The Natural Strategies You Can Take To Improve Your Study Productivity

There’s an old saying that says an army can’t march on an empty stomach and the principle applies equally to your study habits. You can’t study productively if you’re tired, hungry or feeling ill. The simple fact is that you will get more out of your study periods if you are in good physical shape. Here are four things you can do to make sure that your mind is in sync with your body and ready to absorb as much information as possible.

Eat Well. You are what you eat. Your diet can have a massive impact on energy levels and your ability to think and learn. Make sure you enjoy a good breakfast, preferably something that is likely to release energy slowly. Porridge and wholemeal bread are good. Make sure you get your ‘five a day’ by choosing fresh or dried fruit to snack on during the day and having at least two portions of vegetables with dinner. Try to resist the temptation of fast food, sugary sweets and chocolate, and never underestimate the power of ‘brain food’ (particularly the so-called ‘super-foods’, such as fish or blueberries)!

Stay Hydrated. Start with two glasses of water when you get up in the morning and keep the water handy all day. Dehydration will cause headaches and make you feel drowsy and it is a concentration killer.

Exercise Regularly. While the physical benefits of exercise are well known, regular exercise also releases and pumps endorphins throughout the body creating a sense of well being. These endorphins are often called happy hormones – and with good reason. Regular exercise makes you feel good.

Get Your Fair Share Of Sleep. It may surprise you to learn that staying up all night studying may actually be counterproductive. Sleep actually assists in the process of converting short term memory into long term memory. Getting the right amount of sleep actually helps you to learn. Get your fair share- that’s eight hours for most people.

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