Reasons You Should Read Regularly, Part 2

In our previous article ‘Reasons You Should Read Regularly, Part 1’, we discussed five really good reasons why you should develop or renew a love of reading. Here are five more:

It develops your writing skills
Similar to the last reason in Part 1 (about reading making you more articulate), people who read all the time undoubtedly become better writers. Reading exposes you to new words in context, correct grammar, writing styles and story developments that will invariably teach you how to structure your own written work. The more you read, the better you’ll be, so get out those classics and you’ll be penning award-winning novels (or at the least, high-scoring projects) in no time!

It helps you build analytical thinking skills
We learn by observing other people’s mistakes, as well as by making decisions by collecting and analysing information. Reading creates an environment where we can do both of those things without even realising we’re doing them. This means that you’re continually developing your analytical thinking skills with each page you read. When you’re faced with a decision outside of a reading environment, you’ll be able to draw on information you’ve learned from your reading, regardless of whether you learned it from a non-fiction book or a fictional novel.

It’ll help you hone your focus and concentration skills
If you’ve ever attempted to maintain concentration on something but found yourself distracted by everything but the thing you need to concentrate on, then reading will really help you learn to focus. With such a large number of distractions these days, we’re usually multitasking between things like work, checking email / social media / phone messages and being social. We become accustomed to doing this, which lessens our ability and opportunity to focus and concentrate, while also increases our stress levels.

Reading forces you to focus on one thing and doing this often will strengthen your skills. In fact, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll end up so focussed on the contents of a good book that you’ll forget about everything else around you. Think of it like a lesson in conscious awareness, but more fun!

It can bring about inner-peace and develop morality
There’s no doubt that reading a great book is an emotional rollercoaster that can inspire you and influence your decisions in life. In fact, many books are designed to do just that (think of self-help or religious books, for example). On top of this though, studies have shown that reading some types of books (spiritual texts, for example) can cause a feeling of relaxation, calm and even lower blood pressure!

It’s fun!
If you ignore every other reason, this is still one of the best reasons to pick up a good book! Whether you prefer fiction or non-fiction and regardless of the genre you like to read, there’s truly nothing like relaxing with an absorbing book and a tea or coffee, then stepping into a new reality that takes you on an adventure to the limits of possibility. You can read anywhere and these days, you don’t even need an actual book, as you’ll find all your favourite titles available in eBook format. Otherwise, duck down to your local library to borrow some amazing books for free.

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