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There are few jobs in the marketplace that can offer the satisfaction of having a genuine positive impact on young people’s lives. Becoming a teacher’s aide gives you that opportunity. Teacher’s aides generally work with children who may be struggling in school, academically or otherwise. These children could fall through the cracks without the extra help that a teacher’s aide can provide.

Children’s school years can form the basis for how they view life. Children who – for whatever reason – fail to reach their potential, can often finish up as children who have very low self-esteem with limited career opportunities. Teacher’s aides can and do intervene in these children’s lives to give them better opportunities to learn and grow in the school environment. Positive role models can have massive impacts.

The benefits of being a teacher’s aide don’t end there. These jobs have wonderful hours that fit perfectly around family lifestyles. What other job can you think of that gives you working hours of between 9.00 and 3.30 and all the school holidays?

Education is one area of the economy that will have a continued demand for qualified individuals you can become qualified to become a teacher’s aide by enrolling in one of our Teaching Online Courses. These nationally accredited courses provide the training and skills to support teachers and other professionals within an educational environment. It really is the ideal first step for you if you’re looking for a career in education.

These comprehensive courses will equip you to:

  • Support behaviour of children and young people
  • Comply with legislative, policy and industrial requirements in the education environment.
  • Contribute to student education in all developmental domains
  • Work with diversity in the education environment.
  • Communicate with students.
  • Work effectively in an education team
  • Comply with school administrative requirements.
  • Contribute to OHS processes.
  • Organise personal work priorities and development
  • Support the development of reading skills.
  • Support the development of writing skills.
  • Support the development of numeracy skills.
  • Contribute to the organisation and management of classroom or centre.

Besides the career opportunities as a teacher’s aide, student support officer, teacher support officer and other similar roles that completion of this course will bring to you, this course will open pathways to other career opportunities within the education system, including school administration and – with further education – qualified teaching positions.

Making a positive difference in a person’s life is a rewarding experience. Having the opportunity to do it over and over again is a remarkable privilege. Being a teacher’s aide allows you that opportunity, but perhaps the most remarkable thing of all is that the children you help will remember who helped them – particularly when they were struggling. They'll remember you for their whole life – you really can’t put a value on it. Become a teacher’s aide and make a difference!

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