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Hello and congratulations on choosing to study with Courses For Success!

The skills and knowledge contained in our courses will help you develop your personal and professional skills, improve your self-confidence and prepare you for future career opportunities.

This student user guide has been designed to introduce you to the Courses For Success student user system

Welcome to your classroom

The first step is to login to your classroom, the login information will be located in your "Welcome Aboard!" email, if you have any issues retrieving it please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Quick Links for Your Classroom


Login Troubleshooting Guide


Whether you only have access to one course or are a course library member, the gateway to your training material is the course login page, when you will arrive you will be greeted with the following screen:

On this screen enter your email address (which you used in the sign up or purschase process) followed by the password provided to you in your welcome email.

Forgot your password or lost your welcome email? simply use the "forgot password" link and enter your details and the system will send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

The Your Classroom View

Once you have logged in, you will arrive at your classroom, your classroom is the central point that you access any training material located in your account including your course (if you've only signed up to one course) and career resources if you're a member of the Career Builder Library.

Lets explore the interface in more detail..


At the top right you will see the name you signed up with or email address this is where you manage your account, here you can click the arrow to reveal a drop down menu allowing you to change your password, or log out after you've completed a study session.

Below you will see a search box, and a drop down enabling you to configure how many courses you would like displayed on each page, this search box allows you to easily find any courses in either the career builder library or in your bundle by name.

Library member? try a search for Personal Success! this course will give you a great headstart on your career journey and will introduce you to some great personal and professional development concepts.

Please note, if you are having trouble finding a particular course please view the Completed tab, sometimes you might skip through chapters or want to reattempt a course at a later date and it may have been moved here however you can reattempt it at anytime.

The My Group section on the left will list any and all groups in your account, if you have two course bundles (for example a microsoft bundle and a photography bundle) you can use these groups to filter your course view to only display the courses in that group.

Each course has a few bits of information including the Course title, type (all items are listed as course) action (where you elect to start or resume a course) date (the date the course was updated in the system) and group (the group that course belongs to)

If you've already started a course it will also show you the % of the course you have completed underneath the resume button.

Accessing a course

All you need to do to get started now is find the course you would like to start first, then click the "Start" button, this will load your course in a new window ready for training to begin.

Lets take a look at the insides of a course and what's involved.

Course Welcome Screen

When you first start a course you will be greeted with the welcome screen, this will give you some information on how to get the most out of your course and provide a bit of information on Courses For Success, to move forward simply hit the Start button to begin.

Getting Started

Once you hit the start button you will arrive at the getting started page of your course, this section will give you a run down of the objectives and introduce you to your course, lets use this page to explain how a course is studied.

At the top right you will see your name and a button to log out of your course in addition to previous and next buttons, these arrows allow you to move through each page and chapter of your course.

The menu on the left shows you the total progress you have made on the course in addition to the title of each section or module, you can click on any section here to jump to it, once you have opened a section a link will appear to the module review questions for that section, these optional questions allow you to test your understanding of that module and can be skipped if you would prefer to focus on the final assessment.

The Assessment and Certificate section of your course is the final test of your course knowledge, included in this section is a course feedback form that allows you to leave a review of your experience with that particular course, we read and take on board all feedback submitted through this area, we've made a lot of great updates based on customer feedback and look forward to hearing your experiences.

Career Resources

If you're a Career Builder Library member, in your account you will find the Career Resource Center, this section functions the same as a course however is used to organize your career resources into an easy to use system that you will be familiar with from studying your training courses.

Please note, the Career Resources listed below are part of The Career Builder Library Annual Membership, if you would like to download these files you will need to be a yearly member, to find out more visit out Career Builder page.

Career Resource Centre

The Career Builder - Career Resource Centre is where we have organized the career resource components of The Career Builder Library, this includes the Career Planner, resume and cover letter templates and top picks from the CFS Careers Blog.  Let's explore the three sections of the Career Resource Centre.

1. Career Planner

Section one is the Career Planner, here you can download your workbook and the supplementary worksheets.  Each of these documents features two versions, one including lines to be printed off and hand written and one without lines that you can simply open in word and work on straight from your PC.

2. Resume and Cover Letter Templates

This section includes a range of resume and cover letter templates that you are free to use as a foundation in your job applications, each template includes handy tips and tricks on what to include in your resume and features several different coloured designs.
Feel free to edit these templates to your hearts content, change the images, colours or more! We'll be adding new resume and cover letter templates every month, and if you have any suggestions or requests feel free to email us at email/feedback)( and we'll see what we can do for you!

3. Career Tips and Information

Finally, the career tips section is all about giving you inspiration and fresh ideas and includes a great collection of career resources, tips and information including top picks from our blog and more written by industry experts.  These are organised into PDF files for you to download or print whenever you're looking for the next great idea.  There will be new Top Picks every month including exclusive careers articles and more so check back whenever you're looking for something new!


I’ve finished a course, and I'd like to go back and try it again

If at any point you would like to retake a course you have already studied, simply click on the “completed tab” at the top right hand corner of the screen to access your completed courses list!

I’ve lost my login information, how can I get it again?

Please send an email to our student support team at:


I’m having issues playing videos in my courses on my apple device

Please refer to your courses troubleshooting guide or contact student support if problems persist.

I'm unsure which courses are included in my package or library

Please use the navigation buttons at the top of this page and locate the product you have purchased and view it's "Units of Study" tab on the product page to learn more about what courses or modules are available.


Good luck with your studies, if you have any issues don’t hesitate to contact our student support team at email/info)(

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