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What Does A Naturopath Do?

What Does A Naturopath Do?

People need health professionals for all sorts of different ailments, from digestive issues to emotional problems. But the world is made up of so many different types of people. So, it stands to reason that some would recover better with alternative approaches to medical care. 

Conventional medicine doesn’t suit everybody. Some people respond better to oriental medicine, which incorporates the healing powers of nature and the body’s ability to heal itself. They may, for example, prefer to rely on natural remedies rather than minor surgeries that carry inherent risks. 

Naturopathy is a traditional approach to healthcare that focuses on natural approaches to healing. If you’re considering a career in naturopathy and find yourself asking, “what does a naturopath do?” then this career guide has everything you need to know.

What is a naturopathic doctor?


Naturopathic doctors are primary care physicians who combine practices from traditional Chinese medicine with more modern treatments. Unlike traditional naturopaths, naturopathic doctors practice a holistic approach to medicine. The following medical organizations recognize naturopathic doctors: 

They take into account lifestyle, stress levels, and bad habits when making their diagnoses. Then, they use herbal remedies, Ayurvedic medicine, nutrition, and more to treat both physical and mental health issues. In doing so, they help patients to discover the natural healing abilities of their mind, body and spirit. 

Naturopathy is a form of integrative medicine that has the power to bring patients back to optimal health. In that sense, it is also a holistic health practice without invasive treatments like minor surgery. However, it is not the same as holistic medicine, which is its own discipline. 

What is the difference between a naturopathic and holistic doctor? 

It’s important to ask “what is a holistic doctor?” to differentiate between that and a naturopath. You see, while both can be considered integrative health practices, their approach to medicine, health and wellbeing is slightly different. 

A holistic healthcare practitioner has to have a medical degree to practice holistic medicine. However, the principles of holistic medicine lie in the idea that the body works as a group of interconnected systems. 

Holistic doctors will treat symptoms using conventional methods but turn to complementary therapy to help locate underlying causes. While naturopathy can be considered holistic healing, it is not the same as holistic medicine. 

How much money does a naturopathic doctor make? 

Natural healing can be as lucrative as it is fulfilling. In the United States, naturopathic doctors who have a license to practice earn an average of $73,960 a year. Even the bottom 20% of earners earn upwards of $40,000 annually.  

How does a naturopathic doctor diagnose illness?

A naturopathic doctor's diagnosis or treatment will depend on a person's condition. For example, to narrow down a person's symptoms, they may conduct hair analysis, stool and urine analysis, and lab work. 

As with conventional medics, naturopathic doctors log patient's medical records. They will then provide a holistic treatment plan that incorporates nutritional changes, massage therapy, and medicines made from herbs. 

What does a naturopathic doctor treat? 

A naturopathic doctor can treat a wide range of health conditions, including acute and chronic health issues. With a combination of herbal medicine, expert advice, and physical treatments, they can assist patients suffering from the following: 

  • Adrenal fatigue. 

  • Depression and anxiety. 

  • Headaches. 

  • Heart disease. 

  • Hypertension. 

  • Hypothyroidism. 

  • Leaky gut. 

  • Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). 

  • Skin conditions. 

  • Obesity. 

This list is by no means exhaustive. Instead, it offers helpful insight into the broad array of ailments naturopaths are licensed to treat. Below are some examples of treatment options for a select few. 

How does a naturopathic doctor treat hypothyroidism? 

The conventional treatment plan for hypothyroidism involves taking daily medication to address the body’s hormonal imbalance. However, naturopaths rarely resort to drugs as a first port of call. 

Instead, after diagnosing the condition through saliva and blood and body heat tests, they will proceed with a program centred on traditional medicine. 

Naturopathic treatment for hypothyroidism will tend to include botanical medicines. In addition, patients might expect treatment with:

  • A combination of acupuncture or acupressure. 

  • Bio-puncture.

  • Hydrotherapy. 

What does a naturopath do for weight loss? 

For people looking for healthy weight loss options, naturopathy is an excellent choice. A licensed naturopath won’t just tell a patient to exercise more and eat better. 

They will first help the patient to understand the underlying causes of their obesity. Then, a naturopath will decide on a comprehensive, integrated health plan. This plan will likely include things like alternative medicine and integrated bio-dynamics (IBD). 

These remedies will help overweight people make progress, but they will also aid disease prevention. Patients won’t have to worry about developing high cholesterol or diabetes because they can’t lose weight. 

What does a naturopath do for depression? 

Naturopathic treatments are also applicable to mental health issues, including depression. While the conventional approach to treating depression is prescribing medication that alters brain chemistry, naturopaths consider the whole person. 

It’s not just about minimizing symptoms but finding out where they come from and dealing with them at the source. Common naturopathic remedies include supplements, dietary improvements, and lifestyle changes. 

Together, they can help people to locate sources of stress and get better at relaxation. They can also make a difference to individual symptoms of depression like fatigue and sleep problems. 

What training does a naturopathic doctor have? 


A naturopathic doctor is a medically trained professional who does not go to conventional medical school to treat illness. Instead, they must attend an accredited naturopathic medical school. They provide medical care using a combination of modern and traditional methods.

The training covers a lot of ground. As well as things like blood work and counselling, a naturopathic doctor or ND degree will include topics such as herbalism and nutritional medicine. They must also learn the Bowen technique and other physical therapies, acupuncture, homeopathic medicine, and more. 

How much schooling does a naturopathic doctor need? 

Licensed naturopathic doctors attend a dedicated naturopathic medical school for over four years. Naturopathic medical students learn the following:

  • The causes of disease and holistic care. 

  • Health science. 

  • Relevant areas of western medicine. 

Before committing to complete medical education, it’s worth looking into online naturopathic programs that will teach you the basics. Perfect for aspiring naturopaths and hobbyists alike, a good online course will give all learners a strong starting point. 

The Courses for Success Naturopath Online Bundle is a great option. The course covers the foundations of naturopathy, naturopathic nutrition, types of treatments, including homeopathic treatments. Sign up today and work through all three courses at your own pace and in your own time. 

Naturopathy online courses 

For anyone wondering what does a naturopath do, then look no further than Courses for Success. The Naturopath Online Bundle teaches a natural approach to health and wellness that stands attendees in good stead to go on and become naturopathic doctors. 

Equipping learners with therapeutic techniques and knowledge of alternative therapies, it’s ideal for people embarking on a new career path. It focuses on different types of holistic healing and opens your eyes to the power of a natural healing process. To further expand your new knowledge base, consider taking the Chinese Medicine and Kinesiology online courses

It’s time to stop waiting and start doing. By making a start with Courses for Success, you’ll set yourself up nicely for a hugely rewarding and well-paid future career as a naturopathic doctor. 

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