9 Best Online Massage Courses

  1. Sports Massage Practitioner Online Course

  2. Massage Therapist Online Course

  3. Swedish Massage Online Course

  4. Specialist Massage Online Course

  5. Full Body Massage Online Course

  6. Sports Massage Online Course

  7. Hot Stone Massage Online Course

  8. Cupping Therapy Online Course

  9. Baby Massage Online Course


The Best Online Massage Courses

Sports Massage Practitioner Online Course

Learn Everything You Need To Know To Pursue A Successful Sports Massage Career, You’ll start out with the basics – what a sports massage is, how it differs from other massage types and how it evolved into the practice it is today, before learning about sports massage’s subtypes and the purposes of individual techniques.

This course is designed to take you from complete beginner to Sports Massage Practitioner and business owner. The massage therapy courses are also applicable to sportspersons and those already working in the sports industry who would like to broaden their skill set and gain more knowledge of the body and the benefits of sports massage. The skills and knowledge gained from the Sports Massage Practitioner Course would be useful to massage therapists looking to add additional treatments to their service offering.

Massage Therapist Online Course

Before you employ any techniques, this Massage Therapy course takes you through various parts of the anatomy and systems of the body, to give important knowledge about why massage is used and in what ways it is beneficial to the body, including which techniques to use for specific ailments. It also details best practices, how to recognise symptoms of various conditions, and how to treat specific clients, for example when it is safe to massage someone in pregnancy and which techniques to use and which to avoid.

Swedish Massage Online Course

With comprehensive materials, the Swedish Massage Courses take you from complete beginner to practising therapist. You’ll learn it all, from the theoretical to the practical and everything in-between. Those already working in the relaxation and holistic therapy industries who wish to expand their skillset will also learn a lot.

Those looking to apply Swedish massage to their friends, family or partner will also enjoy the course’s modular approach that makes learning easy to consume and simple to follow

Specialist Massage Online Course

The Specialist Massage Course is perfect for students who are interested in working as a massage therapist. This course will prepare you for everything you need to know to successfully begin a career in this field.

All online massage therapy courses focus on relieving pain and making clients feel better using basic techniques. As you work through this course, you will learn how to implement specialised techniques into your massage therapy practice. These skills will help to further your client’s pain relief and comfort.

Full Body Massage Online Course

The full body massage course is packed full of everything you need to know to become a massage therapist. After completion of this programme, you will be well versed in the various massage techniques and prepared for success in the industry.

The online massage therapy courses have everything from massage techniques to anatomy, and the different equipment needs you will have. The programme offers students a clear understanding of the job and how to succeed as a massage therapist.

Sports Massage Online Course

This sports massage therapist certification course has been designed to help massage therapists to better understand and appreciate the particular needs of sports people as they prepare for, and recover from, participation in their sport.

Course participants will gain helpful insights into how sports massage can help to detect and prevent sports injuries.  Students will also become aware of how valuable sports massage can be with rehabilitation when such injuries do occur.

Hot Stone Massage Online Course

This extremely comprehensive course will teach you everything that you need to know about building a successful hot stone massage business.

This course goes far beyond just giving you the techniques involved with hot stone massage (though this is covered in great detail also) but gives you a full knowledge about the subject.

Cupping Therapy Online Course

Take the Cupping Therapy Course and learn the theoretical and practical aspects of cupping, how to treat numerous conditions, and how to run your own cupping business.

Baby Massage Online Course

The Baby Massage Course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to practice and teach baby massage, with a comprehensive understanding of the health and wellbeing benefits, such as improved physiological, cognitive, emotional and social development.
Before diving in and applying massage techniques, you are first taken through the history of the practice, introduced to influential people in the field of baby massage, and exposed to current thinking and research findings. Later in the course, you will also be provided with specific case studies that outline the importance of massage and the difference it can make.

And we couldnt list the best massage courses without including one of the teams personal favourite massage courses:

Upper Body Massage Online Course

The Upper Body Massage course is filled with information that will help you learn how to expand upon massage techniques to focus on the upper body areas. It will also help teach you how to work with individuals who are in pain and seeking treatment. This course is ideal for massage therapists who want to expand upon their practice, or for students who want to learn more about conditions of the upper body.


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