotions and legality is very helpful especially when building a corporate structure within my business.
I have to thank you for providing the preliminary tools needed to proceed with formulating a team and rendering it to a well-oiled machine capable of achieving results.

3 February 2015 04:16:36 PM

I really liked and learnt a lot from all the modules in this course, will definitely refer back to notes in the future.

30 January 2015 05:19:08 AM

I found this course to be excellent in delivering meaningful insight into the world of human resources. I am currently working in a recruitment agency and I like to keep up with the environment I am involved in therefore this course has given me skills and knowledge to put to good use in my workplace. I would highly recommend it.

25 January 2015 07:39:30 PM

enjoyed the break down of the gaps in ages

25 January 2015 07:25:53 AM

Before taking this course, I wanted to learn more about how human resources management functions. while taking the course i learned a lot more about human resources that i did not know about. I was able to gain knowledge and skills through this course.

13 January 2015 10:44:51 AM

This course was very easy to navigate and had relevant content. Thanks.

18 December 2014 01:49:22 PM

Course was interesting - will provide some insight into my own development and interactions with other generations in the workplace.

21 November 2014 03:25:54 AM

The course states the importance that managers to understand how much of their role is really about their people, as well as aspects of legislation, policy, and procedures that involve human resourcing issues.

The course develops and treat the topics of the human resources definition, tips to recruit and interview potential employees, manner upon the subordinates, health and safety at work, feedback, discipline treatment, termination advise, and tips to idetify further development within the company and employees.

10 November 2014 06:42:41 PM

This was one of my favorite course.

20 October 2014 02:44:17 PM

Another interesting factual course.

14 October 2014 01:01:31 AM

A great tool for Line Management to understand their HR role & responsibility.

13 October 2014 12:43:19 PM

Thoroughly enjoyed doing this course, was well worth doing. No long essays to write. Every module in this course was straight to the point and very easy to understand.

11 October 2014 05:40:39 PM

Short course with good basics

1 October 2014 11:58:53 AM

Thank you this course has really helped put some of the misunderstandings of discrimination into context.

28 September 2014 12:25:56 PM

Thank you - the content was easy to undersatnd and was laid out in an easy format.

27 September 2014 10:50:55 AM

Very pleased with this course, and the knowledge it has provided.

19 September 2014 11:10:44 AM

Great insight into HR. Certainly gives a lot to think about and improve on!

11 September 2014 09:56:05 PM

The course was short, precise, informative and very well structured

9 September 2014 01:33:07 PM

I really enjoyed the course, thanks!

5 September 2014 10:44:22 PM

Thank you! Very informative I've learnt a lot and learnt some new tactics.

5 September 2014 06:13:01 PM

I've learnt alot, thanks!!

31 August 2014 01:49:09 PM

This course is really easy to understand and I will recommend this course to other people.

27 August 2014 01:50:44 PM

I found it to be very informative and have certainly learnt quite a few new things from it.

19 August 2014 01:30:30 PM

My best manager used the Authoritative style with a touch of Coaching.

He was firm but fair. He had strong leadership qualities. He was transparent and clear with instructions and expectations. He expected all the staff to be on-board with the company's vision and to work to strive for individual success. Individual sales targets were challenging but with effort, achievable. People who achieved their sales targets were rewarded. People who over achieved were very well rewarded. He held four conferences a year to educate staff with new research and marketing material plus to team build and to publicly reward and show appreciation to top performers. The majority of the sales team were quite successful under his management. Those who didn't like his style left, however, he only wanted top achievers who were prepared to go the extra mile and were hungry for the sale working in his team.

12 August 2014 10:17:31 AM

Well structured course, clear and quite informative. Enjoyed going through the modules.
Thank you.

10 August 2014 10:35:58 AM

I have been a production manager for the past 18 years, I have found the information in this course material overall confirms my own approach to employee interaction, however I have noted a number of points that I had been unaware of, for example, not allowing an employee to drive themselves home after a dismissal or final warning.

