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How To Improve Spiritual Health?

How To Improve Spiritual Health?

It’s always been important to look after your spiritual health in order to foster a general sense of wellbeing and to promote both mental and physical health as a result. However, in the current landscape of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s easy to be left feeling isolated, stressed, and pessimistic about the future — all of which can have a damaging effect on spiritual health.

If your spiritual health has suffered a setback, read on to find out how you can promote inner wellbeing and improve your spiritual health and wellbeing.

What is spiritual health?

In many ways, spiritual health is centered around connection. Since the spirit is the root of your entire self, one of the main facets of spiritual health is fostering a deeper connection to your inner self - knowing your sense of purpose and values, as well as having an understanding of your growth and progress as a person.

Spiritual health also engages with our connection with others. In terms of how we treat them, and how we express ourselves to them. It also involves connection to higher powers such as your relationship with God, other deities, or with the spiritual elements of your chosen belief system.

How to improve spiritual health

Fostering these connections helps to promote spiritual growth. In turn, this helps to keep you physically and mentally healthy. Good spiritual health can promote mental wellbeing, fighting the emotional and physical effects of depression and anxiety, insomnia or difficulty sleeping and fatigue.

That said, if you are looking to improve your spiritual health, then here are some tips to get you thinking.


1. Take time for inner exploration

Since connecting with yourself is so important for spiritual health, it’s good to begin with finding a deeper understanding of your inner self. Take time to ask yourself important questions:

  • Who do you think you are?
  • Do your actions reflect this idea of yourself?
  • What are your values, and do you truly live by them?
  • What do you feel is your meaning and purpose in life?

Be honest in answering these questions to yourself, and embrace honesty further by reflecting on whether you stay true to this inner self. Exploring your spiritual core in this way helps you to be more mindful of your inner self going forward. And in turn this helps promote greater spiritual wellbeing by helping you to be true to yourself.

2. Put honesty into practice

Now that you’ve thought about who exactly your true self is, you should try and put this true self into practice. Be as honest to yourself as possible in everyday situations and act how your true self believes you should, not how other people or society as a whole might expect you to.

This can be as simple as not faking laughter at a joke you don’t find funny to avoid awkwardness, or could be a more profound action where you stick up for what you believe in during an argument or confrontation.

By refusing to deny your inner self due to social conventions, you allow your true self to flourish, helping you become more spiritually healthy as a result.

3. Express yourself

Finding other ways to express your authentic self and inner truth is also important for building your spiritual health. One way of doing this is by keeping a diary or journal.

By writing down your thoughts and feelings on a regular basis, you can express them more clearly.

This helps you to make sense of complex emotions following big events or difficult days, clearing your mind and allowing you to connect with your feelings more deeply.

Creative expression is also an important outlet for maintaining spiritual well being. Creativity comes from deep within yourself. Expressing yourself through physical creation allows a deeper connection with your inner self. And for that reason, a creative outlet can be anything you enjoy from music and writing, to cooking or performing.

4. Surround yourself with positivity

Thinking positively is an important step to spiritual well being, helping you to maintain a productive and positive outlook on life. Taking time to find positive influences in your life is therefore an important part of maintaining your spiritual health.

An important part of this is creating positive relationships with those around you such as your friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones. Spiritual well being is as much about your connection to others as it is to yourself, so keeping positive people around you can boost your spiritual health greatly.

It’s also important to find positivity in other ways. Instead of watching TV every night, try listening to a mindfulness podcast or reading an enlightening book before bed. If you have a tendency to finger scroll on social media, find positivity pages and spiritual influencers to follow so that the negativity in your social media feed is balanced out by positivity.

5. Engage in spiritual activities

Spiritual wellbeing is about active engagement, not just passive reflection. Finding activities that help you to reflect on your spirituality is thus a powerful way of enhancing your spiritual health.

The classic example is meditation. Taking time to meditate each day, clearing your thoughts, and reflecting on your own consciousness can deepen your connection to your inner self, helping to improve your spiritual wellness. Meditation can also offer an ideal time for prayer if you want to deepen your connection to God, other higher powers, or a particular belief system.

It doesn’t have to be a long meditation to be effective. Even 5-10 minutes at the start or end of your day can make a huge difference. If you’re new to meditating, you can try meditation apps or guided meditation videos to get started.

Another option is yoga, a more physical activity which deepens awareness of your physical self while promoting mental and physical wellbeing through exercise. Yoga has been shown to reduce anxiety, fight depression, boost your immune system, and lower blood pressure, among other benefits.

Yoga and meditation aren’t the only options for spiritual activities. There are many more spiritual practices and systems out there to take advantage of. Try looking for online courses or local classes that may offer new opportunities for improving spiritual health.

6. Spend time in nature

Spirituality is about external as well as internal connection, so taking time to connect with nature can be an excellent way to improve your overall spiritual health.

Find a quiet, relaxing spot in the woods, near a river, or somewhere else with a strong connection to nature. Take in the natural world around you, admire its beauty, and reflect on your place in the wider world. Not just among other people, but all the other life on the planet.

Connecting with nature in this way can give you a better sense of perspective on the world and how you fit into it. In turn, this gives you a greater sense of scale and helps you to understand deeper meanings behind life.


Why is improving spiritual health important?

Your spiritual life feeds into every other aspect of your life. Your mind, body and spirit are all intimately connected, so it’s important to allow yourself time to take care of your spiritual health as well as your mental and physical wellbeing.

Whether you’re looking for deeper meanings in life or simply want to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of good spiritual health, using the techniques in this guide is a strong first step towards spiritual well being.

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