Here's just a sample of past student experiences

Once a student completes an assessment on any of the courses in The Career Builder Course Library they are prompted to provide some short feedback on their experience, here's a range of student testimonials on their learning experience.


"This online short course is very helpful in reference to new hires. It has given me ideas and opened up my mind to new possibilities."

Alexandria Berry



"I enjoyed this course. It taught me a lot that I could apply to my everyday work life."

Dorothy Creighton



"I am an older manager and have ran into several of the examples you explained over the years with younger employees. Reading this has helped me realize where I may have gone wrong. I will be changing the way I handle all my employees. Thank you,"

Debra Goodlander



"This was an excellent introduction to dealing with the millennial generation."

Keith Staples



"great course easy to read and follow thank you"

Samantha Blatch



"This module was very informative and easy to follow. I learned a lot about onboarding and millennials."

Tosha Hunt



"Very informative course!"

Stacey Parks



"Easy to understand ."

Priya Hegde



"I learned a lot studying these bundles. Amazing material!"

Dadia Salomao Ellis




June Yik



"This was a very informative course."

Omari Pinkney



"I liked the class very much."

Antoinette Louise Fossett



"So far, so good"

Michelle Dillard



"Great course"

Lawanzer E. Jeter



"Very informative and helpful information on how to engage milleniums."

Naomi Thomas



"I felt this course gave me an insight to Millennials and not just through onboarding but, how I can apply this to my current supervisory position with regular feedback and mentoring."

Shandra Rivera



"This was a helpful course. Provided a good review in knowing which steps to take to start a new business."

Debra L Lock



"This course was helpful."

Elizabeth Romero



"I enjoyed this course. It opened my eyes to hiring and retaining millennials."

Judi Paonessa



"It was nice to read an analysis if millennials in the workplace that wasn't dismissive or pessimistic about their abilities."

Joseph Liner



"Good course so far not boring"

Angelica Guzman



"I enjoyed the course and it was enlightening regarding the newest generation entering the workforce and the best possible ways to help them achieve their best and how to become a very intricate part of the organization"

Rebecca Johnson



"In this section we learned the importance of the onboarding process and how to work with the millennia's generation. How to manage and treat them in a more effective way."

Nelida Soto



"Millennial onboarding course was great and helped me to gain knowledge about HR role in hiring employee and steps involved in onboarding process."

Ramalakshmi Vennimalai



"For a short course, it provided substantial information. I enjoyed it."

Renalia Kalicharan



"I learned new information, that I can now use with my daily operation."

Carolyn Skinner



"I learned a lot about myself as a millennial and the way I prefer to work"

Tenise N. Hordge



"Learned a lot and was very informative"

tiffany thompson



"Recently I purchased a Human Resource- Course Bundle including 14 Courses and plus I was given 1 Course free. 
I am going to realise that (after completing 13 Courses already) how much time I can save studying online. 
Is becoming a bit "addictive” but in a good way. I love it and every free time I am on to doing my exams or explore what other Courses is available out there to enrol later."

Vesna Kitanovska



"Good exercise."

Yuderka Arias



"This is my first course and I can say it's really complete and usefull. 
I sent an e-mail with some issues I had but besides that, everything was great."

Luciana Godoy Fernández



"Enjoyed Short Course, learned a lot."

Malika King



"Very informative"

Jennifer Thom



"Good Course"

Laura Harolde



"Thank you"

Genevieve murga



"I loved this course!! It's very informative and straight to the point. I appreciate the opportunity to be able to train for high demand jobs at a cost effective price. Thank you!!! God Bless."

Alicia L. Truesdale



"Great presentation and information. Focuses and informative."

Caroline Bowles



"Easy to follow"

karisma Sakhrani



"The online boarding course will provide me with the tools to successfully carryout the essential tasks of talent management effectively in the future."

Carmen Batista



"Great Information."

Annette Edwards Johnson



"Very informative"

Svetlana A Bryant



"Great information and very helpful"

Alejandro Ignacio Bocaz



"It was interesting"

Patrick Sullivan



"The questions were well written and I liked how they hit all of the major points in each section."

Alexandria Kroeker



"I think this section was very helpful."

Sharifa M. Askew



"Interesting and not too long. Provided some valuable insight into the Gen Y workforce."

Rhonda Harriet Ratcliffe



"I found the course to be very informative and easy to understand."

Cherry Kovacovich



"This was such an informative course."

Zachary Clemente



"It was very helpful and a great way of learning."

Jenna Doecke



"I enjoyed the course very much!! It was clear, concise, and easy to follow and understand."

Gina Graham



"The course was informative and conveyed information in a clear format."

Alyson Runnels



"I enjoyed the course and it's information. It was filled with practical insights and methods. Understanding of the work habits and methods of engagement for Millennials is important today. I felt the course provided a usable framework for understanding onboarding and it's importance to business and human resources."

David Nelson



"Well described chapter."

Kaustubh Ganguly



"Easy to understanding courses. Great work!"

MK Chan



"The course gave insightful and useful advice."

Manuel D'Orso



"Good information"

Cat Matthews



"This was a very informative course."

Kimberly Brown



"Great course!"

Lyndsay Vallone



"Great course."

Christina Calvin



"This was a helpful course"

Andrew J Stromberg



"thanks, This module was very interesting."

Sylvie Marcottes



"Great tips, straight forward and eay to follow"

Nadine Cepeda



"Very easy to use"

Alice Rose



"Interesting and educational"

Marianne Gonzalez



"An excellent beginners guide to webinars."

Jo O'Brien



"Thank you for the information!!"

Justina Dannecer James



"This course was brilliant, it gave me some very useful tools and good foundations to get me started and focused on something I have been scared of doing for a while. It was very easy to understand, and easy to motivate myself to understand the content. I took some good notes, and am now motivated to start another course to gain further skills in this venture. Everyone should do short courses like this, as they teach you a lot, and greatly contribute to personal growth. I feel like I've accomplished something! Cheers"

Amy Dewhurst



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