Are you ready for online study?

With the diverse range of online courses available these days, the benefits of online study are clear – a flexible schedule, no commute to a school, Tafe or uni, no need to quit your job in order to study –the list goes on. So, while you may know exactly why you want to study online, do you know if you really are ready to? Here are a few points to consider before you enrol:

How will you benefit from an online course?

While there’s no doubt you’ll benefit by increasing your knowledge (even if it’s just for a hobby or personal interest), if you are aiming to improve your career prospects or gain entry into higher learning, you need to ensure the course you select suits  your needs and increases your chances. Make sure that the course had the right qualification levels, skills and certifications you’ll need for that new job, promotion or next level of learning. Also ensure that the course will teach you the skills you’ll need for the outcome you’re aiming for.

Consider the style of learning

Regardless of how easy to follow we make our courses, it takes a certain kind of dedication to start and stick with study in an online environment. If you are the type of person that starts things but never finishes them, or can’t concentrate even when the thing you’re trying to concentrate on is fun and involving, then you need to think really carefully about whether online learning is for you.

On the plus side, Courses For Success have an amazing course structure and a team of friendly and experienced professionals who are always on hand to help motivate you.

What tools will you need?

It goes without saying that you’ll generally need a computer of some sort in order to complete an online course. You’ll need to make sure you have the system requirements and bandwidth sufficient enough to handle the content specific to your course (e.g., if the course requires you to watch videos or download software etc.). Your platform options with many providers may be restricted; however, Courses For Success courses are available via PC, Mac and tablet.

If you are doing a course that requires other equipment or textbooks, it’s always a good idea to have purchased these prior to beginning, so that you’re ready and not scrambling around at the last minute for supplies.

What extras and resources will you need?

Sometimes particular courses require work experience and/or access to resources external to the course provider – particularly vocational qualifications. This should always be specified in your course outline and most course providers will provide the information required to organise work experience, exams and access to labs or workshops, if they don’t actually organise these for you directly. You need to take this into consideration when scheduling your study calendar as many of these extras will have set appointment times associated with them.

How will your course affect others?

It’s excellent that you’re pursuing a course to better yourself, but don’t forget that the people around you might be affected by your study schedule too – particularly children. It’s easy enough to tell the adults in your life that you’re starting a course and require the time and freedom to do so, but your little munchkins may not be as understanding. Be sure to schedule in plenty of spare time for both regular parenting duties as well as some one-on-one quality time each day. Many new parents assume that they can easily study with a baby, but soon realise that they have less and less uninterrupted time as their little one quickly grows into a demanding little individual. It’s very possible to study during your child’s sleep times, but don’t forget to save some of that time for yourself too.

As you can see, there are a number of considerations to take into account when deciding to study online; however, the benefits far outweigh any barriers to study- particularly when compared to the barriers put up by traditional study. With self-discipline and good forward planning, your entry into online study can be a smooth, successful transition.

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