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Working in the fitness industry in this day and age is an exciting career choice, with advances made in recent years that are unlocking some of the secrets on how our amazing body works and performs. We now know that an all-inclusive, whole body approach is needed and fitness trainers are perfectly placed to capitalise in and pass this knowledge on. Fitness trainers in our modern day world don’t rely on the repetitious, boring jumping jacks, push-ups and sit-ups of days gone by, but utilise all the advancements and information from a wide range of sources, and combine them to achieve optimum results for their clients.

Now you too can be part of the growing revolution, and help people reach their personal goals and fitness levels. Rejoice and feel a certain sense of pride when your client’s goals are achieved. The combination of the ever-increasing sedentary modern lifestyle, fast food outlets on every corner and busy working life are leading to an epidemic in obesity levels. Similarly, the intense confusion that has been caused by conflicting information on health and nutrition are also taking their toll, with companies taking advantage of people seeking quick, easy solutions to their health problems. Training to work in the fitness industry will leave you perfectly positioned to help with this worrying trend.

While in training, it’s a good time to weigh up your options and decide which path you would like your fitness career to take you down. Many large companies realise the importance of keeping their employees fit – and therefore healthy – and employ fitness trainers to meet that need in the workplace. Boutique fitness centres are popping up everywhere, so find your niche market and build your client base. Maybe your dream is to set up a business of your own – there are plenty of opportunities here as well. Advancement in this amazing field is only limited by your imagination and – with a few more qualifications – you could specialise in the medical, massage or rehabilitative field, or work for many of the gyms and fitness centres that are already established (and may I add, thriving). Always think outside the box – expand your sights even further and perhaps consider cruise ship trainer, high performance coach, extreme adventure or ski instructor. The possibilities are many and varied!

You are likely a real people person, and want to take part in the unique journeys of others, sharing in their triumphs with a sense of pride and satisfaction, as you guide and watch them reach their own personal goals to a healthier lifestyle. If this sounds like you, then a fitness course is the perfect stepping-stone and you will be able to position yourself, and capitalise on the opportunities that come your way. 

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