Are you suited to online study?

There’s absolutely no doubt that online study has a number of really good benefits. These include convenience, flexibility, the ability to study around work and family commitments, as well as many others. Regardless, online study isn’t easy street compared to traditional study – you still need to be dedicated and put in the hard yards. You might think “well, I did great in school, so online study will be a breeze”, but you might not be able to push yourself to complete your work, in the same way you would in a traditional classroom, where people are keeping you motivated constantly. Then again, you might be a person who is naturally able to focus and take to online study like a duck to water!

If you’re planning on pursuing an online course, it is definitely a good idea to ensure you’re ready to do it. Here are a number of skills and attributes that you’ll either definitely need or would highly benefit from if you’re going to study online:

Proficient reading and writing ability

This is a must-have, for obvious reasons. Having proficient reading and writing skills is not only important for completing your set course tasks, but also for communicating with your tutor and other students, where required. It would also be very useful to you if you have some intermediate typing skills, as you’ll likely be typing a lot.  If you have weak reading, writing or typing skills, consider doing a course to improve these.

Technology Skills

Regardless of how much focus you have, you just won’t be able to study online if you can’t even turn a computer or tablet on. Beyond basic operation of this technology, you’ll also need to be able to create and edit documents and perhaps spreadsheets, find info on the internet, download and operate basic programs / online learning systems and browse a webpage.

Having said that, you only need basic knowledge of these and – when you study through Courses For Success – you’ll always have access to help and technical support.

A place to study

One huge benefit of online study is the ability to study whenever and wherever you want; however, if you really want to be successful, a good study environment is extremely beneficial. A quiet, comfortable room with a desk and little distraction is best.

You may feel completely capable of blocking out distraction – in fact, some of you are likely masters at it, if you’ve studied before – but too much distraction will cause your work to be of a lesser quality than if you had none. It’s a good idea to turn off your phone, shut down any tabs you have open with social media etc and stay away from any games on your tablet.

A high level of persistence

This is an absolute must-have. Without a persistent attitude, you won’t have the drive needed to stick to your course plan and finish. You’ll face a number of barriers to study along the way, so you need to deal with them as soon as possible and continue studying. If you have a technical issue, get it fixed. If you’re having trouble understanding a topic or concept, seek the help of your tutor. If you break a leg, take your laptop to the hospital! Well, ok, maybe that last one goes a little far, but you get the idea – you need to be consistent in your studies in order to finish.

Realistic expectations

Fitting in with the above tip, you need to study with persistence, but you also need to be realistic about how much you can do. A good online student knows they can’t do 80 hour’s worth of study in a week; instead, they break their study into manageable chunks. If you try to do too much, you’ll burn yourself out and be doomed to failure.

Self-autonomous Motivation

A good student will not only have the drive to vontinue with their studies, but they won’t need anyone else to help them move forward. What do you usually do when you’ve got important work to do and your friends ask you to go out with them for the night? If you usually end up hitting the town despite your responsibilities, online learning might be difficult for you to stick to.

The great thing about being motivated and persistent is that, by the time you’ve reached the half-way point, your motivation will be so high that nothing will stop you!

Time management skills

Just like having persistence and realistic expectations, good time management is something that will ensure you schedule your course well enough to get through it at a comfortable and manageable pace. Procrastination is a real progression killer, so you’ll need to set scheduled time for study, scheduled time for leisure and scheduled time for regular work (if necessary) and then you’ll need to stick to it without distraction. People who succeed at study don’t panic and give up when they get behind with their work either. They push ahead, asking for extensions if needed, and work slowly but surely until they’re back on track.

So, do you feel you meet all or most of the above requirements? If so, congratulations – you have what it takes to be a successful student. If you don’t feel like you have enough of these requirements to get through, don’t fret – there are plenty of ways you can build towards achieving them and – ironically – plenty of short courses to help you out. If you do decide on a course, just know that taking one through Courses For Success will open you up to a plethora of resources and help from our staff that will enhance all of the above skills you already possess.

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