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A new trend in learning has started to sweep the globe lately. Instead of completing a program that leads to a particular qualification, many people have decided to pick and choose their own courses in order to personalize their learning achievements. Thanks to the internet and other emerging technologies providing access to resources and connecting people around the globe, this method of education is now easier than ever. More recently, the use of smart phones and tablets has allowed people to study from anywhere, any time, so – as learning gradually becomes cheaper – there are very few barriers to this type of education.

Another benefit of DIY learning is that it increases engagement. The opportunity of more responsibility and self-productivity has been shown to act like a retainer for those who would not usually be so determined to complete their courses. By trusting their own choices along a path of education, students are generally happier and find that they really do learn their chosen topics quicker and with more ease. They are also more likely to want to share their learning with others and encourage other people to learn in the same way.

In order to best design a self-driven course, it’s a good idea to choose a series of courses that both interest you and create an advantage in your employment path. Sure, you could choose courses that only benefit your career or only benefit your personal interests, but with such a huge number of courses available these days, why not cater to both? Determine how much spare time you have available to do a course, then try to choose a course that allows you to complete sections that fit into your schedule. If you choose a course through Courses For Success, you can study wherever and whenever you want and take as long as you want, so scheduling is much easier with us!

You may feel as though completing a DIY course is a bit of a waste of time, as there’s generally not a qualification given to you at the end (depending upon your choices, that is); however, many of the courses you take will qualify you for ‘recognition of prior learning’ within most Australian higher learning institutes. This means that you may be well on your way to completing a qualification if you choose to take a related course in the future! Another benefit is that you’ll impress future employers with the number of courses you’ve added to your resume!

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