How to persevere on your way to success

Starting a course may be the easy part – completing it successfully can be a lot harder! It isn’t necessarily that the course is difficult; more so, finding time and maintaining motivation to get tasks completed can be tiresome and after a while seem like a chore. That’s the bad news. The good news is that these feelings and challenges aren’t unique and there are some simple strategies to keep you engaged and motivated.

Being prepared for a case of demotivation blues can be as simple as reminding yourself of the reason why you took the course in the first place. If there was sufficient reason to start the course, there has to be sufficient reason to complete it. Keeping your reasons at the forefront of your mind is the key. One common strategy used by many successful people is to place the goal objective in written or picture format in a prominent place. This simple visual stimulation trick can remind you why you wanted to complete the course.

Keeping your motivation up will help you to adopt other winning strategies that will assist you to persevere with your course when times are difficult. Here are some ways to help you to get through those ‘bad days’:

  • Allocate set time periods to study – It’s easy to be side tracked by other events and day-to-day matters. Setting aside and adhering to set study periods will help you keep on top of course requirements and help you to avoid that demotivating feeling of falling behind. Having a set time also lets other family members know that you’re serious about your course and to respect your time.
  • Make use of course forums – Online forums are there to help and you can be assured that – whatever problems you are experiencing – they have also been experienced by others. A quick perusal of a course’s online forum will answer most common course questions. If you can’t find what you are looking for – post a query on the forum and you will be delighted by the responses that you get. The other great benefit of forum participation is that it builds a sense of community and you won’t have to battle the feelings of isolation that study can bring.
  • Do further reading – Sometimes you just need to look at things from a different perspective. Try researching the topics that you might be having difficulty with. A query with your favourite search engine can reveal some surprising insights into a subject.

Completing courses will give you a sense of satisfaction and will help you to improve your skill level and qualifications. Keeping sight of the “end game” and the rewards that it will bring should help you to overcome most obstacles. However, sometimes events can conspire to prevent you from completing the course. If this should happen to you, don’t be discouraged. The beauty of online courses is that you can take them up whenever you have the time to do so!

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