What careers can you do with a criminology degree?

The top careers you might find yourself in if you pursue your interest in criminology include:

  • Criminologist
  • Police Officers
  • Corrections factility officers
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Forensic sciene technician
  • Probation Officer
  • Loss prevention specialist

Additionally, a lot of individuals looking to work in the private sector purssue a career in private investigation, fraud investigation and security. 

How do I get started in Criminology?

If you're looking to dip your toes in Criminology but arn't quite ready to take on student loans and an extensive time investment of a full degree there are a numeber of online training options that can help get you started.

Some of the courses we have here at Courses For Success include:

Criminology For Beginners Online Course

Criminology for Beginners has been written for those who wish either to study criminology for fun or to sample a taster for further study and accreditation.  It has been written in easy to follow terms and will enable the student to understand the basics behind Forensics, Autopsies, Types of Criminals, Processing a Scene of Crime, Profiling Methods, and will examine past cases and policing methods as well as Crime and Punishment.

Criminology Intermediate Online Course

Throughout this criminology intermediate course you will learn how to define crime, what causes crime and the consequences of crime. You will also consider the legislative environment and what impact this has on laws that are passed to mitigate the effects of crime. You will then move on to look at a range of different types of crime including: 

  • Drugs
  • Violence
  • Property Crime
  • Community
  • High Tech Crime
  • Crime Prevention
  • Youth Crime
  • and much more!

Criminal Psychologist Online course

Although we all have our own understanding of what crime is and what it entails, the Criminal Psychologist Course provides a definition of crime and crime prevalence and looks at why criminal activity is on the rise and the types of crime that exist. You’ll delve deeper into the subject, exploring the psychological, social and economic aspects of criminal behaviour before learning about forensic criminology and its importance and use in society.


If you're interested in studying any of the above you can view more courses and discounted bundles in our Criminology Online Courses category.

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