7 August 2014 04:12:41 PM

This course provides a useful overview of Human Resources Management.

5 August 2014 12:01:25 PM

I found this very easy to understand

2 August 2014 11:00:14 AM

Overview of this course I found to be very informative and motivating encouraged by the contents information as detailed and clear instructions, easy to follow guides that made you think laterally and logically.
Course objectives each topic being a good mind opening topic.
Useful for my future presentations and role that I may wish to apply for giving and allowing more options for potential growth within a reputable company.

31 July 2014 05:24:45 PM

Great. Quick simple tips to get you headed in the right direction

29 July 2014 06:55:03 AM

A great course which challenged my bias' and stereotypes. Some useful information on introducing and working with diversity within the workplace. Great information on dealing with discrimination.

26 July 2014 10:59:10 AM

I found the course easy to understand .It has been most valuable in helping me in my work.

20 July 2014 08:24:39 PM

A good leaders in my eyes is one that encourages their employee to take opportunities and feel safe and supported while doing so. The ability to make mistakes and learn is an important part of growth.

Another area of great leadership is positivity, when the environment is fun and there is a spirit of team work you can achieve great things. Work-life balance is important for a manager, if they can support staff to feel that their family support and outside work activities help create the person they are at work then the workplace is healthier.

And finally I think being able to be fair and just in your dealings and have courageous conversations when required.

16 July 2014 11:39:02 AM

Human resource management (HRM) is the governance of an organization’s employees. HRM is sometimes referred to simply as human resources (HR).

A company’s human resources department is responsible for creating, implementing and/or overseeing policies governing employee behaviour and the behaviour of the company toward its employees.

Human resources are the people who work for the organization; human resource management is really employee management with an emphasis on those employees as assets of the business. In this context, employees are sometimes referred to as human capital. As with other business assets, the goal is to make effective use of employees, reducing risk and maximizing return on investment (ROI).

30 June 2014 11:45:42 AM

I enjoyed this unit as it is relevant to my occupation as a teacher where I have to train other teachers and update their skills and knowledge as educational pedagogy changes. Thanks so much. Very easy to do at home online.

23 June 2014 02:09:21 PM

This was a great online course and got straight to the point. As a current trainer with no experience, this was a great tool to keep me on track and organised.

6 June 2014 04:26:12 PM

Great Short Course that is easy to understand & gives valuable insight into why training is important

24 May 2014 05:48:43 PM

Great information here, love the break down. Easy to understand and comprehend. Loved it. Thanks so much


20 May 2014 04:16:34 PM

course so far is great, straight forwald and easy to understand.

19 May 2014 07:07:01 AM

I love doing this course, lots of good tips.

19 May 2014 06:11:09 AM

I really enjoyed this course and found the setup tools really helpful. Thanks

15 May 2014 10:16:36 PM

The content of this course was very concise and highly relevant; in particular, that of the facilitator's processes and also group stage theory.

2 May 2014 09:28:49 AM

Enjoyed the course and how I could study at self paced.

30 April 2014 10:57:11 AM

Very good course with information that is very useful.

29 April 2014 09:46:34 AM

Basic overview of HR functions such as recruitment, health and safety, feedback and discipline. Good course to reflect on already acquired skills as well as refresh on techniques.

24 April 2014 06:38:54 PM

Very informative course. Helped to update awareness.

20 April 2014 07:42:37 PM

quite knowlegable online course

10 April 2014 01:19:51 PM


9 April 2014 02:44:17 PM

I have been a People Manager on and off many years. The Human Resource portion of the job is never an easy one, yet it is the part that is so vital to your business and also to you as a manager. This course has assisted me in refreshing this vital information in a simple to understand format. I am sure that I will refer to the details in this course module many times over the years to come as I embark on becoming a better People Manager.

28 March 2014 12:34:26 PM

Nice and clear. To the Point.

17 March 2014 02:30:28 PM

very enjoyable

28 January 2014 11:14:25 PM

This was another informative giving further insight into duties of a trainer in every field of work.

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