Become a qualified makeup artist and thrive

Become a qualified makeup artist and thrive

Being a make up artist offers many opportunities for employment in a range of interesting and enticing roles. Once you've learned the skills required to be a makeup artist you will find no shortage of work opportunities. Makeup artists are required to work in a variety of glamorous fields like film and television, fashion, red carpet events, print media, theatre, costume make up, bridal and more!

The opportunities don't end there – every beauty salon needs make up artists. There are opportunities as brand representatives, beauty writers and even in funeral parlours. One thing is for sure. There is always gong to be a need for qualified professional makeup artists.

The great thing about the makeup artist industry is the variety of work and the seeming endless need for makeup artists. If you like helping others to look their best and you like a touch of glitz and glamour a career in makeup is sure to excite you.

Makeup artists are always in demand and salaries vary widely. However, there is enough scope within the industry to forge out your own rewarding and lucrative career. The median salary for makeup artists in the USA is just over $66,000 while in Australia the median salary is $51,000 per annum.

There really is no ceiling on your earning potential as a makeup artist. The most successful makeup artists have established amazing independent businesses that earn far in excess of the figures quoted. When you become a makeup artist you really do have the power to forge your own exciting and financially rewarding career

If you have an interest in the health and beauty industry and love the idea of working with makeup, Visit our Certificate in Professional Beauty Makeup Online Course and discover if this exciting career is right for you. 




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