Starting a Lawn Care Business

People are working longer hours and jobs are more demanding than ever. Many people don't have the time to install turf or care for their lawns, or simply prefer to have someone else do it for them! An increasing number of people have noticed this opportunity and this has given rise to an overwhelming industry of self-employed business owners in lawn care and maintenance. The demand for lawn care professionals is so high that most business owners find they need to employ multiple workers shortly after starting up to keep up with demand! If running your own lawn care business interests you; this guide will outline how to go about starting up and running a successful lawn care business.

Lawn Care is not something that many people think of turning into a money-making enterprise such as a lawn business. There are plenty of residential grasslands and plenty of opportunities to start a lawn care business by yourself or with a partner. Learn how to take care of grass and become a lawn care master with courses that you can finish at your own pace and at your own house. The idea of starting a lawn care business or taking something as simple as lawn installation and care, and turning it into a business has never been this easy to accomplish. When considering starting a lawn care business you need to realize that it is more than just mowing grass and trimming edges.  As with any landscaping business, you need to understand that the business has plenty of scope to customize and scale according to your market, your needs, and your expertise.

Starting a garden or lawn care business from scratch offers many exciting opportunities to grow and expand what can be quite a lucrative business. To get fully prepared to browse our lawn and garden care courses here.

Starting a Lawn Care Business

While any business enterprise has its challenges, lawn care maintenance and garden care is a low start-up cost business that you can run from home. This is great because all you need to get started is the right equipment and transport! The current demand for lawn care professionals is so high that most lawn care businesses have increased their costs, which is great news for you!

The key factors in establishing your lawn maintenance business are:

  • Be clear about what you want to achieve and how you want to do it

  • Identify your target market

  • Choose the necessary equipment

  • Advertise your business

  • Deliver quality service

  • Grow your business

These basic principles apply even when you are looking at starting a lawn care business from scratch.

Of course, there may be specific skills that you need to develop or equipment you need to acquire.  Undertaking an online course will help you to fill in any knowledge gaps that you have and equip you with the confidence and knowledge to build a successful lawn care business.

Lawncare as a hobby: Starting a Lawn Care Business on the Side

A lawn maintenance business is a great way to generate additional income, particularly in times of high demand like spring and summer. Ideally, if you are looking to start a landscaping business as a sideline activity it is advisable to plan and organise your sideline business just as you would do if it were your primary. To do this you need to budget your time and expenses appropriately. You need to take the time to research your market, plan your advertising, research local by-laws and attend to customer demands.  

If you treat your sideline business like a real business it will become a handy earner for you.               

Lawncare on a budget: Starting a Lawn Care Business with No Money

Many prospective lawn and garden care businesses never get past first base because there is a perception that it can’t be done without spending money on new equipment.  Cash liquidity is not an insurmountable problem for someone determined to make a lawn business work. Using existing equipment or arranging to borrow equipment from friends or family can help get you to start your lawn mowing business from scratch.  Customers can be attracted via word of mouth, printing and delivering flyers, and placing advertisements on community bulletin boards. Sure, growth will initially be slow, but if you apply sound principles and invest what you earn back in the business, either buying new lawn care business equipment or in education, you will begin to see progress.

Lawn Care Business Equipment Required

You can start a lawn care business with minimal equipment – a lawn mower and trimmer will suffice.  However, if you are serious about building a lawn business you will need additional equipment. These may include

  • Trailer

  • Edge trimmers

  • Hedge trimmers

  • Hand tools

  • Blowers

  • Brush cutters

  • Safety equipment

  • Chainsaw

Cost of Starting a Lawn Care Business

At a base level, any landscaping or lawn care business is a low-cost way of starting and running your own business.  Start up costs could be as low as the cost of a mower, whipper snipper, leaf blower and a trailer to cart them around.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to buy into a lawn mowing or landscaping franchise the cost could be as much as $100,000.

How to Grow Your Lawn Care Business

In the initial stages, it may be necessary to spend as much time promoting your business as you do working on it.

The great news is that at a local level a lawn or garden care business can be promoted organically via word of mouth.  However, to maximize your business it will be necessary to do a little more promotion than that. Some ways to help grow your lawn maintenance business can include the following strategies.

What are some of the best ways to market your lawn care business?

  • Online promotion – including Google listings, Facebook presence, and a small website. List your business with local directories.

  • Use printed marketing material. Carry your business cards with you and hand them out at every opportunity. Print up advertising flyers and distribute them via letter drops.  Post your printed stationary on local bulletin boards.

  • Use Calls to Action (CTA) in all promotions – both electronic and printed.  A call to action is simply a direction to call, book now or take some action.

  • Market to existing customers by making sure that existing customers are aware of your full range of services and up-sell where the opportunity exists.  Look to turn one – off large maintenance jobs to regular maintenance jobs. Remain in contact with former clients.

Best Courses for Starting a Lawn Care Business

For many people who are considering starting a lawn care business, a course covering all aspects of lawn maintenance and landscaping, as well as the critical elements of starting and running a small business, might be the first step towards success.

