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How To Become A Wedding Planner

How To Become A Wedding Planner

Do you love a good wedding party? Do you work well under pressure? Do you have phenomenal organizational skills? If you answered, “I do!” to any of these questions, you may find wedding planning an exciting and rewarding career choice. 

Professional wedding consultants or planners are hired by clients to help them plan and implement their ideal wedding day. Highly skilled wedding and event planners work to pull off these special events right down to the smallest detail. They help make dreams come true and help take the pressure off for one of the most important days for any couple. 

Why do an online wedding planner course?


You may be interested in learning how to tackle planning for your own wedding, or you may want to start your own wedding planner career and get your first clients. Whether it’s personal or professional interest, learning the characteristics of the wedding industry is important to ensure you have a solid foundation at the start of your journey. 

An online wedding planner course will give you comprehensive, accessible information that you can build upon as you progress in your career or learning pathway. You have the flexibility to complete modules in your own time and at your own pace. Even if your life gets busy, you will always be able to come back and pick up where you left off. 

Do I need to do an online course to become a wedding planner?

There are many ways to become a wedding planner. If you have a talent for organization and project management and have excellent communication skills, event management may come naturally to you. Perhaps you already plan events for your family and friends. These are great examples to add to your portfolio and use to boost your business’s social media following. 

Enrolling in an online wedding planner course will give you a training certification that you can use to get an internship or gain experience, create your own business, or attract your first clients. Completing a wedding planner course with Courses for Success will help get you on the right path and give you all the foundational knowledge you need to get started. 

The American Association of Certified Wedding Planners is a professional organization for trained or certified wedding planners. They offer training that can help you communicate with couples, provide networking opportunities with other event planning companies, offer resources for wedding planners, and recommend further education and career development. 

Similarly the Association of Bridal Consultants offers support in building your business in the wedding industry. They offer unique resources for wedding planners, including honeymoon and travel connections. 

What careers are available to me after I’ve done an online wedding planner course?

Wedding planning is just one area of the event management industry, and the skills you learn are widely applicable to event planning and project management. The role of a wedding planner is so wide that you’ll need to be a great multi-tasker as well as a great people person. Experience in hospitality, digital marketing, as a project manager, and in public relations are all useful, and your problem-solving skills will need to be faultless. 

You may get started with helping friends and family members coordinate weddings, social events, or other celebrations. Ask them for feedback and testimonials that you can use when promoting your services. Getting your first clients is a big step towards building a successful wedding planning company. 

The wedding industry in the United States is worth more than $50 billion. Many engaged couples spend years thinking about and planning for their big day, and weddings have evolved into huge celebrations that are the highlight of our yearly social calendars. Successful wedding planners are highly sought after and can often be booked years in advance. An accomplished and established wedding planner’s salary can be up to $120 000 per year. 

Many couples have turned from traditional religious ceremonies to events that reflect their personal style and design. Working within a niche can help you develop your list of clientele and establish working relationships with other niche wedding vendors and event managers. 

The Professional Wedding Planning Certificate Course


The Professional Wedding Planning Certificate Course from Courses for Success will give you the tools to make every wedding a memorable event. You can plan your own celebrations, start a rewarding career, or take your wedding planning business to new heights. Learn everything from wedding planning tips about floral design, to designing contracts for casual workers. 

This wedding planner certification is designed for wedding planning novices, a job seeker who loves weddings, or anyone who loves weddings and has an entrepreneurial mindset. You will learn everything you need to know about planning for a wedding with our comprehensive courses.

Regardless of whether you are getting married and investigating the planning process for your own wedding, or want to develop your professional skills and knowledge our Wedding Planner Online Course will be there to help you decide what is right for you.

What will you learn?

The Professional Wedding Planning Certificate Course covers 9 units of work that cover key aspects of wedding planning. It will discuss timings involved in organizing weddings and give you an inside look with interviews from leading suppliers in the wedding planning industry.

Over the 9 units, you’ll cover an overview of the wedding industry, including different wedding styles, the legal obligations of marriage, and how to balance timing and wedding budget. You’ll learn how to build a cohesive style, right from the initial wedding design concept to the number of wedding guests, to the final details, like organizing a personalized guestbook for the reception. 

You’ll also learn about how to balance responsibilities and expectations, both on the big day, and in the months, weeks, and days leading up to the big occasion. You’ll look at wedding traditions and how to organise a wedding reception. Determine how to balance timing and schedules and make an efficient run sheet so that everything runs according to plan on the day of the celebration. 

Develop your wedding planners toolbox and know what to look for when organizing wedding make-up, wedding cakes, food and beverage packages, church ministers, florists, wedding photographers, music and entertainment, and additional events, like hen’s and buck’s nights.  

In this comprehensive course, you’ll even learn how to create your own wedding emergency kit for those unexpected disasters. You’ll be able to use your new skills and knowledge to become a successful wedding professional and put together a flawless wedding event. 

How will you learn it?

As with all of the online certificate programs at Courses for Success, the Professional Wedding Planner Online Certificate Course is structured for easy comprehension. The course materials are available online 24/7 for you to access at your leisure and allow you study online anywhere, anytime. 

Once you complete the course, you’ll still have access to all of the course materials, so you can come back and review content or refresh your memory at any time. 

What will you get out of it?

Weddings are very special events and many engaged couples decide to hire wedding coordinators to help manage the huge amount of variables included. Couples need someone with an eye for design, an understanding of the big picture, and attention to detail. 

Certified wedding planners work across many different roles to manage the event and make all their planning come together. Your job description will be varied and creative, you’ll develop a wide range of working relationships with vendors and clients, and no day will ever be the same. 

Maybe you want to plan your own wedding but are unsure of how to tackle anything beyond your engagement rings and wedding dress. Completing a course like the professional wedding planners certificate will give you marketable skills that will give you the edge over other colleagues or businesses that coordinate weddings and events. It will also give you the tools necessary to do it yourself and plan your dream wedding at a professional level. 

Why Courses for Success? 

Courses for Success offers over 10,000 online courses, all of which aim to help you in your personal development and career progression. Not only that, but you can also study them anywhere and at any time, and take them at your own pace, too.

You don’t need career diplomas or specific experience to get started. With every course we offer created to be as accessible as possible, you can be sure that all of them, from our coding courses and trading courses to design courses and developer courses, will help to boost your prospects, no matter who you are.

Beyond just the education itself, students will be issued with a certificate online after successful completion of each of the learning courses they do. Our wedding planner courses are no exception. Our online wedding planner certificate courses are recognized by industry leaders. You could really make a name for yourself in the wedding and event management industry by signing up for a Courses for Success short course today.

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