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Everybody has been touched in some shape or form by the evils of substance abuse. Alcohol, solvents and drugs all have negative impacts upon individuals, families and society as a whole. You can be part of the war against substance abuse by embarking on a career in substance abuse counselling.

The challenges of working with substance abusers are many but the rewards associated with helping to turn a life around far outweigh them.

Substance abusers need help. Being there on the front line, helping them work through issues and riding the emotional rollercoaster that is addiction with them can be a marvellously fulfilling career. If you consider yourself to be a people person who has a genuine wish to help people in need, then a career in substance abuse counselling will provide you with a fulfilling and rewarding career – something that has more value than just a monetary one.

In fact substance abuse counsellors get rewarded quite well financially. In the United States the median annual salary is just over $39,000 while in Australia counsellors in the dug and alcohol field earn just over $69,000 per annum on average. There are opportunities to work in the drug and alcohol field in both the private and government sectors. Typically jobs can be found as counsellors, community services case managers and welfare support officers.

Unfortunately the problem of substance abuse shows no sign of slowing down. This means that careers in this sector are stable and secure.

If you would like the challenge of working in this field you can take the first step to a rewarding and challenging career by enrolling in the Certificate in Drug, Solvent & Alcohol Abuse Counselling Online Course. This course has been written and developed by leading counselling experts and will assist you to learn how to become a drug and alcohol counsellor.

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