Best Online Guitar Courses

  1. Introduction to Guitar Basics Online Certificate Course
  2. Guitar Basics Online Course

Looking to learn guitar? Read on to learn all about our best guitar courses that you can study from the comfort and privacy of your own home! 

Introduction to Guitar Online Course

Ever wanted to learn the guitar? this comprehensive online course for absolute beginners is the perfect way to get you there.

Studied online, you can learn the very basics of playing your guitar at your own pace, privately at home.  You'll start off learning how to handle a guitar and even learn the basics to be able to play a few popular songs immediately.

Next you'll move onto learning to develop your physical ability to play the guitar which is essential if you're looking to learn more complicated songs at some point.  Finally you'll start touching on how to identify melodies in songs and even play them yourself using everything you have learned so far. 

Guitar Basics Online Course

The guitar basics includes everything you can learn in the introduction course but adds a whole bunch more exciting content including:

  • Picking up rythem and counting in music
  • Strumming and advanced chords
  • Complex chords and bar chords
  • and a whole range of great tricks that make up some of the best guitar melodies and how you can use them yourself!

 Both these courses are packed full of hands on practical lessons that will get your fingers moving, just studying twice a week will be more than enough to get you up to speed and playing that song you cant get out of your head in no time.

Photo by Caio Silva on Unsplash

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