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This week we thought we would touch on some of the great feedback that our students have left upon completing our Train the Trainer 3 course bundle (from the original Train The Trainer stand-alone course )

We collect reviews once a student reaches the assessment stage of their course and we take this feedback on-board to help improve the quality of all our online learning materials.

Here's some of the great responses we've received for the Train The Trainer 3 course bundle recently that can help you get a good idea of what you can get out of our online Course Bundles:

"I didn’t know what to expect but the course went above and beyond my expectations and I could not be happier with the train the trainer course. I gained the confidence, knowledge and know-how to prepare & deliver a training course." - Gaari Tsakuhhin

"This course is very easy to understand and learn from. It has made me evaluate the styles in which I already conduct training sessions and has provided me with concrete understanding of how to fully prepare - both pre and post training." - Samantha Nicole Franklin

"I had delivered a few presentations as a professional before taking this course, and I must admit it has had a tremendous effect on my training skills. I was a bit concerned about taking an online course but I did not feel the difference at all with attending a live course. This comes highly recommended, very impactful." - Patience Manhovo

We look forward to hearing what YOU have to say!

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Read on to learn more about this week's featured bundles...

Learn Professional Full Body & Specialist Massage Techniques!

Our Professional Massage Bundle contains 2 online courses that will equip any prospective massage therapist with the knowledge and skills to guarantee success in a future professional massage career.

Beginning with the Full Body Massage course, you will be given a lesson in the origins and importance of massage therapy before being guided through the various techniques and equipment you'll be utilising daily in a professional setting. We also provide our students with a thorough understanding of human anatomy, particularly focusing on the skeletal and muscular systems.

Next up is the Specialist Massage course wherein you'll build on the knowledge you gained from the previous lesson. Once you've completed this course you will be able to effectively perform a range of specialist massages that can assist in relieving sports injuries, pregnancy discomfort and more!

Click on the link to view further details and all units of study.

Professional Massage Bundle

Become A Qualified Gel Nail Technician!

Our Professional Gel Nail Technician Bundle consists of 2 key courses that will allow you the freedom of working from home, as a mobile service or in a nail-bar or salon, the choice is yours!

We start you off with the Professional Gel Nail Technician course. This course specifically looks at gel nail application and design and will cover all the necessary techniques required to professionally carry out these treatments with confidence.

Then, the Nail Technician Professional - Acrylic course will continue on from the prior lesson by going over everything involved with the application and maintenance of acrylic nails. Both courses also include complete guides and information on manicure and pedicure procedures.

These 2 infinitely useful courses are included in the comprehensive Professional Gel Nail Technician Bundle.

Click on the link to view further details and all units of study.

Professional Gel Nail Technician Bundle

Be A More Engaging Trainer & Deliver Compelling Workshops!

Whether you're preparing to be a professional trainer or are someone who just does a bit of training as part of their job, you always want to be prepared. By studying our Train The Trainer Bundle you'll be given all the preparation you need with the help of 3 hand-selected courses!
You'll start out by studying the Train The Trainer course through which you will understand that training is a process where skills, knowledge, and attitudes are applied in a unique way. You will also be provided with the confidence and appropriate methods to deliver engaging and compelling workshops of your own.

Facilitation Skills can help any scale of organization make better decisions. In this course you will gain a strong understanding of what facilitation is all about, as well as learn new tools that you can use to facilitate small meetings. Additionally you will learn to command a room and dictate the pace of a meeting, skills that will set you up to become a great facilitator yourself.

Last but not least, the Presentation Skills course can benefit anyone who presents; a trainer, a meeting facilitator, speaker, or seminar discussion leader. No matter which role you are assuming, this course will help you become more efficient and proficient with the skills of providing information to others.

The 3 courses included in the Train The Trainer Bundle have been hand-selected to help put you on the right path and guide you to achieving your goals and finding success in your role as a trainer.

Click on the link to view further details and all units of study.

Train The Trainer Bundle

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