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How Do I Start My Own Nail Business From Home?

How Do I Start My Own Nail Business From Home?

As many businesses worldwide are moving away from traditional workspaces, there has never been a better time to begin a work-from-home venture. Starting your own nail business in the professional beauty industry can be extremely rewarding, and nail care services have boomed over the last few years.

Starting your nail business at home has many benefits, including convenience, lower set-up costs, and the chance to build local and regular clientele. Being self employed can be challenging, so here are some key considerations for how to start your business.

What licensing requirements are required in order to set up a nail business from home?

Depending on your location, most nail technicians require some training or certification. This Nail Technician professional certificate course teaches you the necessary procedures for carrying out common nail services.

This course is completely online and will train you in the physiology of skin and nails, how to consult and communicate with your clients, and the methods for nail design, nail treatments, and applying and decorating acrylic nails and nail extensions.

You will need to have the proper licenses and permits to show you are both qualified and are legally allowed to provide this service. You may need to renew your certification periodically. Check with any regulatory bodies in your area for exact requirements.

How to establish your business legally?

You also need to check how to establish your business legally and the requirements for running a nail salon business from home. At the beginning, you may be doing everything yourself, in which case your business would be classified as a sole proprietorship.

A sole trader business license may have regulations for working from home, or specific health and safety requirements. As a nail salon owner, you will also probably need business insurance, particularly if you have clients visiting a salon in your home. Getting insured can protect both you and your business.

Property insurance can protect your home against damage, and public liability insurance will cover any accidents that occur during your procedures, or if a client experiences an allergic reaction. Employers liability insurance isn’t necessary unless you bring on additional employees.

Create a business plan

Setting up a business plan is critical. Creating a concise and well-thought-out business plan sets you up for success. You may even be required to provide one if you are applying for any loans to help set up your nail business.

Your business plan should clearly indicate what your business goals are and how and when you will achieve those goals. It will keep you focused on the goals for success and provide guidelines for your daily business operations.

Developing this plan will help you define many different aspects of your business and help you isolate which areas need more work.

Should I do market research for a nail salon business?

One of the first things you should consider doing is market research. As a nail technician, you may already have a good idea of the market, but more information on local businesses, clients, and locations will help you narrow down your focus. Here are some questions to think about:

  • Are there existing hair salons, beauty salons, or nail technicians nearby?
  • Who is your target market?
  • What industry standards are there?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What makes them successful salons?
  • What are the latest trends?

Answering all of these questions will help you fine tune your business ideas and understand your own unique selling point. This is a point of difference that sets you apart from existing businesses.

Perhaps you can operate within a niche, like gel nails or nail art, or eco-friendly products, or make your salon mobile for special events. A mobile nail salon is a great way to extend your geographic reach.


How to create a financial plan?

As you develop your business plan, you should also make sure you understand all your business accounting and administration needs. A financial plan will ensure you have control over your finances and set up costs to make tax time as easy as possible.

A reliable accountant can help you minimize the stress of balancing your checkbooks at the end of the financial year. Find out if you should charge a sales tax and how this affects your pricing. You may also need to set up a business bank account to ensure you keep your personal finances and business banking separate.

While it may be tempting not to pay yourself when you are setting up your business, your time and needs should be factored into your startup costs. Ultimately, your profit margins should support you as well as your business.


How much should I charge to do nails?

To determine how much you should charge for your services, you need to factor both one-off purchases as well as regular supplies that you will need to purchase for your business on an ongoing basis.

One-off purchases may include items like:

  • LED lamps.
  • Nail files and brushes.
  • A manicure table.

Regular costs might contain items such as:

  • Office supplies.
  • Nail polish.
  • Face masks.
  • Disponible hygiene items.

You will undoubtedly need to spend some money to set up your business, but regular and disposable supplies can be bought for cheaper prices using a wholesaler.

Finally, you should consider the quality of the items you’re buying. Investing in quality supplies might have a more expensive outlay, but quality products will likely give you better results and last longer over time. They could be what sets you apart from the competition.

How do I market and attract more customers to my nail salon business?

Branding is critical to creating a successful marketing plan. An iconic logo and business name will go a long way in building a recognizable brand and business.

You should consider how you will advertise your services and grab the attention of potential clients. Having a website or social media presence is necessary for helping your customers find you online and to promote your business.

Make sure all of your important details like location and working hours are easy to find and prominent on your marketing materials. Sharing photos on Instagram or updating your business blog regularly will help build a portfolio of your services as well as improve your business’s visibility on search engines.

Once you’re ready to start receiving clients, consider using an online booking system, which can help you manage your time and allows customers to make bookings that are most convenient for them.

How do I promote my nail business?

To build a client base, you could use an introductory offer to attract new clients. Creating a business Whatsapp account will also allow you to send regular clients unadvertised offers, and gives you direct contact with your salon’s customers.

Think about different ways of encouraging your clients to become repeat customers. Don’t just think of your business as offering a service, but about curating an experience. Consider all the aspects of the customer experience, from the booking process, salon design, and the procedure or treatment itself.

Can you play music or offer beverages while your customers are waiting? An exceptional customer experience beyond a simple manicure at home means that customers will be willing to pay a premium for your services.

Why is customer service important?

Excellent customer service will guarantee a positive experience for your clients and give them a reason to continue coming back. Even once you have established your business, you should always give an opportunity for customers to provide feedback, as this will give you clues on how to continue to improve your business and services.

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