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Personal fitness has almost become a religion in today’s society. Everywhere you go, you see people of all ages, sizes and shapes taking action to improve their fitness. Many people are self motivated, but many more need a helping hand. Personal fitness trainers can be a massive help to those people wanting to get fit but needing a little guidance along the way.

If you love keeping fit and helping others, a career in personal fitness training might be ideal for you. Imagine working with and helping groups of focussed fit people to get physically fitter and stronger every day. You can make a real difference to people’s lives by pursuing a rewarding career in personal fitness training.

Personal fitness trainers enjoy fulfilling and at times challenging roles engaging with people daily and helping then to improve their fitness and they get paid for the privilege. As with many careers, pay scales vary greatly in the personal trainer industry with the median annual age being $57,645 in the United States, while in Australia, personal trainers on average, earn around $53,000 per annum.

The demand for personal trainers is not about to cease as the obsessions with personal fitness, health and body shape continue to grow across the western world. Fitness gyms, health resorts, health clubs and recreation centres are all businesses that are looking for personal fitness trainers. There are also substantial opportunities for self starters to start their own private personal training business.

Besides all these great benefits, personal fitness trainers have the added benefit of maintaining their own fitness and health as part of their working life. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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