Keep a Level Head at Work

In today’s high-paced and ever-changing workplace, we are often faced with challenging situations that make us uncomfortable and stressed. Coping with these situations in an acceptable manner is an expectation of all employees in the workplace. Sometimes, behaving in a professional manner and keeping a level head in the face of disappointment, worry, anger or frustration can be more than challenging. Having the right strategies to keep a level head in the face of negative emotions will make your work performance better and help you cope with your work place stresses.

Below are a few different strategies you can use to help you deal with some common negative emotions.

  • Dealing with frustration and irritation. We all get frustrated. Sometimes it’s over little things like being kept waiting on the phone. Other times it can be something deeper like having your project proposal shelved. The important thing is to recognise your frustration and deal with it. Stop and evaluate it – what is it that you are frustrated about? Are there any positives? Don’t take the situation personally. People generally aren’t trying to make your day uncomfortable. Think back to the last time you were frustrated, your feelings of frustration probably didn’t solve that situation, they probably won’t now. Be positive and look forward.
  • Overcoming worry / nervousness and anxiety. There can be an awful lot to worry about in the workplace. It seems these days that no job is secure and worrying about job security is normal. Worry can become debilitating if allowed to go unchecked, so keep it under control. Try to avoid those workers who want to gossip and speculate about ‘possible job cuts’ or other negative work situations. Nothing good is going to come from negative conversations. Focus on positive solutions. Look for opportunities to make the best of emerging situations. If you feel overwhelmed by worry, keep a journal of your thoughts. Writing it down is a very productive way to deal with worry.
  • Anger. This can be the most destructive workplace emotion and you really need to learn to control your temper. If you have trouble managing your temper, you can use these simple strategies:
    • Look to recognise early warning signs of anger. You are the only person who can see when you are in danger of losing your temper. Learn to recognise the early warning signs and strategies in place to deal with it.
    • Stop what you’re doing when you start to get angry. Close your eyes and try some deep breathing exercises this will stop the anger cycle from progressing to the next stage.
      Imagine yourself losing it. It’s probably not a pretty picture – one that you don’t want your co-workers to see
  • Coping with people that you dislike. Everybody has worked – or will work – with somebody they don’t like. Just remember to treat them with respect, but to be assertive when you need to be.
  • Dealing with disappointment. It happens to us all and it can be really hard to remain focussed and energetic. Recognise your disappointment for what it is. Accept that you can’t win them all and that you may need to adjust your goals. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

The important thing to remember is that we all have to deal with negative emotions, when you proactively choose to cope with your negative emotions in a positive way, you will find that you enjoy your workplace more.

The CFS Team
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