What is Genealogy?

Genealogy is the study of ancestry, specifically, the search for ancestors and descendants focused around a single direct line heading backwards from yourself towards the many roots of your family tree.

While looking back on your ancestry it's easy to visualise yourself as the tip of a branch on your family tree, and as you trace it back through the diverging points of each parent and grandparent you learn more about your heritage and family history.

Genealogy Careers

As a modern day genealogist you probably wont find yourself tracing the lineage of a local lord as much as medieval scribes might have found themself but you can be sure you will certainly find it a fascinating and lucrative career.

There's a number of modern day jobs that a genealogist might find themself working in including:

  • Private investigation
  • Heir tracing
  • Family History
  • Tourism
  • Land and title research
  • and of course Genetealogy which deals with DNA more specifically.

Studying Genealogy Online

Even if you're not looking to get into a career in genealogy a lot of us out there are fascinated by our own family histories and you might be surprised to know you don't need to study a long degree with massive fee's to learn genealogy yourself.

If you're interested in tracing your family history, or that of your friends you can get a lot of satisfaction from learning genealogy online in your own home.

Get started with the Genealogy Basics Online Course where you'll learn the very fundamentals in an easy to follow yet comprehensive 12 module course.

Some of the things you'll learn include:

  • Getting started
  • Which Vital records to analyze and how to do it
  • Exploring the Census
  • Elusive Ancestors
  • How computers can help save you days of research time
  • Looking through message archives and more
  • Military record analysis
  • land and title records deeds and maps
  • Immigration notes
  • Newspapers and other media
  • and much more!

If you're looking to learn genealogy then definitely check out this great course which is absolutely perfect for beginners.


You can view Genealogy Basics in addition to our other courses and great bundles over on our Genealogy Online Courses category. 

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