The Career Builder Course Library Update

Why the name change?

You may have noticed that recently we have renamed the Short Course Library to The Career Builder Course Library, we have done this for a number of reasons, most importantly this change:

  • Makes it easier for new students to understand the contents of the libary
  • Demonstrates our focus on helping our students build their careers
  • Better aligns with our future development goals for this library

What's changed

There's currently absolutely no difference between the Short Course Library and the Career Builder Course Library, this is purely a renaming of the library and all courses and future planned courses and updates are still the same.

Your course progress, access etc will not be affected at all.

The future

A big part of this change is to align with our future goals for the Career Builder course library, we want to build the ultimate platform for people looking to learn new skills, improve their skills and empower their life.

In the next 12 months we have a wealth of great new courses on the way, we are also developing a suite of great career resources such as resume and cover letter templates and much more, if you're a member of our Career Builder Course Library, you will recieve access to these new materials absolutely free.


"Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, there's so much to learn and we continue to strive to deliver the best learning experience possible."

- The Courses For Success Team


The CFS Team
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