Put That Gorgeous Smile to Good Use – A Career in Tourism

If you have a cheery, bubbly personality and like interacting with and helping people, then a career in tourism might be just the career option for you. The tourism industry is a people-oriented industry and a bright and cheerful personality is the ideal asset to bring to any tourist organisation.

The tourism industry offers many opportunities for rewarding, interesting work in a variety of roles. The key to tap into this industry though, is to obtain some industry-recognised qualifications. The Certificate II in Tourism Online Course provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be recognised as competent in a defined range of basic tourism technical skills. These skills include communication, initiative and enterprise, ongoing learning, problem solving, self-management, teamwork and technology. This entry-level course will provide a pathway for you to obtain work in the following fields:

  • Office assistant for a small tour operator,
  • Documentation clerk for a tour wholesaler,
  • Receptionist or office assistant for a professional conference organiser or retail travel agency,
  • Retail sales assistant in a tourist attraction
  • Museum attendant.

The travel industry is a diverse ever-changing industry that relies upon people with engaging people skills. If you love meeting and helping people, the travel industry will offer you an enjoyable fulfilling career. The Certificate in Tourism Online Course will give you all the skills you need to confidently enter the industry.

 Core units covered include

•                DEVELOP AND UPDATE TOURISM INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE – gives an overall picture of the tourist industry and the ethical and legal requirements of various sectors within it. Gives you the tools and resources on how and where to update your knowledge.

•                WORK WITH COLLEAGUES AND CUSTOMERS – core unit covering key elements of working within a team environment and a customer service setting

•                FOLLOW HEALTH, SAFETY AND SECURITY PROCEDURES – gives solid grounding on expectations to work within a safe workplace.

•                WORK IN A SOCIALLY DIVERSE ENVIRONMENT – imparts the skills necessary to be mindful of cultural considerations when dealing with customers.

Additional elective subjects offered include the development of keyboard skills, the use of business technology, the production of simple word processing documents, performance of office procedures, telephone communication, the processing of travel related documentation and workplace hygiene procedures.

This course will give you all the skills and knowledge required to make great use of your natural people skills and friendly nature in the exciting world of travel. The online course has the great advantage of enabling you to proceed at your own pace and – while the average time to complete the course is twelve months – it can be completed much earlier if you can spend more than twelve hours per week completing the course.

Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will receive a Certificate II in Tourism. This certificate is nationally recognised and when matched with your winning smile, is sure to open the doors to a wonderful career in tourism.

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