Why Accredited Courses are so beneficial

We have all heard the old saying ‘Jack of all trades, but master of none’ at some stage in our life I’m sure, but thankfully, society is beginning to realise the importance of having people complete their qualifications to the full and to a degree that ensures they are competent at their jobs. In days gone by, many tradespeople and professionals across a wide range of careers often did not have the qualifications (or if they did, it was not accredited or in writing) that informed prospective employers just exactly what it is they are actually able to do. This resulted in shoddy work and sometimes had tragic consequences.


These days, things have significantly improved but there are still cases where unqualified individuals pass off fake credentials in order to profit. An example of this type of situation can often be viewed on television, on the various current affairs shows. We watch this cringeworthy event fold out in front of us, as reporters madly chase dodgy tradespeople, who try to outrun or barricade themselves behind some hapless, unsuspecting shop owner’s doors as reporters and cameramen scurry around trying to get a shot of his or her face. This type of situation leaves us wondering how the heck this happens. This is on the far end of the spectrum of course, and the majority of people tell the truth about what they can and cannot do, but unless you have your credentials in writing – and those credentials are genuine, accredited credentials – you could quite easily end up on the bottom of your new employer’s candidate list, in front of a current affairs camera or even in prison!


One of the first things an employer will try and determine is whether the potential candidate sitting in front of them has the ability, staying power, due diligence and commitment to perform the duties required of them. If you turn up with a resume that lists skills but no certificates; or alternatively, a certificate of completion from some dodgy, unknown course provider, you’ll be very unlikely to get the job. During the all-important interview – which can sometimes be a little short – it is very difficult for your interviewer to assess what type of person you are, and usually it is only a few sheets of paper with your qualifications and references outlined on them that can help them determine this. Therefore, it stands to reason that by having an accredited course completed and all there in black and white, you will gain the extra edge that is needed.


When looking to start your course, always do a thorough check of your potential course provider, as doing everything right in regards to study, getting your assignments in on time, plus the other little bits and pieces required when doing this type of training, is not going to help you find your dream job if your certificate, diploma etc. is not worth the paper it is written on. Courses for Success offer nationally and internationally recognised courses that are fully accredited by IAOTS (the International Association of Online Training Standards). We also offer nationally recognised and accredited Certificates and Diplomas that range from Professional Certificates and Builder Short Courses to Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas under the umbrella of the AQF (the Australian Qualifications Framework). All our courses are taught in an easy to follow style, which includes step by step instructions enabling students to complete them very quickly and easily, and therefore reaching their goals and receiving their qualification sooner. With Certificate II, Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas available, hop online and start your exciting new adventure in the knowledge we will be there to help you every step of the way.

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