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If you are leaving school and looking for a long-term career path or are considering a career change, you now have the perfect opportunity. Severe employee shortages in some very exciting career paths have opened up some very interesting and rewarding vocations and – as a result – a plethora of job opportunities. Financial planning, healthcare, (even specialized medical practices like physical therapy, pharmacy and even in the field of child delivery! )  insurance, legal firms, personal assistants and marketing sectors are desperate for quality professionals and this trend is not expected drop off any time soon, ensuring your long-term prospects are excellent. Professional practice accountants, architects and quality salesperson vacancies are at an all-time high and are ready and waiting for you and your expertise.  

By connecting with and keeping up on the latest criteria you’ll require to enter the particular field you are considering, you will gain a definite upper edge. This can easily be done by contacting our friendly staff, or by using social media, networking or your job-recruiting agency. Making sure you are digitally literate. Having the technical skills and the appropriate qualifications is an absolute must, to get you into your ‘future proof’ dream job.

On completion of your course, expose yourself to new industries or organisations where you can establish a wider, more lucrative client base. Set yourself a plan or timeline you can follow that sets out your goals and expectations and the eventual completion of your expanding skills. This timeline can be added to periodically as you progress. It’s a wonderful feeling, looking at concrete evidence of your rising career!

When considering a career in these fields, don’t limit yourself – set your sights as high as you like. Accounting covers a plethora of opportunities, such as a high-end payroll officer processing large payrolls, accounts payable professionals, credit controllers, bookkeepers, supervisors and auditors in the business services field. The majority of states and territories are all reporting an increased demand for architectural skills, from interior designers to commercial redevelopments. What an amazing way to start or expand your career.

The new qualification requirements in the financial industry have also led to a flood of new positions within this particular area of expertise, especially within the banking sector. If you are already working in this particular field and would like to upgrade and expand your skillset and knowledge base – enabling you to rise higher in your company, or maybe considering a complete career change – re-training is made easy through our accredited, easy to access and industry-recognised courses.

Australia’s ever increasing aged care sector is creating a big demand for case managers and co-ordinators, clinical care co-ordinators – way too many to list. Marketing and sales are huge, with the need for content producers, digital campaign managers, marketing co-ordinators and managers all sought. Find your niche in the sales arena and specialise at the top end of this lucrative industry.

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