At CoursesForSuccess we offer several courses that may suit prospective lawn business operators.

An excellent entry-level course is the Certificate in Lawn and Garden Care Online course .  This short course covers the key elements of starting and running an online business.  These include -:

  • The right equipment for lawn mowing

  • Setting up your trailer

  • Equipment maintenance

  • Doing a professional job

  • Advanced lawn care

  • How to set up your business

  • Business development

However, to be completely prepared for starting a lawn care business the best option is to take the Ultimate Lawn and Garden Care Bundled course package

This bundle not only covers the essential elements of lawn and garden care listed above but offers a total of 10 courses covering all elements of running a business.

A comprehensive bundle of courses for starting a lawn business included

  • Certificate in Lawn and Garden Care Online Course

  • Personal Branding Online Short Course

  • Interpersonal skills Online Short Course

  • Organizational skills Online Course

  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship

  • 10 Steps to Start a New Business Online Course

  • Certificate in Time Management

  • Certificate in Marketing Basics Online Course

  • Certificate in Internet Marketing Online Course

  • Certificate in Organisational Skills Online Course

  • Certificate in Goal Setting and Getting Things Done Online Course

  • Certificate in Negotiation Skills Online Course

  • Certificate in Business Acumen Online Course

For those looking to leverage lawn care into a related business, such is landscaping, a course like the Certificate in Landscaping Online Course is well worth doing.

Whatever your needs are, Courses for Success have the right course for you.

Pros and Cons of Starting a Lawn Care Business

Besides the obvious appeal of working outdoors, starting a lawn care business has many benefits. Some of these benefits are provided below:

Lawn Care is a Repeat Business

Basic lawn jobs are regular, this means steady, reliable, consistent income. Your customers will want their lawns maintained regularly – this makes for a reliable bankable business book.

Scalable - From lawn mowing to landscaping and more

The beauty of starting a garden care business is that you can start simply by offering a lawn mowing service.  Then, as your business and expertise increase, you can apply other services on to your business. Services such as landscaping, new sod installation, weeding, gardening and tree pruning. The numerous options available to you as a garden care business owner will allow you to take advantage of opportunities as your customer’s need change.

Customizable models for lawn care and lawn care services

The lawn maintenance business is adaptable to many different models. From the simple sole proprietor model that calls upon you to perform all aspects of the business, to the entrepreneurial model where you choose to run and manage many garden care teams from the comfort of your office. You can target residential contracts (homes, flats apartments) or commercial contracts depending upon your own business profile.

Lawn care supports Entry-Level Workforce

If you do see the need to expand and require extra employees, you can readily recruit labourers to assist you. The great thing is that entry level workers need little formal education and can be trained on the job. This makes employing people a straightforward proposition with little to no training and education add on costs involved.

Franchising Opportunities for your lawn care business

The lawn care business naturally lends itself to franchising businesses.  You can tap into these pre-built business models and the recognized brand name by purchasing one of the many established and highly regarded lawn care business franchises. If this idea appeals to you, you should also consider purchasing an existing business, giving you an immediate customer base as well as equipment.

Income Generating Consumables

When you have a customer base of people needing lawn maintenance, you have a ready-made customer base that is looking for related products such as special fertilizers, weed treatments and pest control.  People looking for these products are likely to be regular buyers. Providing access to these consumable products gives you the opportunity to create an additional recurring income stream. Providing these products can help build your business further.

On the other hand, there are some aspects of the lawn care and landscaping industry that you should be aware of.

Seasonal lawn mowing

While some may see this as an advantage, you will need to plan you business around the peaks and troughs of peak winter and peak summer.  These peaks and troughs can be mitigated by planning complementary business services to suit your market. These could include rubbish removal, gutter cleaning, general landscaping and in colder areas, snow removal.

A lawn mowing business’ Start-Up Costs

Even at its most basic level, a lawn mowing business is going to require some basic equipment and a means of transporting it. Depending on the size and scope of your business this will require some initial expenditure and/or borrowing.

High Level of Competition in lawn mowing and garden service

A quick perusal of the local paper or phone book will reveal any number of lawn mowing, landscaping and related businesses in your neighborhood. This is both encouraging and a reason for caution - if the local market has too many competitors it will be necessary to adjust prices which will eat into overall profit margins.

Economic Conditions keep lawns at a low profile

When hard economic times hit, both residential and business customers are likely to review all costs.  In these times, it is inevitable that some customers will prune what they consider to be non-essential expenses. For some of these, lawn maintenance will be one of those costs.

Owners of successful lawn, landscaping, and garden care businesses experience the freedom and joy of working outdoors while having the opportunity to leverage their business into significant income streams.

If the idea of running your own lawn care or landscaping business appeals to you then take action today and start the lawn care course that best suits you.

Having the chance to create your own business without complicated procedures - just lawn care and offering a lawn service that will help people - is presented to you in the form of our online courses. If starting a lawn care business is your vision for the near future, then start learning about the service and how to create your lawn care business right now!

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