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What Is Shamanic Healing And How Does It Work?

What Is Shamanic Healing And How Does It Work?

Many of us have experienced astral projection at some point in our lives. Every night, when we go to sleep, we enter another realm. However, a shamanic practitioner knows how to control this journey. They go into the other worlds to heal others. 

Although often tarnished with the dismissive brush of "magic," shamanic healing is far more ancient than that. 

Shamanic practice is a healing ritual that transcends beliefs systems and religious practices. Shamanic healing has roots in indigenous cultures, from Peruvian Amazon tribes to the Australian Aboriginals and traditional Chinese medicine.

Today, a shamanic practitioner works with other holistic practices to heal someone. Shamanic healing is growing in popularity as people look for alternative medicine. Shamanic healing is particularly adept at fixing mental states, like depression or anxiety.

If you want to be a shamanic healer, plenty of training courses will guide you through the steps. We'll share the answers to "what is shamanic healing?" and how you can embark on your spiritual healing journey.

What is shamanic healing?

The shamanic healing belief system follows that a person's physical body and mind heal through energy healing.

While historian and philosopher Mircea Eliade dictated how the world considered shamanism for years, inspiring a newfound appreciation for shamanic healing, our modern-day understanding is far more rooted in traditional practices. 

Shamanic practitioners can heal by encouraging lost souls to return to the body, and shamans intentionally leave the body to embark on a journey.

There are three types of shaman planes to journey to during healing sessions: the lower worlds, middle words, and upper worlds. 

The lower world is where ideas, thoughts live and this is deeply connected nature — like our unconscious. The middle world is a many-layered plane much like Earth. Full of forms and energies, it is where a shamanic healer finds what affects a sufferer. 

The upper world is where our spirit guide resides. This spirit realm holds more philosophical answers for more profound illnesses and issues. 

To begin shamanic healing, the shaman must go into a trance-like state. Often music or rhythmic drums are played to induce a relaxed feeling. In this altered state of consciousness, the shaman directs spirits into the physical world to heal others. 

To learn how to take part in shamanic healing, take an online training course. Shamanism is a very intricate practice, so it is essential to ensure you understand the correct techniques. 

How do shamans heal?

For shamanic healing to occur, you need to be in a calming environment where you trust the practitioner and feel comfortable. Both music and words help to create a calm environment. 

Shamanic practitioners heal by working with helping spirits from the spiritual world. Shamans claim they summon these spirits to the physical world to repair a soul. 

If someone has experienced soul loss or damage after a traumatic experience, the shaman will try soul retrievals by talking to a spirit animal.

From a shamanic perspective, the shamans are simply mediators between the physical and spiritual realms.

The shaman will have to enter an altered state of consciousness to contact the spirits. The more experienced the shaman is, the easier it will be. Spiritual practices might use words to invoke power. 

The shaman might ask their power animals or animating spirit to heal by pulling power from the patient's oversoul. They might also cleanse negative energies from the soul.

Shamanic healing is especially beneficial for those who have recently suffered a traumatic experience. A patient may have damaged their spiritual force field, making them vulnerable to bad luck and illness.

Shamans may be described as a 'healing touch' to help people with physical, mental, and spiritual injuries. 

Shamanic practitioners might also take part in shamanic craniosacral therapy. Craniosacral therapy blends the traditional healing processes with the movement of the fluids around the skull to eliminate pain and boost immunity. 

Shamanic healing also involves shamanic breathwork, and this is the process of controlling your breathing in a meditative fashion. Staying constantly aware of breathing patterns optimizes everyday health.

Is shamanic healing safe?

Shamanic healing ceremonies are rituals of health and wellbeing. Shamans believe that by entering spirit worlds, they are helping you heal in the physical world. 

If you want to learn the practice of shamanic healing, there are educational courses you can take. Lessons teach you about the body's energy systems and how to use your knowledge to begin shamanic journeying.

A certified shamanic healer will always respect your boundaries. Healing can be a delicate thing. As long as you trust your shaman, the healing process is beneficial. 

What to expect after shamanic healing?

Everyone's shamanic healing session is unique. We all approach shamans and shamanism with different attitudes, different mental states, and different issues. The healing journey is individual to each of us. 

Each experience may differ. Some of us might visualize our healing; others might have a gut instinct or feel a therapeutic touch.

Furthermore, every shaman is different, and they each follow their inner guide, and as such, all shamanic journeys are different. To prepare for shamanic healing, you need to relax, practice letting go of yourself, and allow spiritual healers to help.

Afterward, you are likely to feel whole and complete. The shamanic culture and facing a non-ordinary reality will bring you closer to the spirit world. Practicing shamanism can benefit your body and mind. 

You are likely to feel more optimistic, energetic, and empowered. Shamanic healing works to rid your body and soul of all the negative energies polluting it. Afterward, you might feel lighter and more positive as a result. 

If you have a physical ailment, shamanic healing sends you into such a deep state of relaxation that your body starts to heal itself. You will feel better able to cope with pain and discomfort in the days after.

You might feel immediately empowered, or these feelings could come on more subtly over time. 

Does shamanic healing really work?

Shamanistic healing differs for everyone. Depending on what you want help with, your shaman healer will approach the session with different healing methods.

While people are skeptical about its usefulness, shamanic practices have been around for thousands of years. Shamanic healing has benefited many people from the spiritual guidance of shamanism and predates science and religion.

Many people report a deeper state of relaxation during their shamanic healing journey. After the healing practices, this relaxation translates into spiritual growth. 

Shamanistic healing is used in both psychology and religion to help you get a deeper connection to the soul. You will find shamanism effective in healing physical and mental ailments. 

As an alternative medicine, or even used in combination with scientific practices, shamanic healing will improve the energy flow in your body as this increases your physical ability to heal yourself. 

How do you become a shamanic healer? 

If you have a therapeutic touch and want to broaden your access to the spiritual world, then become a shamanic healer. There are many ways to learn more about shamanic healing practices. 

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies details shamanism research and contemporary techniques. Or, you can start your shamanic studies with an online course. 

At Courses for Success, we offer a Shamanic Healing and Energy Healing Online Course. This course covers shamanic tradition, harnessing your personal power, accessing spiritual dimensions, and beginning the healing process. 

The course takes 150 hours to complete. You will gain an in-depth knowledge of energetic systems in the body and how to use the mind, body, and soul to practice healing. You will also learn about the seven chakras in the body and why energy might get stuck. 

Online training will make you a proficient and successful shamanic healer, ready to go forth and start helping others. You might even want to set up your own shamanic healing business.

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