Teaching ESL Overseas – Well Worth it!

If you’ve considered completing an ESL/EFL course or TESOL Master’s Course, you may be thinking of pursuing a career as a teacher of English overseas. If so, you’re in luck, as there are so many benefits of doing this! Here are just a few of the benefits of learning ESL and teaching it abroad:

An ESL teaching course is simple, affordable and fun!
You already know the language you want to teach and you know it well. All that’s left to learn is the methods you’ll need to teach it to others! This means an ESL/EFL course is one of the easiest courses to complete successfully. Most courses are really quite short in duration too (with the longest ESL course at Courses For Success being a maximum of only 150 hours), so you’ll be knowledgeable and qualified before you know it. This also means the prices for ESL courses are generally really affordable. If you study with us, it’s also a fun course that you can do in your own time, from wherever you want.

You’ll teach, but also be taught
Because you’ll be teaching in an exotic location that you’ll be very unfamiliar with to begin with, you yourself will be learning from day one! Not only will you likely pick up the local language, but you’ll also learn all the aspects of your host country that a regular tourist is unlikely to learn. You’ll experience the local food, customs and lifestyles, pick up all the local slang and glean amazing insight into a whole new world.

You’ll become part of a new culture
Similar to the above, you’ll experience all that your host country has to offer, but because you’re participating in the life of the people in the country and you’re not just a passive tourist, you’ll gain so much more. A new language, a new set of traditions, a new calendar full of events that may be completely different than what you’re used to, new television stations, new radio stations, new architecture – the experiences are limitless and you’ll be playing an integral part!

You’ll make friends almost immediately
Wherever you work, you’ll likely encounter other English speaking people who will be able to communicate with you immediately. Because you share a common trait, these people will be drawn to you, so you won’t need to seek people out to make new connections. Also, because you’ll have a position of relative power to your students, you’ll also make connections with them, locals and other staff in the location you’re teaching.

You’re not tied down
If you start working in a country that you find you don’t like, you can (if you have saved your dollars) give notice, pick up and move to a country that you do like. Many networks that help ESL teachers to find work have worldwide networks, so – as long as you move from one job to another according to their standards (I.e., giving proper notice etc.), the world’s your oyster.

You will have the time to explore further afield
If you do love the country you’re in, you will have plenty of time to explore it and it's surrounds. No stressful overtime, holiday work and other extra work that’s associated with many other overseas jobs – you’ll likely be working school hours and receiving the same holiday time as them. There are plenty of countries that offer amazing access to nearby locations of interest and beauty too, so – for example – if you’re teaching in Thailand, you can take a day trip over to Laos or Cambodia for under $50! Europe is of course an amazing place to be, if you’d like to explore other nearby countries too.

It’ll look fantastic on your resume
Even if you’re only intending to work teaching ESL for a short while, the benefits of doing so will last much longer than you realize. Not only will you gain the qualification to apply to your resume, but you’ll also be able to add all the soft skills that you’ve learned along the way, like communication, team work, learning a new language, leadership skills etc.

You’ll gain lifelong memories!
All of these are great reasons to complete a course in teaching ESL, but the best reason is that you’ll gain lifelong memories from the experience. Imagine telling your grandkids about the adventures you had while overseas – it doesn’t get better than that!

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