Improve your health to improve your study

It is widely recognised that being in good physical shape will help your brain to function better. Improving your health can improve your study outcomes and you don’t have to be an exercise freak or a health nut to see the benefits of improving your health. Here are some simple things you can do to begin improving your health today:

  • Smile – researchers have found that people who maintain smiles on their faces, even during stressful situations, have lower heart rates. There’s no excuse not to smile –it even uses less facial muscles than frowning.
  • Be courteous to others – Just by remaining patient and allowing others ‘in ahead of you’ can prevent bad toxins from building up in your body. Be patient and kind and your stress levels remain low. You don’t have to be a winner in all of life’s little details. When you don’t allow negative emotions to impact on you for minor things, you will have more energy and be in a better emotional state.
  • Drink plenty of water – we are, after all, made up of between fifty and sixty-five per cent water. Keeping properly hydrated helps us to keep energy levels up, nourishes the skin and even helps to keep us slim.
  • Eat breakfast – there is no escaping what your mother used to tell you. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. It gives you energy to start the day and is linked to many health benefits, including weight reduction.
  • Cut out the late night snacks – frequent late night snacking is known to throw off the body’s metabolic rate, causing late night ‘snackers’ to gain weight. So once the dishes are done, pack up any leftovers and put them away, out of sight and mind.
  • Walk – it really is the best exercise and you can implement a plan to build your walking program, so that you easily improve your fitness. You really are limited by the extent of your imagination or motivation. When you think about increasing your walking activity, there are numerous options to do so daily. You could opt to take the stairs when you have the chance, or you could do a couple of laps around your house, you could park an extra block away from work, or get off the bus tram or train a stop early. Walking improves fitness and releases endorphins into the blood stream.
  • Stretching and strengthening is a progression from walking – you don’t need to attend a gym. There are plenty of strength and stretching exercises you can do at home or work. The benefits of stretching include reduced stress, improved range of motion and flexibility, better circulation and less back pain. While strengthening will stand your body in good stead against the ageing process.

Adopting and practising these simple health tips will not only help you to feel better and stronger, but will assist your brain to function better. Improved study results will follow.

The CFS Team
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