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7 Best Beauty Courses

7 Best Beauty Courses

  1. Beauty Therapist Online Course
  2. Certificate in Advanced Beauty Therapist Online Course
  3. Beauty Salon Management Online Course
  4. Professional Beauty Salon Management Online Course
  5. Holistic Facials Online Course
  6. Hair and Salon Management Online Course
  7. Makeup Artist Online Course

The Best Beauty Online Courses

Beauty is a massive and diverse industry that can see you working in an amazing variety of roles including from running a hair salon out of your garage to celebrity make up for the red carpet!

Read on to learn more about our top 7 best beauty courses and how they can help you kickstart an exciting and creative career in beauty!

Beauty Therapist Online Course

The Beauty Therapist Course takes you beyond just being able to make someone look good. It looks at beauty from the inside out, giving you the knowledge of how internal problems can affect the external body and how you can provide your clients with a service that not just makes them look great on the outside but feel amazing on the inside.

What you will learn in a Beauty Therapist Online Course:

  • Basic anatomy
  • Nutrition
  • The function of skin
  • Facials
  • Extractions
  • Cleansing
  • Exfoliation
  • Applying Masks
  • Aging skin
  • Sunscreen
  • Waxing
  • Manicures & Pedicures
  • And much much more!

Certificate in Advanced Beauty Therapist Online Course

This certificate in beauty therapy will teach you to advise clients about skin and body care and build the knowledge essential to being a professional and effective beauty therapist

As above you'll learn everything from anatomy and physiology to hygiene, and from consultation procedures to techniques and treatments.

With the techniques included in this course you'll learn the natural way to stay young, either for yourself or so that you can go on and start your own beauty therapy business.

Beauty Salon Management Online Course

Every beauty salon needs good management to succeed as a business.  Everyone working in the salon should have an understanding of specific aspects of the day to day management and administrative function along with their practical beauty skills and this course will help you build that foundation.

Some of the essential things you'll learn include:

Even if you're not yet a manager you can see how these skills can help you take your salon management skills to a new level and open the door to more money in your workplace or even a potential business of your own.

Professional Beauty Salon Management Online Course

While the above course is very popular and a great foundation for running a successful salon, if you want to really take your business to the next level then this professional salon management online course is perfect.

In this course you'll learn everything you need to know to grow a salon business.

What you will learn in this beauty salon management online course include:

  • Effective management
    • Business ideas
    • health & safety
  • Customer focus & marketing
  • Customer marketing & management
  • Budgets and Finance
  • People management and HR
  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Retail management and customer satisfaction
  • Business plans
  • and much more

Holistic Beauty Therapy Online Course

If you've ever wanted to explore the complete range of holistic beauty treatments then get ready to discover this comprehensive course.

In the Holistic beauty therapy online course you will learn a vast and diverse range of therapies including massage, aromatherapy, diet & nutrition and even reflexology!

This course doesn't stop their however, also included is how to manage consultations with clients and even first aid you need to know if you ever plan to set up your own practice.

So if you want to learn the holistic arts and support the bodies beauty at the inner, spiritual level then get started today.

Hair and Salon Management Online Course

If you've ever wanted to run your own hair salon or move up to a management role in your workplace don't worry, its easier than ever with our Hair & Salon Management Course.

Discover how you can succeed in the hair industry and become loved and respected by your clients thanks to your amazing advice and knock out service.

Some of the things you'll learn in this course include:

  • The history of hair
  • Job availability and working in the industry
  • Anatomy of hair and scalp and analysis
  • Equipment
    • Cutting tools
    • Styling tools
  • Hair care products
  • Working with different hair types
  • Strategies and tips for salon success
  • Hair color and shapes
  • Professional hair washing (shampoo & conditioning)
  • Blow drying
  • Hair coloring
  • Special occasion styling
  • Children's hairstyles
  • Up-styling and braiding
  • and much much more!

What is the average hair salon manager salary?

The average hair salon manager salary is about $13USD.

This rate differs around the world but an entrepreneurial hair stylist can find themself getting a decent pay increase by transitioning into a managers role, and even more so if they choose to open their own salon though this of course comes with some costs itself such as

  • Training in how to run a successful salon
  • Start-up costs for equipment
  • The need for either an existing client base or marketing skills to build one

This course and the other salon management courses above can help solve these blockers to your success!

Makeup Artist Online Course

Finally lets look at number 7 on our list, the extremely popular makeup artist online course! 

This course dives into makeup in detail and helps you  learn a variety of essential makeup skills you'll need to master if you want to lead a successful makeup artist career.

What you'll learn in a makeup artist online course:

  • What is Makeup artistry?
  • History of makeup
  • Role of a makeup artist
  • skin and skin care anatomy
  • tools
    • how to identify a good brush
    • taking care of your brushes
    • the best brush for the job
  • Working with brushes
  • Skin tone
    • Foundation selection
    • Foundation application
  • Corrective makeup
  • And much much more!


The 7 courses listed here might be our staff-picks here at Courses For Success but there is plenty more to choose from, come visit our Beauty Courses category and find the perfect beauty course for your career goals, if you're looking to start a business don't forget too that we've got some amazing course bundles available and can do custom bundles to add in business and soft-skill courses that can help you succeed for a great price. 


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