4 Ways to Adopt a Positive Mindset to Achieve Better Study Results

Researchers have discovered that people learn better when they approach tasks in the right way. By right way they mean with an open questioning mind and a willingness to learn. All too often when it comes to study, people tend to view study as a bit of a chore that has to be done rather than an opportunity to learn something new. While there’s nothing unusual or wrong about feeling that way, adopting a positive mindset when it comes to study will help you to understand and retain more information.

We are not robots and there will be times when other matters make it very difficult to even get close to the right study mindset. When your mind is elsewhere, whether that be wresting with relationship issues, or focussed on a sporting event, its better to step away from the study desk and come back to it when you are able to focus.
When you are ready to study there are some little tricks you can use to improve your mindset and reap the rewards from a good study session.

  • Take the time to remind yourself that you do have the skills and abilities to achieve the results you’re after. You’re good, you know you are. Tell yourself.
  • Don’t fall for the trap of comparing yourself with others. Everybody is different and you have your own goals and expectations. While others may seem to be cruising or ahead of the game you really don’t know what their real situation is. Focus on you- that’s all that matters.
  • Steer clear of disastrous thinking. It’s easy to swell  on the negatives and look at the worst possible scenario. Instead of thinking, “I’m in deep trouble, I haven’t left myself enough time to study for this exam,” try thinking this way, “I’ve left this a bit late and I probably won’t get everything I want to covered, I’m doing it now and I’ll get all the major things done.”
  • Don’t get trap into thinking in absolute terms. When things go wrong the trap is to think in negative terms like “this always happens to me” The fact is that nothing is absolute. You don’t always mess things up. When things go wrong review what happened and see how you can improve.

Adopting a positive mindset to your study habits and embracing your study time as an opportunity to grow and learn will go a long way to helping you achieve the best results.

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